Danny's relaxed posture and distant eyes were all that Sam needed to confirm her suspicious. They rode in a luxury car that rivaled even Sam's parent's cars, Danny across from her and Tucker. Danny's elbow rested on the arm rest lightly his head in his hand as he stared out the window. Sam stared at the right eye of his and bit back her anger and her tears.

"If you have something to say, now is an excellent time to keep it to yourself." Vlad spoke up noticing Sam's open mouth. Sam clenched her jaw hard and glared at Vlad.

"Did you make Danny do it? Is that why Sebastian…"

"Sebastian? Your whole problem is against Sebastian?" Vlad asked incredulous, "He is an incredible butler, he even manages to deal with Danny better than I ever could." Vlad commented appalled, "I haven't the slightest idea where he came from." Sam blinked.

"So you have no idea?" Sam said.

"No." Vlad said staring at the younger girl, "But perhaps you could enlighten me." Vlad added with a conniving grin. The car stopped and the door opened. Danny stepped out Sebastian helping him then Sam then Tucker out of the car. Danny walked up to the steps his eyes solidly ahead Sebastian opening the door as the boy crossed the threshold. Danny turned to Sebastian.

"Cake." Was all he said. Sebastian nodded and closed the door behind Vlad, the rest of the company staring at Danny.

"And soda."

"Young Master… soda will not help with your growth, I shall prepare tea." Sebastian informed. Danny waved him off.

"Whatever. Just make it good." Danny walked into a large living room with a huge TV screen and large comfy couches. Danny threw himself onto the couch hanging his head over the side his arms draped over the arm and the back one foot up on the seats. Sam took a seat in a large chair next to him Tucker sitting on another large couch on one end Vlad leaning against the other Tucker leaning as far away as possible.

"I'm not sure how it happened really." Danny admitted head still hung off the couch, "I was sure I was going to die." Danny said, "Then I was offered a chance for escape." Danny looked up, "I was positive I was going to die after Dan had been destroyed, that was our deal. But there has to be someone else behind it otherwise I would not be here right now." Danny sat up clasping his hands together and rubbing the back of his hand with his left thumb in small circles.

"Danny…" Sam looked at him now blinking back tears. Danny looked up and then looked away to the far wall filled with DVDs.

"Its not… it isn't really something I'm proud of you could say." Danny frowned, "I can't really explain my decision other than survival." Danny shifted then looked around at the people assembled.

"The funeral is tomorrow. Vlad is taking care of it." Danny said then shifted on the couch, "I don't really know what to say. All the legal documents have been prepared. Vlad took a trip to the courthouse today with me in tow. I am now legally his son. However; I don't think that will last too long. Besides I have other plans." Danny sighed, "I will continue going to Casper High despite Vlad's and Sebastian's wishes." Danny looked around.

"I'm just rambling because no one else will speak." Danny smiled a little then stared at his feet.

"Young Master." Came from the doorway, "I have prepared the tea and the cake is currently in the oven, it will be another fifteen minutes or so." Sebastian said then bowed gracefully to the two teens new teens.

"My name is Sebastian Michealis, butler to Daniel Fenton, or should I Say Daniel Masters. I am pleased to meet the friends he has spoken so highly of." Sebastian smiled at Sam, "They are quite interesting figuring out what I am. Especially in this modern day world."

"Huh?" Tucker said confused, "What are you?"

"One hell of a butler." Sebastian smiled revealing semi sharp fangs that glinted and gave him what Danny had deemed the "bat-shit-crazy" smile.

"That's enough Sebastian, two slices of cake." Danny demanded Sebastian bowed.

"Despite my warning you still consume unhealthy amounts of sugar young master. It can't be good for your health. Humans need to have well rounded balanced meals. My master previous didn't grow much during the first few years I served him for this reason." Sebastian said placing two huge slices of cake in front of Danny.

"Two here to bro! I mean Sebastian." Tucker called. Sebastian nodded and gave Tucker cake and Sam a slice and Vlad one to that Vlad just stared at unsure what to do with it.

Sebastian the left the room returning with tea which he poured for all the guest. Vlad knew what to do with the tea this time and sipped it.

"I have prepared rose hips for today's tea, the tea set is…"

"Whatever." Danny said. Sebastian withdrew annoyance on his face for a second before he closed his eyes and bowed.

"Is there anything else the young master wishes?" Sebastian wondered. Danny shrugged.

"Just stay near the door in this room for a while so you're ready if we need anything." Danny said. Sebastian nodded expecting there would be an order to which he would need to respond to quickly.

"So what is up with Sebastian why is Sam so… upset?" Tucker asked after eating half the cake Danny looked up then over at Sebastian.

"Because Sebastian is the Demon to which I have promised my soul." Danny said bluntly. Sam gave off a soft cry having hoped that Danny really hadn't done what she thought he had. Tucker's mouth opened and he looked over at Sebastian who was smiling playfully. Danny made no motion of surprise and stared at the others while Vlad dropped his cake not having eaten but a few bites.

"Not that any of you will remember it." Danny said ripping of the bandage suddenly and standing looking like the noble who had proceeded him, "Sebastian, this is an order… make them forget anything and everything to do with our deal." Danny said his right eye snapping open Sebastian smiled pupils turning to slits as he eyes glowed. Tucker gasped, Sam ran for the door Vlad fainted and Danny turned his head.

"Yes my lord."

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