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Kurt's POV

Transferring to Dalton was probably the best decision Kurt Hummel had ever made. He truly loved Dalton, and its anti-bullying policy. He loved the Warblers and the crazy things that happened in the dorms. It was a much better place than McKinley had ever been, and even with the boring uniforms Kurt still loved this place. But, all that changed when Blaine Anderson transferred to Dalton. Kurt didn't really know what it was about Blaine that truly rubbed him the wrong way, but everything about the boy annoyed Kurt. Perhaps it was the way Kurt was pushed aside and was no longer the lead soloist the moment Blaine opened his mouth and sang. Not even Kurt denied Blaine was indeed talented, but having gone here for nearly two years Kurt assumed he would get some say in whether or not he actually wanted to give Blaine all his solos. And so Kurt did the only thing he could do. He completely ignored Blaine's presence and hoped that, soon, the council would realize their error and return the solos back where they belonged, with Kurt. Of course, ignoring Blaine would be a lot easier if the boy didn't insist on talking to Kurt every single chance he got.

"Hey Kurt!" Blaine calls, catching up to Kurt. "Do you think after Warbler practice you could help me with this solo?"

"Probably not Blaine, I'm really busy with homework."

"Oh," he heard Blaine mutter next to him.

"Sorry," Kurt says shrugging, and walking the rest of the way to where practice is held. Ever since Blaine got lead soloist he's been dreading practice more and more. As much as he loves the Warblers he's getting a little sick of being in the background. He tries not to show it, but he knows that Wes and David see right through him.

"Alright Warblers, Wes and I have decided that we want to add a duet to our set list for Sectionals," David says, waiting for the comments to stop before speaking again. "I know it's not something we normally do, but if we want to actually beat New Directions this year we'll have to pull out everything we've got. We also decided that we will not be holding auditions and Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson will be singing the duet together." Kurt can feel Blaine staring at him smiling widely, but he's purposely not paying attention to him. Kurt feels like he could probably murder Wes and David right now. They're supposed to be his friends! It's not like he hadn't made it known to them how much he despises Blaine.

"What song will we be singing?" Blaine asks. David and Wes look at each other and smile widely.

"Elephant Love Medley," Wes says, "I know that it's not our typical song choice, but we need to try other things."

"Wait, we're going to perform this at Sectionals? Don't you think that's a little risky?"

"Risky is exactly what we need, Kurt. You said it yourself, your old Glee club takes risks, and we all saw it at last years Sectionals. Kurt and Blaine, here is your music, as well as the schedule David and I put together to make this duet work," Wes says, getting up to give Blaine and I the papers. "We will meet again tomorrow. Practice dismissed," Wes announces, banging down his gavel. Kurt gets up and storm out of the room, not caring that Blaine is calling for him.

Blaine's POV

"This better be worth it Blaine," David says, putting his arm around Blaine's shoulder.

"You know Wes and I are your friends, but we were Kurt's friends first and the last thing we want is for him to be hurt."

"Honestly, David," Wes says rolling his eyes. "Blaine's head over heels in love with Kurt, I doubt he wants to hurt him."

"I really appreciate this guys, and thanks for the set schedule too. This way Kurt can't completely ignore me," Blaine says smiling. "Well I'll see you later!" Blaine walks down the hall remembering the first time he realized he liked Kurt.

It was his first meeting as an official Warbler, and he was nervous as hell. He was scared that they would make him sing, he wasn't ready for that. Even though he had sung for the council, they were only composed of a measly three people compared the fifteen people that made up the Warblers. They had all welcomed him. Kurt even stood up to say he wanted to sing a song for their new member, while inviting the other Warblers to sing with him.

Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care?

Will I wake tomorrow

from this nightmare?

Kurt's voice was probably the most beautiful voice Blaine had ever heard, and it truly had felt that Kurt was singing directly at him. He was smiling with his eyes as he continued to sing, as one by one the Warblers all joined in the round. They were all singing, and smiling at him as if they knew why he had transferred here. And perhaps they all did, but in that moment it didn't matter, and Blaine suddenly stood up and joined the group. Blaine looked straight at Kurt as he sang with everyone else. When the song ended, all the Warblers had crowded around him, telling him how amazing his singing voice was. Blaine smiled at every comment he received, but his eyes continued to look for Kurt. He just had to talk to him, but Kurt was nowhere to be found.

After that meeting Kurt avoided him like the plague, but that didn't stop Blaine from trying to drag him into every conversation. As much as he hated to admit it, he became obsessed, learning everything about Kurt that he could. After a full semester of being completely ignored by Kurt, Blaine became desperate and went to Wes and David for help.