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~The Meaning in a Kiss~

A kiss on the cheek…

"Um…uh…" Naruto stuttered at the sight of Hinata. He gave a nervous grin. Here he was standing empty-handed without anything to give her. Without anything else to give her, he simply leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "Happy birthday!" And in response, she fainted.

We're friends

A kiss on the forehead…

"Huh?" Hinata gasped as soon as Naruto wrapped his arms around her, grinning.

"What? Aren't you glad to see me?" The blonde asked with a pout.

"N-no… You…" The dark-haired girl frowned as she shifted something that Naruto could now feel was smushed between their bodies. "You crushed my cinnamon buns…"

He sweatdropped and grinned sheepishly before kissing her on the forehead. "Forgive me?"

We're cute together.

A kiss on the hand…

"I don't understand why I have to go through all this fuss! I'm just meeting your father personally," Naruto complained as he sat down on the edge of his bed with Hinata, a pile of books on etiquette between them.

"Y-yes, but, don't you want to make your best impression?" Hinata asked. "It doesn't matter what sort of reputation you have as a shinobi. Father…won't like it if I marry someone who behaves like you…"

The blonde squinted. "Behaves like me…?"


"Uncultured? I'm way cultured!" Naruto insisted loudly as he stood up and stood in front of his girlfriend and bowed. "Good evening, miss. You look ravishing this evening," he spoke in the most serious tone he could. He then took her hand and kissed it. "It makes me feel honored to be your boyfriend."


"Not bad, right? I learned that from television!" He said with a grin.

I adore you.

A kiss on the neck…

She jumped slightly at the feel of his fingertips as they went up her arm to her shoulder. From there, he started to play with her hair and nuzzled into her shoulder, breathing hotly onto her neck—all actions that darkened the shade of her blush with each one until began to litter her neck with soft butterfly kisses and whispered,

"You. Me. Behind the tree."

"N-naruto-kun…! I don't think having sex while we're engaged should be done…!"

"Then gimme back the ring for a lil' while…!"

I want you. Now.

A kiss on the shoulder…

"What're you still doing up? Stuff like that's not good for the baby, you know," Naruto asked when he rolled onto his side, poking the slight bulge on Hinata's stomach as he put his head on her shoulder.

"I think…I'm worried. What if we don't live up to being good parents? What if we're horrible at it? What if our child grows up hating us and runs away from home or—?"

He gave her a peck on the shoulder. "It'll be fine." He kissed it again. "No matter what happens…" And again. "Our child will be loved."

You're perfect.

A kiss on the lips…

He really hated it when it happened—being without a present to give her on her birthday. She was forgiving, of course, but he always noticed that glint of disappointment in her eye. So he simply prepared ahead of time. He got her a gift three months ahead of time. (He tried it one month and two, but he always forgot.) It was a simple silver necklace—because she hated the look of gold, he knew—with a locket that had a picture of the two of them and their baby boy.

"See? This year I didn't forget!" Naruto said with a smile, scratching the back of his head as she observed the gift in its box.

"You know you didn't have to."

"Of course not. I wanted to."

"…Thank you." Hinata smiled and kissed him lightly.

I love you.


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