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Facing the paparazzi that day had been a whirlwind. Logan and Julian were quickly dazed by the bright flashes of the cameras and the roar of endless questions shouted at them. When the doors had first opened, the blonde had been recognized almost right away, and their clasped hands and lovingly exchanged look made it onto the front page of nearly every tabloid within the next week...

Time passed by in a blur. One moment, they were stalked by paparazzi on every every occasion they dared leave Dalton for. The next, they were celebrating their one year anniversary. A blink of the eye later, and somehow both young men had gotten parental approval, though Senator Wright was still not their biggest fan. In what seemed like seconds later, it was graduation...then the first day of college for one and the beginning stages of shooting a new movie for the other. Another blink, and the pair was moving into their first apartment together. And finally, time froze on the night that could potentially make or break the relationship.

Logan was actually nervous for once. Though he'd attended numerous red-carpet events before...tonight was special. He was graduating from USC soon with his business degree, after screwing over his father's wishes for him to follow in his political footsteps, and he was more than ready to start the next chapter of his life. He could feel his hands grow clammy, a cool drop of sweat trickling down his neck to his back, causing him to shiver. A surprisingly warm hand reached out and grasped his knee, squeezing gently.

"Hey. You look...really pale. Are you alright?" Julian asked in a low voice, his dark hair cut short and styled with gel, in the artfully-messy way he'd become known for. His brown eyes were trained on his boyfriend's face, searching for reassurance.

Logan forced a smile. "I'm fine. Nothing for you to worry about." He slid his own hand over the actor's, entangling their fingers slightly, before turning to look out the window at the waiting mob of cameramen, reporters, and fans.

"You're not a very good actor, Lo..."

"I could say the same about you, but I get the feeling that enormous crowd waiting for you out there might tar and feather me for it," the blonde joked, stroking Julian's hand with his thumb.

The brunette sighed softly. "We can skip tonight, you know. I can tell the driver just to take us back to the apartment..."

"You're not missing out on this tonight. It's your shining moment, Jules. Your first big break-out movie role. You're in the big leagues now," Logan said quietly, his green eyes glittering with pride. "Now let's get out there and show them what you've got."

"As long as you're right there with me...squid," the actor teased his boyfriend with an old nickname.

"I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else, Princess," the blonde winked at his boyfriend, chuckling at the annoyed twitch of his facial muscles, before swinging the car door open and tugging Julian out after him. They'd gotten more comfortable with small public displays of affection over the years: simple hand-holding or linked arms were no longer a big deal, as was the occasional cheek-to-cheek pose for a picture or two. Logan kept the brunette's fingers locked with his, smiling widely for the flashing cameras.

Julian took the opportunity to look at the man at his side admiringly. Logan always looked put together, but somehow the way he cleaned up for these premieres and other events made him look a million times better. The actor lifted their clasped hands, pressing a gentle kiss to the blonde's knuckles before smiling at his slightly shocked, but entirely pleased expression.

The rest of the evening passed by in a blur. Eventually, they were back in the car, Julian's head drooping slightly onto his boyfriend's shoulder, exhausted from the night's festivities. The blonde turned and pressed a kiss into his partner's dark hair, waiting patiently for the car to drop them off on the street below their small apartment. Sure, the pair could have definitely afforded a nicer place. But part of the joy in this particular living space was that it was theirs, and theirs alone. They found and paid for it themselves, no parental involvement at all: a simple two bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room set-up...Of course, one of the bedrooms was the guest room.

Logan roused Julian from his light slumber with a gentle shake, stepping out of the car and waiting for the actor to take his hand before unlocking the main door to the building. They climbed the stairs together to the second floor, and once the blonde had unlocked their apartment door, Julian practically toppled inside, immediately heading for the bedroom and face-planting on the bed with a tired groan.

"Well that wasn't very graceful, Princess..." Logan murmured, knowing the other boy was too tired to fight back against the despised nickname. He tugged off Julian's shoes for him, tossing them into the closet with his own. The blonde slipped out of his fancy jacket and loosened his tie, before fingering the box tucked away in his pocket. Perhaps this should wait for another night, he thought.

Julian rolled over on the bed. "C'mere," he called to Logan tiredly, reaching out his arms. The other man rolled his eyes and obliged, dropping down onto the mattress beside his boyfriend and tangling their limbs together. The actor pressed forward to kiss him. "I never had a chance to tell you how good you looked tonight and how proud I am to be able to say you're mine..." he murmured against Logan's lips. He felt, rather than saw the blonde's smile.

"Jules...you're beautiful. Tonight especially. You were...glowing out there tonight, like the star you truly are." The brunette kept his eyes closed but let out a sigh on contentment as Logan pressed a chaste kiss on his clean-shaven cheek. Suddenly, the weight on the bed shifted and his arms felt empty. Julian blinked in confusion, looking around to find Logan kneeling on the ground in front of him.

"What are you doing, you idiot?" the actor laughed, too exhausted to properly process what was happening. "Get back up here and let's go to sleep."

"Shut up," Logan growled softly at him. "I have an important question to ask you. Can you please wake up and stop being such a demanding diva for a moment?"

Julian rolled his eyes but sat up, pouting slightly at the amount of effort that simple action took. His brown eyes went wide as he saw the small box in his boyfriend's hand. "Lo? What is this? What are you..." his voice trailed off into nothing, his mouth opening and closing wordlessly, in absolute shock.

Logan took a deep breath. "Julian Larson-Armstrong, I have had the absolute privilege of knowing you for nearly nine years. And throughout that entire time, you have frustrated me to no end. We've laughed, we've fought...I've nearly lost you several times, due to work and the media and other people and sometimes just pure stupidity...but we've made it till now, despite all odds.

"I want you to know, without a doubt, that I would not trade a second of time with you for anything in this entire world. You've become everything to me: helping me to face my father, to control my temper without medication, and just loving me in spite of everything that I am and everything that I do. It would bring me the greatest joy to be able to call you my husband someday...which is why I'm presenting you with this ring right now," he swallowed against the lump that had formed in his throat and opened the box, revealing a platinum band with an inscription on it.

"It says: 'Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.' on it," Logan said in a hushed tone, as Julian reached out a shaky hand to hold the box and examine its contents. "Because that's how I feel. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you tomorrow...and I know that I will love you forever. Which is why I would like to marry you...because I know I can't ever spend another day without you by my side."

Julian was silent for a moment, as he contemplated the ring, running a finger along the cool metal. "Your speech was very eloquent and well thought out...How long have you been practicing it?" he finally said, without looking up.

Logan's heart plummeted. "...A few weeks," he admitted, his face flushing. Here he was, pouring his heart and soul out to the man he loved, and receiving no hint of any hope in return. "Would you mind answering my question now?" he asked, utter frustration coloring his voice.

"There was a question?" the actor's voice was quiet and controlled.

The blonde sighed in exasperation. "Yes, Your Highness. Would you agree to marry me already? My knee is getting sore from kneeling here too long," he complained.

"I meant...there was actually a question in your mind, as to whether I would agree to this or not?" Julian finally looked up, a playful twinkle in his brown eyes.

Logan thought his jaw might hit the floor. "Y-you mean..."

"Of course I'll marry you, you fucking moron!" the actor nearly yelled, leaping forward off the bed to tackle the other man to the ground. "You really are a giant squid of ignorance sometimes, you know!" The blonde opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by Julian's eager lips on his own.

When they finally broke apart, Logan grinned up at his fiance, grabbing the box from his hand and slipping the ring onto his delicate finger. "A perfect fit, thank god," he murmured, his green eyes glittering happily in the moonlight. "Otherwise I'd never hear the end of it from you, Princess."

Julian stood silently and tugged at Logan's tie until he managed to get up off the floor as well. The brunette continued to pull the other man towards the bed until they toppled onto it together, mouths fused together once more.

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