OK I felt like doing my own version of Hetaoni and yeah. Warnings: There is yaoi, and lots of it, deranged evil females, and mochi… yes mochi. Human names used on occasion. There might seem to be a LOT of misspelling but it's to try and work out accents for these guys, mostly, Germany, Japan, and America.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or Hetaoni

The name 'Ravenhearst Manor' came from one of those search-and-find games my grandmother plays all the time. Where the idea is to collect clues, save the souls of these women, stop the evil dude, and get out alive.

Couples: GerIta, USUK, slight JapanxChina, and FrancexMale Cast

Chapter 1

"It's really here!" A tall American man with glasses exclaimed.

"Of course it's here you git," A Brit replied, "this is Ravenhearst Manor. It's even older than I am and that says something."

"Veh~. It looks scary~!" An Italian complained.

"Stop your vhining Italy!" A German demanded to the Italian.

"Anyway dudes, I think we should explore. What do you say England?" The American asked.

"AMERICA ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!" England yelled, his eyes going blank. "YOU BLOODY WANKER! You go in there and you'll end up a dead git!"

"Hon, hon, hon." A Frenchman laughed. "Oh Iggy you look very marvelous when you are angry."

"France!" A Chinese man said holding his panda close. "Stay on task aru!"

"Hai. We need to decide if we exprore or not. Right Furansu-san? Chūgoku-san?" A Japanese man asked.

"VODKA~!" A Russian yelled out of nowhere.

"I say we go in y'all!" America declared. "Because I'm the hero!"

"Git. I say we stay away from that accursed manor!" England countered.

"I agree with Amerika-san" The Japanese man said, soullessly.

"Veh~." Italy muttered.

"Ve should go in!" The German commanded.

"I do not offer compromise." The Russian stated a childish grin upon his face.

"I do not wish to go aru!" China said worried.

"I'll go if the other's do." France said.

"So, Italy are you vith us?" The German asked.

"Or against those wankers?" England finished.

"Veh~. I think I'll-a go with-a big burly, Germany!" Italy said with a smile.

Thanks to the five-to-three majority, China, Russia, and England were forced to enter the manor. With an unexplained 'veh' escaping Italy's mouth and a determined nod from America the eight entered the mansion. Japan muttered something about an eerie presence in the manor and China's 'panda senses' tingling.

"OK y'all," America started, "we've been standin' here in this room for two minutes and haven't seen a thing! As your hero I say we split up!"

"I have to agree vith that. But in order to make sure nothing bad happens ve must split into two groups of four each or four groups of two each." Germany said. "Vhich vill it be?"

"The more the merrier." England said. "I say we split into two groups."

And with that there was another debate occurring. It ending shortly after with the wild call of 'vodka' coming from Russia. So the Axis, along with America, traveled upstairs to look around. The rest of the Allies stayed down stairs to search.

About an hour later the Allies had returned to the door after a tour of the kitchen, garden, and library. England, figuring the others left, tried the door but couldn't even get it to budge.

"Why the bloody hell won't this door open!" England yelled almost using his magic to blast it apart.

"I don't know aru!" China exclaimed sounding like he was about to cry.

"Let's try looking upstairs." France suggested.

But as soon as Russia's foot reached the step there was an extremely loud, blood-curdling scream from Italy. The scream was followed by the ominous wind and flickering of lights till they went off. Even in the darkness England could make out a figure coming at them extremely fast. It was a female carrying the unconscious body of Japan. And when the light returned China had also gone missing, his panda laying on the floor completely neglected from the attack.

Sooooo how's the first chapter? I know it's short they get longer. Warning though there will be yaoi, and gory death.