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Chapter 6

The eight countries have spent the last two days searching for that book but Jale has been no help. She has lead Team RoChu to every room in that house and has not once found a door that would open they were starting to suspect she is secretly working for Kylisa.

"Ok Jale," China spoke up, "we have been searching for two days aru. Where is that book aru?"

"I am sorry but I have been trying to remember the room where the book is but it seems it does not want to be found." Jale replied looking at her ghostly tail.

"We have tried every door. But yet we have not found book nyet?" Russia said.

Back with team Axis they finally found one does that would open on the second floor. Germany slowly drew out his Luger while Japan had his katana. Italy stayed behind his German lover while they entered.

"No sign of ze book here." German said.

"I berieve that Jare is trying her best to aid us but has no idea how to find a way out." Japan replied.

"Veh~. Is it-a me? Or do you-a smell something?" Italy asked.

"As a matter of fact ja." Germany replied, "It smells like."

"Doitsu-san, Itaria-kun get out!" Japan yelled to the other two.


"Just get out!"

And just as they got out and Germany shut the door Italy finally realized what had happened. Kylisa was trying to knock that out for a better chance at getting America.

"Germany! Japan! We need-a to find America! Before it's-a too late!" Italy yelled taking off to the first floor where the three blond Allies were.

The three aforementioned countries were leisurely walking around the first floor to find a way out or something to help them get out. Their attention was diverted when they heard Italy calling for America.

"What's the matter Italy?" America asked the sobbing nation clung to his chest.

"K-Kylisa is trying to-to knock us out!" Italy sobbed, "She's c-coming after you!"

With stunned looks the four nations hurried up to Team RoChu to help them search when they ran into the duo.

"We found the book aru!" China cheered.

"I'm sorry it took so long but all the door were locked from the outside and I need one locked from the inside." Jale said.

"Ok so now where do we place them mon Cherie?" France asked taking the ghost girls hand in his own.

"LET GO OF ME YOU FROG!" Jale yelled.

"Not the only one who thinks so." England muttered under his breath.

"But the books go in the library but there is a ritual in one of the books that needs to be preformed. But that can only happen after Kylisa's first sacrifice is done. I'm sorry but you will have to lose Mr. America."

The eight nations gasped in unison. America asked if Kylisa could just sacrifice someone else but Jale merely shook her head and replied that if they were to change her pattern of deaths that she would kill them all at once. So America decided to submit to his fate. HE slowly walked toward the underground room where Kylisa was waiting.

"I've been expecting you Alfred." She said turning to him.

"I'm sure you have." America replied.

With a sly smile spread on her lips she asked him to walk closer to her. When he was close enough she slid off his Jacket and took away Texas.

"Hey what are you doing? I can't see without those!" America snapped wobbling towards Kylisa but she easily sidestepped him.

"That is the point Mr. Jones. I'd hate a handsome man like you to watch you're death."

So taking him by the collar of his shirt she threw him against the wall. To his left was his name chiseled into the wall and covered in light grey paint. Kylisa gently set his stuff down and shackled him to the wall.

"Now handsome before you die is there anything you want to say?" Kylisa asked pouring gasoline onto his body.

"Yeah," America replied. "I… I kind wish I wasn't such a jerk to everyone and dragged them into this mess you call home."

"Haha. Good one Mr. Jones. But now say goodbye."

And with a snap of her fingers a flame appeared on her index finger and she slowly set it onto the floor. And gave a small chuckle as she watch America's body erupt into flame. He let out painful cries and pleas trying to get her to put out the flames.

"I'm sorry Alfred. Even if I wanted to put out the flames I wouldn't be able to, that is a magical flame. It will only go out when your body is completely burned or somebody other than myself used the water spell. Your fate is sealed."

And as she watched America's body burn the other seven were in the safe room and they just knew that America was gone. England always felt some kind of connection to his former colony and now. Now… it's just gone. There's nothing he could sense that his heart had stopped. To think that the youngest of all eight of them was gone. So young. So vibrant. All of that is gone along with his soul.

Several minutes later Kylisa appeared and placed the body of America on his bed.

"I will leave this with you. In case you win my game." She said then disappeared.

"Why did it have to be him? Out of all of us why America?" England asked stroking America's hair.

"He smells like ash." France said smelling his skin, "If he was burned alive why is he still in prime condition?"

And just as he finished his sentence Kylisa reappeared before them.

"I guess I never told you the rules. Well, you do have three days between deaths to look around for that key. But after each death I revert the body back to the condition it was in before they died. That way in case you do somehow win the souls will return to the body and have no fear of dying again." And she disappeared again.

And for another few minutes the eight nations, especially England, took the time to mourn for America. And they vowed that early the next morning they set out to try and perform the spell needed to unlock the secret hiding place of the key.

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