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Julian and Logan were extremely shaken after the incident, and the actor was forced to quit that particular movie, for some peace of mind. Once Derek was out of the hospital, several months of recovery later, he moved in with his two friends for awhile, before eventually finding a place of his own in the city. He happily began dating Casey, though she didn't tell him that she loved him again, until far later in the relationship.

The fiances shared a long and happy engagement, waiting until Logan was out of school before actually holding the ceremony. Julian actually got back in contact with Kurt Hummel, to ask for his help in planning the wedding, since that was the career he'd eventually ended up pursuing after school.

The pair nearly broke up again during the process of putting the wedding together, after a major fight over Derek to determine who's best man he would be. Luckily, the problem was fixed, as Derek refused to pick a side and demanded that he be the best man for both of them, switching which side of the wedding party he was standing on halfway through the ceremony to try and make it "even".

Many years later, the sound of footsteps made their way down the hallway of their newer apartment, further away from the craziness of the city. A pair of bright green eyes gazed at the man seated comfortably on the bed, his glasses perched on the end of his nose as he looked through yet another script.

"Daddy?" a small voice called to him.

Julian looked up. "Hey sweetheart, what are you doing up out of bed this late? You should be sleeping, you've got school tomorrow..." he replied, smiling at her.

"I couldn't sleep 'cause Papa isn't home yet," she whispered, sticking her thumb into her mouth. The other hand played with a strand of her brown hair, so similar to her father's, yet not actually from his genetics. "He's gotta kiss me goodnight 'afore I can sleep," she told him, shuffling her feet.

"Come here, little one," Julian grinned, putting aside his papers and his glasses, holding out his arms for her. "You can come wait with me."

The five year old quickly scurried across the room, leaping into his arms eagerly and covering his face with soft kisses. "I love you, Daddy," she said quietly, settling down into his lap and leaning against him as she gazed up at him.

"I love you too, Lottie," Julian murmured, kissing the top of her head. The pair heard the main apartment door open and close quietly, the familiar sound of Logan's footsteps creeping down the hallway towards the little girl's room to check in on her, as was his usual custom.

Charlotte Larson-Wright looked up at her father with wide eyes, a sneaky grin creeping across her face as Logan's footsteps came back towards the men's room. The actor smirked and nodded, holding up the covers for her to hide underneath on the blonde's side of the bed.

"Hey Jules," Logan said, entering the room while loosening his tie. He leaned in to press a quick kiss to the other man's lips before moving to the closet to shed his jacket. "Did you know Lottie is missing from her room?" he asked, a twinkle in his green eyes, as he winked at Julian.

"Why, no...I had no idea," the actor smirked. "She had a lovely time on her play-date with Andrew today, though. I can't imagine why she'd ever want to run away."

"Oh, Andy Seigerson, huh? Bet you he's going to be quite the player like his father was. We'd better watch him around our little Lottie," Logan grinned as he kicked off his shoes and moved to sit on his side of the bed.

"Yeah, plus with our luck, Der will shove the two of them in a closet together someday...and then we really will have to keep our eyes on him."

He laughed and reached over to squeeze his lover's hand. "Hmm, Jules...we might need to get a new mattress. This one seems awfully lumpy," he joked, patting the spot where his daughter was hidden. Charlotte let out a tiny giggle.

"But Lo, you know the best way to get rid of those bumpy spots, right?" the brunette man smiled widely.

"Of course. You just have to...TICKLE THEM!" the blonde crowed, beginning to attack the little girl under the covers.

She screamed with laughter, squirming away from his hands, her head popping up from under the blanket. "Papa, I'm no lump! It's me!"

"Oh, there she is!" Logan scooped the tiny girl up into his arms and spun around with her. "Look, I found our Lottie! She's safe!" He pressed a big wet kiss on her cheek, chuckling as she made a face similar to Julian's most disgruntled expression and wiped it away.

"Alright, baby girl. You do have school tomorrow and Papa's home...so it's time for bed," Julian said, getting up out of the bed to press his own lips against her forehead, stroking her hair. "Who gets the final kiss of the night?"

"You do, Daddy! I love you, Papa. G'night!" Charlotte reached out to hug Logan first, as she was already in his arms, and planted a light kiss on lips, before flinging her arms out at Julian. The blonde man handed the little girl with his brilliant green eyes over to her other father, watching as she wound her arms around his neck as they left the room.

He finished changing and getting ready for bed, and was just climbing under the covers when Julian returned. "She's so precious..." he said softly, settling down into the mattress.

The actor flicked off the lights and made his way over to the bed. "I know...She's also going to be quite a handful later in life, if she's anything like you."

"She'll be the biggest diva if she's anything like you," Logan retorted with a smile, as Julian slid under the sheets beside him.

"I'm not the one who helped create her, Lo..."

"But you're already the best father ever, Jules..."

The brunette laughed. "Since when did you become such a sap, Papa?" he asked teasingly.

"When I got everything I ever wanted in life with you, Daddy," Logan teased right back. Julian leaned in to kiss him, their mouths meeting gently, as both were tired from the day's events. "I love you, princess," the blonde whispered against his lover's lips.

The actor smirked and kissed his husband again before murmuring, "And I'll always love you...squid."

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