new Swindle story. I have two new ideas, but I haven't finished my gigantic author's note, but... expect one!

The skies were a depressing gray and the violent wind was rippling through the multiple hairs of the crowd by the freshly dug pit.

Benjamin Slovak's words caught in his throat as he started his speech. he started again, but the words just wouldn't come. He finally waved for his parents to lower the box into the pit.

He threw in a share of the dirt and stood by the side of the grave of a most loved friend. The dirt was piled in, and the deed was done.

His parents had promised to buy him another, but you couldn't put a price of a true friendship now at loss.

He turned to see the saddened faced of his five other true friends. So much had happened in the past five years. All of them grew up and came together, some more closer than others, but the bond between the five was sill rock solid.

One by one they came over and said a few reassuring words, hugs, and pats on the back. None of those gestures really mattered except one.

The slight pressure in his right hand by the girl behind a curtain of hair.

Narrowed down three pairings in the series, and I can't wait to premier them all.

The list:

Griffin/Pitch- Griffnia

Ben/Melissa- Benissa

Logan/Savannah- Logannah