You know, sometimes life is just out and out, off the wall, completely and utterly insanely mundane. Ever since my owner had been regularly getting a piece, he's left me here, alone, in this dark, musty, disgusting drawer filled with half chewed gum, something I think was an apple at one point in time that has developed sentience and is currently glaring at me and making these little grunting sounds, paper clips, empty lube tube, broken pens, and some stuff I really don't want to talk about, meaning that I'm not getting any myself!

And I could be, which is the most disappointing thing of all. I mean, my lover is ready and waiting and inventive and oh so willing to play at any point in time. He's got pink hair and the deepest eyes you've ever seen, though he dresses funny at times. He's happy, smiling constantly, and talks as much as he smiles. I'm sorry to say that he's really brought me out of my shell, made me who I am today…

An abandoned voodoo doll lying in a dirty desk drawer, missing his pink honey bunny while our owners get it on in some hotel room, public washroom, fountain, park, office, or anywhere else that happens to contain the two of them…they used to bring us everywhere with them, and their entertainments left us to ours. Now, now they just hang on to each other and leave the things that comforted them in the past to dwell in the misery and heartache they themselves experienced. Maybe someday I shall see my beloved once again…was that the door?

It was! I shoot a glare back at big green and mouldy behind me and listen to the footsteps and cursing that tells me I am about to be used once more. I don't mind, really… The drawer opened and a warm hand picks me up. I have not been fully lifted when the first of the pins embeds itself in my skull.

It doesn't hurt…kinda tickles actually.

"Damn it Eiri…" Another pin in my head.

"Why'd you have…" Another, in my left eye.

"To go and…" The right.

"Make Shuichi…" My throat.

"Get so upset…" The ear! It tickles!

"And come running to Sakuma-san…" Right through the heart, tingly.

"Tonight of all nights!" Oh, Eiri's gonna feel that…straight in the groin. I'm shoved in a pocket and bounced up and down as Tatsuha leaves his room and goes to the subway. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of people soothes me. A CD case is shoved into the same pocket as I am and I can read Nittle Grasper on the label, it's empty, and I rejoice. I know exactly where we are going.

Ryuichi Sakuma's apartment smells like oranges, he must have eaten one recently. I hear him squeal and am thrown about in the pocket before being pulled out along with the CD case and some old gum wrappers, the gum from them still in the drawer back in Tatsuha's room. I am no longer thinking about it, as a blob of pink comes into my vision and I am placed next to the love of my life. He falls on top of me instantly, and I sigh happily. His ears lay across my head and his arms encircle my waist.

Kumagorou, I love you.