Danny groand sitting up among the fire, he was instantly alert going ghost again and trowing a blast of ecto energy at the evil ghost above him, tears still streaming down his face he fought the fire haired ghost.

"YOU. KILLED. THEM." he punched away at the laughing man.

"So i did." The man answered deflecting each blow with ease, "How niave you are at this age, i'm almost embarressed that i was ever you."

"I'll never be you." Danny screached at his older self drawing in a breath for his ghostly wail. Dark Dan backhanded him sending him crashing into the ground again.

"Oh but you will be."

Danny's eyes closed, his fight vanishing. 'if i only had another chance, i'd do anything to kill him.' he lay on the ground bones broken, but healing, he twitched as he felt Dark Dan's own ghostly wail aimed at him. Then all sense of his body faded, it was black, feathers fell from the sky like snow.

"Anything?" a voice like velvet asked, a man stepped out of the shadows, "Really now." the man smiled revealing pointed teeth, and not just a smile, a crazy, i just killed babies smile.

"Yes, but that doesn't matter now." Danny snapped trying to find his body.

"The human facinates me, they are so strong, even when confronted by death they can find that one spider's thread to pull them back out of that hell hole and escape. Will you reject this thread, deny yourself your vengance." the voice smiled.

"What are you saying?"

"I will give you you're revenge, in exchange for somthing small, somthing for me."

"You promise."

"But of course, i never lie. If you make a covenant with me, i will give you your revenge." The voice was so convincing, Danny thought about it, if he was going to die anyway why not as the voice said grasp that spider's thread.

"What must i do."

"State your manner of buisness and bind me to you, and you to me."

"Fine, you will serve me indefinately, to the letter for forever."

"Are you sure about this."


The wail sent Danny flying through the air, but strong arms caught him.

"Now now, i can't have you killing my young master now can i?"

"Well why not?" Dark Dan laughed. Danny opened his eyes the words coming to his mouth instantly.

"Kill him."

"Yes my lord."

"DANNY!" the news feed cut off as Danny Phantom went flying through the air after a ghostly wail from his evil future self, Fenton works was burning in the background.

"Sam, he doesn't know we're alive, what if he..."

"Are you sure his parent's aren't alive, his sister, if they made it to the bomb shelter, or even to the ghost zone they may still be alive."

"Do you really think they did."

"I have to belive it, for Danny's sake."

"We have to get down there some how."

Danny clutched the coat of the stranger gasping for air as he sobbed in the ruins of his home, he'd found his parent's jumpsuits, and one of Jazz's shoes in the explosion but nothing else. The man held him close.

"I'm sorry young master."

"What is your name." Danny managed to say.

"That is up to you."

"What was the name you last had." Danny was regaining his thoughts, still crushed with saddness but trying to overcome it.

"Sebastian Micheallis."

"Then thats your name." Danny said pulling himself together, he let go of Sebastian, standing with his support, "Take me to Vlad's" he demanded, the demon bowed, ectoplasm on his hands from the dark deed he'd just finished.

"Yes my lord."