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Sailor Moon M (working title)
Director: Squirrel Holding a Bazooka
Executive Producers: Squirrel Holding a Bazooka and TheChickKickingTheSodaMachine
Based on the characters created by Naoko Takeuchi


Laura Vandervoort as Tsukino Usagi/Neo-Queen Serenity

Tom Welling as Chiba Mamoru

Phoebe Tonkin as Mizuno Ami

Dianna Agron as Aino Minako

Kristin Kreuk as Hino Rei

Summer Glau as Kino Makoto

Jodelle Ferland as Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

Majandra Delfino as Tenoh Haruka

Brittany Snow as Kaioh Michiru

Maggie Q as Meiou Setsuna/Sailor Pluto

Guest starring:

Serinda Swan as the voice of Luna

Ryan McPartlin as the voice of Artemis

Shiri Appleby as Naga Ayaka-sensei

Brendan Fehr as Knight Kale

Keegan Allen as Skylar

Hayden Panettiere as Blaze

James Marsden as Tsukino Kenji

Jake Cherry as Tsukino Shingo

Justin Hartley as Johnson Jed

Zac Efron as Kumada Yuuichirou

Jennifer Garner as Tsukino Ikuko

Episode 1: Mysterious Hauntings! The Senshi Meet Again

SCENE: Fade in. Hikawa Shrine. Int. The inner senshi are sitting on the floor, cats included. All of them seem completely at ease three weeks after the defeat of Galaxia.

AMI: Minna, we have to get back to work. Testing is in three months, and I'm only eight chapters ahead!

(The others groan in non-compliance)

USAGI: Ami-chan, this is an important senshi meeting put in place so we can keep track of any negative attacks… and since we all know there aren't any, we all get to relax during this time. Besides, school just started a week ago. There's nothing to study!

REI: And just when I thought you might show a shred of maturity…

(Usagi sticks her tongue out, and Rei does the same.)

LUNA: Girls, don't fight. Just take this time to enjoy being normal before the rise of Crystal Tokyo.

MINAKO: Says the talking cat…

ARTEMIS: Luna is right. After the rising, your lives will be filled with politics and military strategy.

MAKOTO: They king of have a point. I mean, we're kissing ourselves to think that all these other countries-

AMI: One-hundred-ninety-three!

MAKOTO: -including Japan even-

AMI: One-hundred-ninety-four!

MAKOTO: -are just going to accept a new ruler, especially since most places aren't monarchies.

MINAKO: Relax! We'll worry about that when the time comes. Just live in the gift!

(All the others sweat drop.)

ARTEMIS: I think you mean "live in the present", Minako-chan.


SCENE: Park. Ext. Usagi and Mamoru are walking together, hand-in-hand, not a care in the world. They are passing by the rose bushed when it starts drizzling. Usagi squeals in surprise, and the two start running towards safety. They only stop once they are inside Mamoru's penthouse apartment. Mamoru closes the door, both of them panting and laughing. Soon, the laughter dies down, leaving Usagi with her back pressed against the door and Mamoru staring down at her. Suddenly, Mamoru pulls away and walks into the kitchen.

MAMORU: So, do you want anything to eat or drink?

USAGI: Why don't you want to kiss me?

MAMORU: Wh-what?

USAGI: Do you think I'm not pretty enough? Do you think I'm a bad kisser? Do you-

(Mamoru quickly silences Usagi by placing his lips over her. The kiss lasts nearly a minute, but they do eventually have to pull away to breathe.)


MAMORU: Usako, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, and you are an amazing kisser, I assure you. It's just that your family- namely your father- hasn't quite warmed up to me yet… Or met me. I don't want to go too far before they understand what's going on.

USAGI: Mamo-chan, we're a reincarnated couple with a future practically set in stone. I think we've gone as far as we can without actually going anywhere.

MAMORU (laughs): I love you so much, Usako.

SCENE: Classroom. Int. Usagi is tapping her pencil against her notebook, much to the annoyance of the poor boy sitting next to her. The teacher, Naga Ayaka, notices the lack of attention from Usagi.

NAGA-SENSEI: Tsukino-san, would you care to explain what is going on in class? Or would you rather continue your time on the moon?

USAGI (startled): Wh-what?

NAGA-SENSEI: See me after class.

(After class, Usagi approaches her teacher's desk with hesitation.)

NAGA-SENSEI: Tsukino-san, I've noticed you've been distracted in class lately. More so than usual. Is something wrong?

USAGI (pretending to be joking): I've just… been spending time on the moon. Things up there are really starting to clear up there. I'll listen better from now on.

NAGA-SENSEI: Good, now get to your next class.

SCENE: Park. Under a tree. Ext. Minako and Kale are lying on a picnic blanket, Kale feeding Minako chocolate-covered strawberries.

MINAKO: Wasn't this supposed to be a meeting between the head guards?

KALE (chuckles): Well, if you'd rather talk battle strategies-

MINAKO: NO! I… mean… there won't be another enemy until Crystal Tokyo, right? So why worry?

SCENE: Underground. Unknown location. Skylar is pacing back and forth in front of a black cauldron. As he walks to the right, he suddenly stops.


(A girl walks in, seeming completely at ease.)

GIRL: You need to calm down

SKYLAR: I'll calm down when our mission is complete, Blaze.

BLAZE: Those stupid senshi won't know what hit them.

SKYLAR: You really think so?

BLAZE: Oh, absolutely.

(The two kiss.)

SCENE: Sidewalk. Ext. Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Minako are all walking down the sidewalk in a line, causing people going the other way to have to jump away whenever they encounter the quartet.

USAGI: So what do you think I should do?

MAKOTO: Did it ever occur to you to make the first move? Maybe if Mamoru-san sees that you want to, he'll be more open to the idea.

MINAKO: No! You can't do that!

(The group approaches the Hikawa Shrine.)

MINAKO (contd.): You'll seem desperate, and that will turn him off big time!

REI (approaching the girls): What will turn whom off big time?

MINAKO: Ah, Rei-chan, another opinion. Don't you think that Usagi-chan making the first move with Mamoru-san will turn him off?

REI: No, and that's the most anti-feminist comment I've ever heard!

(With that, Rei and Minako engage in an argument over feminism.)


SCENE: Outers' living room. Michiru is sitting on the sofa, staring into the Neptune Mirror, eyebrows furrowed in a worried expression. Haruka enters.

HARUKA: What's wrong?

(Michiru jumps.)

MICHIRU: I can't see through the mirror. I only get my reflection.

HARUKA (teasing): And what a beautiful reflection it is. If you're worried, talk to Setsuna-chan. She'll know if anything's wrong.

MICHIRU: I guess… It's probably nothing. Besides, it's my turn to pick up Hotaru-chan from school.

(Michiru kisses Haruka softly on the lips before heading out to the car. As she's adjusting the rear view mirror, she sees Skylar in the back seat. She gasps and quickly turns around, only to see no one there. Slowly, she lets out a breath and turns back to the front to start up the car.)

SCENE: Time Gates. Setsuna, dressed as Sailor Pluto, is staring through a door, but all that can be seen to the human eye is a bright, white light. Sailor Pluto stands there for at least a full minute before…

NEO-QUEEN SERENITY: What is it that you wanted me to see, Setsuna-chan?

SAILOR PLUTO: Your majesty, you may want to see this.

NEO-QUEEN SERENITY: Setsuna-chan, drop the formality. You know I hate being called "your majesty" or "Serenity" by my friends.

SAILOR PLUTO: Yes, your- er, Usagi-chan. But you really might want to check this out.

(Serenity approaches the door and looks through it. Not a second after she does, she lets out a gasp and pulls away.)

NEO-QUEEN SERENITY: No. That's impossible… right?

SCENE: Usagi's house. Int. Living room. Usagi and Mamoru are cuddled together on the couch, watching TV.

MAMORU: Are you sure your parents aren't home?

USAGI (laughs): Yes, Mamo-chan, I'm sure. They aren't supposed to be home until midnight, it's only five, and Shingo is at a friend's house. You don't need to worry. Even Luna is spending the night at Ami-chan's.

(Mamoru sighs in relief and nuzzles Usagi's neck with his nose.)

MAMORU: I love you, Usako.

USAGI: I love you, too, Mamo-chan.

(The two begin kissing, their mouths moving over each others'. Mamoru grabs Usagi and pulls her into his lap as she wraps her arms around his neck.)

KENJI: What is going on in here?

SCENE: Hotaru's bedroom. Int. Hotaru and Shingo are sitting on the floor, laughing uncontrollably.

SHINGO: Okay, so then what happened?

HOTARU: She leaps over the edge and lands on it.

SHINGO: You're kidding me.

HOTARU: Nope. It's the complete and total tr-

(Hotaru's eyes glaze over for a moment before she snaps out of it.)

SHINGO: What's wrong? Did you have a vision?

HOTARU: Shingo-kun, you need to get home now.

SHINGO: There's a new enemy, isn't there? Senshi business?

(Hotaru gets up, quickly followed by Shingo.)

HOTARU (panicked): Yes, and if you don't leave now, you'll-

(The closed window flies open with a harsh gust of wind, forcing Hotaru and Shingo a few steps away from it.)

HOTARU (wincing): Uh-oh…

SCENE: Hikawa Shrine. Int. Rei is sitting in front of the Great Fire, chanting incoherently. She stops chanting and looks into the fire intently.

REI: What the…

(Rei is cut off by the fire lashing out at her and throwing her back against the wall. Jed and Yuuichirou, hearing the noise, rush in to assist the confused miko.)

JED: Rei-chan, what happened?

(Rei looks up at the two men, seeming a bit dazed.)

REI: I… just… got a bit too close. Jed-kun, would you please help me with some bandages for my arms?

(Jed nods, and the two head to a different room. Jed closes the door and looks around suspiciously.)

JED: Okay, now tell me what really happened.

REI: There was a boy and a girl. They were standing in front of a cauldron of some sort. The girl put something in it, and the fire lashed out at me. I… I think we may have a new enemy.


SCENE: Hotaru's bedroom. Int. Hotaru fights against the wind to get to the window and shuts it. Hotaru turns and puts her back to the window, panting heavily.

SHINGO: What's going on? What's this new enemy?

HOTARU: I wish I knew. We need to find a way to contact the other senshi.

SHINGO: Aren't your parents home?

HOTARU: Nope, we're home alone.

SHINGO: Well, can't you contact the other senshi through telepathy or something like that?

(Hotaru raises an eyebrow at him before rolling her eyes.)

HOTARU: You need to stop reading tabloids. I can try reaching them on my communicator, but…

(Hotaru pulls out her communicator and presses a button, only to get "snow" on the screen.)

HOTARU (contd.): Just like I thought. They're disrupting the signal. Looks like we're going to have to do this old-school.

(Hotaru reaches under the bed and pulls out two swords, handing one to Shingo and keeping one for herself as she transformed into Sailor Saturn.)


SCENE: Usagi's house. Int. Living room. Usagi and Mamoru are now standing, looking at Kenji and Ikuko worriedly.

USAGI: This isn't what it looks like.

KENJI: Really, because it looks like you're making out with some boy your mother and I don't even know!

USAGI: …Okay, so maybe it's exactly what it looks like.

IKUKO: Usagi, please explain what is going on before your father has a heart attack.

USAGI: Uh… well… this is my boyfriend, Chiba Mamoru.

(Both parents suddenly look shocked.)

KENJI:Chiba Mamoru… as in Chiba Inc?

(Mamoru grins sheepishly.)

MAMORU: Yes, sir. That would be me.

KENJI (furiously): You can't date my daughter! She's only sixteen!

USAGI: I'll be seventeen in three months! And it's only a seven-year age difference!

KENJI: O-o-only? Only? ONLY?

MAMORU: Tsukino-san, I understand why you're upset, but you need to know what I love your daughter. She means everything to me, and I would do anything for her.

USAGI: He means it, Papa. We love each other.

(Kenji opens his mouth to say something, but Ikuko interrupts him.)

IKUKO: We're very happy for you, darling. We just wish you had told us sooner. So how long have you been dating?

(Mamoru wraps his arms around Usagi, but pulls away upon receiving a glare from Kenji.)

MAMORU: Coming up on three years, ma'am.

USAGI (grinning): Things went a lot better after he stopped teasing me.

KENJI (furrows eyebrows): Teasing?

(Kenji suddenly looks very angry.)

KENJI (contd.): This is the Mamoru-bake that made you cry on more than one occasion?

MAMORU (looking ashamed): Yes, sir. That's not something I'm proud of. I regret it every day.

USAGI: I've forgiven him for it, okay? So, what are you two doing home so early?

IKUKO: Your father forgot his wallet.

KENJI: Don't try to change the subject. We are not leaving you home alone with that man.

(Ikuko rolls her eyes, grabs Kenji's wallet, takes Kenji by the ear, and practically drags him out the door.)

IKUKO (over her shoulder): Be responsible!

SCENE: Hotaru's house. Int. Hallway. Shingo and Sailor Saturn are slowly creeping down the hallway as the lights flicker on and off. Suddenly, a door behind them slams shut, and the fourteen-year-olds scream and turn towards the source of the noise.

SHINGO: Okay, so how did your house get to be haunted exactly?

SAILOR SATURN: It's not haunted.

(A gust of wind shoots out at the duo, pushing them into the wall and down the stairs. When they stop, Sailor Saturn is on her stomach with Shingo on top of her.)

SHINGO (groaning): You sure about that?

SAILOR SATURN (sweetly): Shingo-kun?


SAILOR SATURN: Would you kindly… GET OFF ME!

SHINGO: Sorry.

(Shingo gets off of Sailor Saturn, and the two reach for their weapons, only to have them fly away in a large gust of wind.)

SCENE: Indoor swimming pool. Int. Michiru is swimming laps in the pool alone. She finished a lap and tries to come up for air, but something pulls her down quickly, Michiru struggling hard.


SCENE: Hotaru's house. Int. Living room. Sailor Saturn and Shingo are back to back, Sailor Saturn holding the Silence Glaive, Shingo with a butcher's knife.

UNKNOWN (low, moaning voice): Get out!

SAILOR SATURN: I don't know who you are, but get out of my house, or you'll get a mouthful of my glaive!

(The voice only laughs, and following his voice, Sailor Saturn plunges her weapon forward. Red appears out of nothing around the glaive, and the flickering lights return to normal. The red disappears, and Sailor Saturn feels the substance around the glaive disappear as well.)

SHINGO: Is that it? That's all there was? We don't even get to see the monster before it disappears?

SAILOR SATURN (hesitantly): I guess…

(Sailor Saturn turns around to face Shingo.)

SAILOR SATURN: Thanks for helping me, Shingo-kun.

(Sailor Saturn leans over and kisses Shingo on the cheek. She pulls back, and both look into the other's eyes. Slowly, they lean forward, and their lips meet softly.)

SCENE: Indoor pool Int. Michiru's perspective. Everything is blurry. Michiru flails pathetically, but everything starts fading to black. Something moves across her vision above the water, and everything goes black.

SCENE: Indoor pool. Int. Michiru's eyes flutter open, and she looks around, wondering what had pulled her down and what had made it stop. She gets up and looks around nervously before walking to her gym bag. She grabs her communicator and presses a random button on it with a shaky hand. Soon, Usagi's face is seen.

USAGI: Moon here.

(It is clear that Usagi was kissing Mamoru before she answered the call.)

MICHIRU: Sorry to interrupt, but I was just attacked.

(Cut to Usagi. Usagi sits up quickly, her face displaying worry.)

USAGI: What? Michiru-san, what happened? What attacked you?

(Cut to Michiru.)

MICHIRU: I'm not really sure, actually. But we should probably hold a senshi meeting tomorrow, just in case.

(Cut to Usagi.)

USAGI: Absolutely! Will you be okay getting home? Do Mamo-chan and I need to come pick you up?

(Cut to Michiru. Michiru laughs at Usagi's worry.)

MICHIRU: I'll be fine, Usagi-chan. Haruka's due to pick me up any minute.

(Cut to Usagi.)

USAGI: Are you sure you'll be okay?

(Cut to Michiru.)

MICHIRU: Absolutely. I'll be .

(Michiru hangs up the communicator and lets her hair out of its ponytail, not even noticing the three aqua-colored wave marks now on the back of her neck.)

SCENE: Hotaru's house. Int. Foyer. Haruka and Michiru walk in and promptly look shocked. Glass and debris are everywhere, and two swords are lying on the ground.

HARUKA (worriedly): Hotaru?

HOTARU (o/s): We're in here!

(Haruka and Michiru rush into the living room, where Shingo and Hotaru are sitting together on the couch.)

MICHIRU: What happened here?

HOTARU (calmly): Something attacked us. We stopped it though.

HARUKA: Something attacked Michiru, too. We're having a senshi meeting tomorrow.

HOTARU: Can Shingo-kun come?

SHINGO: Totally. I want to meet the people my girl… type friend hangs out with.

HOTARU: Please?

MICHIRU (sighs): Fine.

HARUKA: But Mich-

MICHIRU: He already knows who we and Setsuna-chan are. He does deserve to know.

HARUKA (grumbles): Fine.


SCENE: Usagi's living room. Int. Unknown person's perspective. The lights are off, and the TV is flickering. The backs of Usagi and Mamoru's heads can be seen. The person slowly, quietly approached the couple. A horror movie is on the TV, and just at the climax of the suspenseful music, the person reaches a hand out and taps both Usagi and Mamoru on the shoulders. Usagi and Mamoru scream and turn around, and a feminine laughter can be heard from the person. Usagi and Mamoru stop screaming, instead panting heavily.

USAGI: What the hell are you doing here!


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