The Isle Esme Incident


Jacob's POV

It's been three years now since the incident on Isle Esme. Even though Nessie still has nightmares and looks at herself differently, I know better. She's still the same beautiful girl that I laid eyes on when she was born.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Not the birth, even though that's clear as crystal, but the accident that left the Cullen family and myself devastated. To this day, Alice still asks herself why. After all, she has the power of foresight, so why didn't she see it coming. Even though we all know the answer to that, she still blames herself. Nessie and I can't help that we're blind spots.

Carlisle found it fascinating after everything settled. He always thought that Ness would be indestructible like the rest of her family. Rose could barely stand to look at her. In the end, she and Emmett left to go on an extended vacation. I didn't think much of it at first until I asked Edward the true reasons behind Rose leaving. What I heard made me sick. Jasper isolated himself as well. The emotions not only from Nessie, but also from the others made it hard. He stuck around because Alice felt so guilty that she couldn't stand to be too far away.

Edward and Bella, they took it the hardest. They're her parents after all. They both look at her with sad and guilty eyes. As for me, Jacob Black, I look at her and she's Nessie. The girl who my life revolved around. Nothing could ever change that. I never left her side. I was the one that had to stand by and watch it happen. Hell, if it should be anyone that feels guilty about the accident, then it should be me. I'm the one that was destined to be her protector and I failed. But does Nessie allow me to wallow in my guilt? Nope, not at all. I'm the only one that she allows anywhere near her now.

I guess it's time to stop and back up. You'll are probably asking a hundred questions. So, here it goes…It all started two weeks before Nessie's fifth birthday (actual birth years), we were getting ready to celebrate her turning "14". The way only Alice saw fit…

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