Dean doesn't go to Lisa to make a family after Sam's death. He goes to Jo. And it doesn't work out quite like either of them thought it would. AU.

Alright, so I really got this idea from a song. Well, the song got me to write it. I've had the idea bouncing around in my head for a while. This story is AU. Ash didn't die in the bar explosion. And Ellen and Jo didn't die distracting the hell hounds. This takes place after season five. The summary pretty much tells you that it's Jo Dean goes to after Sam's plunge into the pit, and not Lisa. This is how I think it should have gone.

Sam had told him to go out and get a life, to go out and live the apple pie life everyone had always been talking about but that Dean had never enjoyed. He had told Dean to make the best out of not being a hunter. Dean could guess that Sam had meant Lisa, that Sam had meant go to Lisa, be the husband he could be, and the father he wanted to be.

But there was someone he couldn't forget, someone he couldn't leave behind. There was someone that had always been present in the back of his mind, always making him worry and wonder. There was someone he knew he could love like he had never loved before.

It had never been the right time or place for him and Jo. It had never been under the right circumstances. There had always been that underlying tension, but both of them had had the common sense not to do anything about it. Before, when he was a hunter, he knew nothing good would come out of a relationship with her. Before, when she had wanted to hunt and be the woman she knew she could be, she knew he would only tie her down, only break her heart. Even when they had teamed up together for what they thought might be their last night on Earth, she had still rejected him. She had held on to her dignity and that part that so desperately wanted to be more to him than the last fuck he would ever get. He had respected her for it but mourned her decision all the same. He didn't think she had understood what he really meant, because she would have been more to him than the last fuck he would ever have. If they had spent the night together, it would have given him something he could hold onto till the end. It would have fulfilled something for him he had been hoping for since the first time he met her.

He would never forget that first time they had met. He would never forget that instant feeling of attraction. She had punched him like no other girl had and it had been that moment he realized she was something different. He knew she could handle the life, knew she could hold her own and protect herself. But that hadn't meant he wanted her to have to handle it. He had agreed with her mother since the beginning. Jo could handle herself in the hunting business, but she was worth so much more.

He hoped he could show her that.

The front of the bar was silent.

And the front of the bar was never silent, even if the bar was closed.

Ellen could always hear Jo. It had become a sixth sense. Her mothering instincts were a sixth sense. But she couldn't hear Jo now. She couldn't even hear the occasional snore that usually came from Ash when he was passed out in a random spot around the bar.

The hair on her arms stood on end. These were dangerous times and she had become accustomed to always keeping one ear on Jo. The thought that something had happened to her daughter while she was in the same room scared the shit out of her. She was already having constant memories of the hell hounds and how she had barely gotten her daughter out alive. She couldn't handle a repeat.

"Jo!" She called, as she reached under the kitchen counter for her sawed off shotgun. She waited with baited breath for an answer, but got none. "Joanna!" She tried again, her heart pounding in her ears. "Answer me!"

She tried to keep her steps fast and confident as she made her way towards the swinging door that would lead her into the bar. She took a glance out the window, trying to gauge any danger that might be in the bar before she fully revealed herself. When she saw none, she cautiously pushed open the door and stepped out.

The first thing she saw was Ash sitting up on the pool table. His mouth was agape and he had the most dumb founded expression she had ever seen him wear. He was staring at something Ellen had yet to notice and if it were possible, the hairs on her arms stood even straighter and a shiver ran down her spine.

"What's going on?" She asked him quietly. She got no answer. He only continued to stare towards the front door of the bar. She quickly abandoned all hopes of getting him to answer her and slowly turned towards the front door.

What she saw made her gape, too. And it made her eyes well up with tears.

There, in the front of her bar, was one Dean Winchester. He looked like hell.

And he had tears streaming down his face.

And standing in front of him was her one and only daughter, a discarded towel at her feet. Her eyes were also filled with tears but they were also full of something else. Something Ellen really wished wasn't directed at Dean.