Chapter 1

Nikola played with the strange device on Henry's lab table. It looked fascinating and he wondered what it was the moment he had stepped into the room.

Instead of inquiring about it like normal people do, he decided he was going to figure it out himself; that never ends well.

"Hey! Dude! Don't touch!" scolded Henry prying the device out of Nikola's hands.

"Aww come on, it's not like it's going to blow up and destroy half the Sanctuary, I'll be careful," Nikola took it back.

"We don't know that, the Doc found it on her last mission, I don't even know what it does, so just put it down, ok!" pleaded Henry and Nikola smirked.

"This room is shielded isn't it?" asked Nikola.

"It's new, and hasn't been tested, I would rather not have it's test run be a mass explosion," huffed Henry.

"Ah, I have great faith in your ingenuity," Nikola noticed some symbols on the side of the device.

"Uh…thanks…but still…" something bleeped behind Henry and he turned, " Oh geez, I'll be back…just…don't destroy anything while I'm gone."

He ran out and Nikola shrugged. People should trust him more often.

He examined the symbols.

He ran a finger over one of the symbols and all of them lit up.

"Oh hello," he muttered to himself.

The symbols started to blink.

"Well that's not good," he said looking as they blinked faster and faster, a small beep emanating from the device.

"Uhhh…Help!" he shouted out lamely, not really sure if the thing was going to explode or not.

Suddenly the symbols stopped blinking and froze, it felt like the whole of time and space froze, and Nikola looked around, wondering what he had discovered. It must've only been only a few seconds before the world around him imploded on itself and he was thrust into darkness…