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I took Lily on a walk through the woods on Mary Day. When we reached the river where May died, Lily told me a story. She was always so… touchy, when it came to death. I figured she would tell me about that when she was ready.

She told me a story about a group of boys who put a fish necklace on her and made her watch them die. She was so close to tears. I know how it feels to feel something die and know you could've prevented it.

"I'm sorry Lily. Those boys were horrible to you." I stared at her, and soon the world faded. I pressed my lips to hers, soft at first and then it grew. If anybody knew what we did, I would be killed. But at that moment, it didn't matter.

When I pulled away, I could see her eyes glowing with a touch of… sadness? I didn't want to cause her any more pain.

Lily got to live with August, so I got to see her all the time over the summer. Lily and I would go to the same school, a white school. I warned her they wouldn't be nice, and that she should stay away from me when we were at school. Of course, she's Lily, the girl who wouldn't listen to anyone. When they threw things at me in the hall, she would be right there getting pelted with me. And every time they would call her a "n***** lover", among other things, I would lean down and whisper,

"That's my girl."

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