Chapter One


Note: This is a continuation of The Future Starts Now; so don't read it

unless you know what happens.

Elizabeth shot a quick glance at Conner as the Mustang rolled to a stop

at the red light. So far, the trip home from the appointment had been a

silent one. Elizabeth wasn't sure what to say, or what to do. Having

twins would change her entire pregnancy, and the plans that they had made for the future.

She couldn't take it any longer. "Conner, what are we going to do?"

Conner sighed, and looked at her quickly. "I don't know baby."

Elizabeth frowned. Even though they wouldn't have used it as an option

anyway, Dr. Zimmerman had told them that Elizabeth was too far along to have an abortion. "Neither do I. Our choices are pretty limited."

"I know," Conner said, shifting into third as the light turned green,

and pulling onto his street. "We basically have three options. Keeping

both babies, giving them both up for adoption, or keeping one and giving the other up for adoption."

"Not the third one." Elizabeth said immediately. "Whatever happens,

those babies are going to stay together."

Conner nodded, pulling into the driveway. He killed the engine and then

unbuckled his seat belt. He turned and hugged his girlfriend. "I'm

behind you no matter what you chose to do. I'm also willing to be a father to both babies."

Elizabeth leaned against him, and cocked her head up so she could she

his face. "I'm willing to be the mother to both babies."

Conner nodded, and ran his hand through her blonde hair, then moved his head down to kiss her. "I hope that our little girl will take after her

mom." He said, pulling Elizabeth back so he could see her.  They'd also

found out that Elizabeth was carrying a girl and a boy.

Elizabeth smiled. "Thanks. So of course our son should take after his

dad." She said, giving him a quick kiss.


On Saturday afternoon, Jessica and Jeremy walked into House of Java,

his arm around her waist. They'd been together for four months now, and

were extremely close.

"Hey Jess, Jeremy." Ally greeted them, sticking a pencil into her

strawberry-blond bun to hold it in place. Jessica broke away from Jeremy's grasp, and tossed him his apron, and grabbed hers.

Ally smiled. "Danny and Nancy are out there, and it's not too busy. Why

don't you two bus some of the outside tables, okay?"

"Okay." Jeremy said, tying the green strings in the back of his apron.

"Anything need to be stocked?"

"Oh," Ally said slightly distractedly, "Um… check some of the stations, okay?"

Jessica nodded, and they were about to walk out.

"Oh yeah." Ally said. Jessica and Jeremy turned around. "You two make a cute couple." She grinned, and waved them on their way.


"Good God, I swear that was the longest shift in history." Jessica

complained that evening, sitting on Jeremy's lap. They were in his room at his house, and had just gotten back from HOJ about an hour earlier.

Their plans had been to go out to dinner, but they'd both been too tired

to go out anywhere.

"I know." Jeremy said, wrapping his arm around her back. "I thought it

would never end."

Jessica leaned her head on his shoulder. "At least you were working

too. Otherwise it would have been unbearable."

"Yeah, I agree. I love having you around." Jeremy said, moving one hand

up to mess with her blond hair. "Ally schedules us together a lot."

Jessica tilted her head up slightly so she could look at him. "I told

her too. She said it wouldn't be a problem." She smiled, and leaned in

to kiss him.

"Ah-huh," Jeremy muttered, kissing her. "That's cool." He deepened the


Jessica broke away slightly, then decided against it and kissed him


"Hey baby." Elizabeth rolled over to face Conner, who was standing in

the doorframe of her room. She was lying down on her bed. "Feeling any better?" he asked, his green eyes showing concern. Conner walked in and then sat down next to her.

"No." Elizabeth said, sighing. "I feel like crap." She'd been sick since shortly after that gotten home, and had thrown up several times.

"Poor baby." Conner said, gently touching her face. "I just wanted to know if you wanted something for dinner. Mom made some, and she asked me to come up and see if you wanted anything."

"No thanks." Elizabeth said, "But thanks for asking. I don't feel up to any."

Conner nodded. "I thought so. I didn't think that you be very hungry."

"You thought right." Elizabeth muttered slightly, fighting back a

sudden wave of nausea. She sat up quickly.

"Hey," Conner said, immediately concerned. He placed a hand on her

back. "Are you okay? Are you going to be sick?"

Elizabeth shook her head, but didn't say anything. A few seconds later,

it had passed. "I'm fine."

"Okay." Conner nodded, but didn't look too convinced.

"Really, I'm okay." Elizabeth said, lying back down.

Conner gave her a slight smile. "I'll trust you." He leaned in a bit,

and gently put his hand on her stomach. It was still strange to think

that her baby- babies- were in there. His too.

"Still seems strange, doesn't it?" Elizabeth asked, reading his mind.

"Even now." He stated, leaning down to kiss her. "It's tough picturing

it as our children in there."

"Yeah." Elizabeth said, giving him a half smile, which was all she

could muster. "Conner? About the twins… should we tell everyone?"

Conner looked at her, and a long pause followed. "No." he said finally.

"It'll make things awkward. I mean tell Jess and stuff, but not everyone needs to know."

"What about our parents?" Elizabeth said softly.

"Maybe our moms, but you and your dad are on such weak terms already.

This might make him blow again."

Elizabeth nodded. "Sounds good."

Conner lie down slightly, propping himself up on his elbow. He pulled

her closer to him, teasing with her hair. "I love you."

Elizabeth leaned against her pillow, closing her eyes. "I love you


Jessica felt Jeremy slid her shirt off, but she was too involved with

making out with him to stop him or even care. They'd just started

kissing, and it had led to making out, which had led to the present moment.

She felt Jeremy move one hand down and onto her bare stomach, and

Jessica didn't stop him… it just seemed so perfect. She just deepened the current kiss.

A few moments later, Jeremy was short his flannel shirt, and he was

making a move on unsnapping Jessica's bra. He had his hand on the bra strap, and quickly unsnapped it, and made a move to remove it.

Instantly, alarm bells went off in Jessica's head. As much as she

didn't want to stop, she knew they were moving too far too quickly.

Instinctively, she placed her hands flat on his chest and pushed him back.

Jeremy looked startled at first, the responded. "Jess, I'm sorry, I

never met to…" he was silenced when Jessica placed a finger on his lips.

"No, Jeremy, it's not that you were moving too fast or crossed any

lines." Jessica moved her hands back, and re-snapped her pink colored bra.

"It's just that we need to talk about that before make a major step

like having sex."

Jeremy nodded, and handed Jessica her shirt. "I know we do."

Jessica nodded, sliding her top over her head, watching Jeremy button

his plaid flannel shirt. "I mean after what happened with Liz…" she let

the thought trail.

Jeremy also nodded. "Yeah. I know I'm ready, but I don't know about

you. I'm not going to rush you at all if you're not."

Jessica smiled. "I'm ready," she said, looking into her boyfriend's

warm brown eyes. "Which means it's time that we talk about birth control."

Jeremy leaned in and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "You're a girl,

so you've gotta know more than me about different forms of birth


Jessica nodded. "I'll talk to mom, and talk to her about helping me get

a prescription for birth control pills."

Jeremy looked surprised. "She'd help you get them?"

Jessica nodded. "She's even said so before that if I ever thought that

I'd come to that stage of our relationship, she would. After what

happened with Liz, she doesn't want it to happen to me too."

Jeremy nodded, and wrapped his arms around her. "Okay, because I'm not in the mood to be a dad right now."

Jessica smiled, leaning against his chest. "Good, because I'm in no

mood to be a mom either."

He smiled, and pulled her back so they were lying down. "Jess, I love


Jessica smiled. Even though it was obvious that they were in love, he'd

never said it to her before. "I love you too, Jeremy."