Bella has finally met the man of her dreams in Jasper Whitlock. Jasper has found his perfect match in Bella. Will they be smart enough to not let each other go? OOC M for language and maybe some lemons later.

A/N - This is an extremely OOC story. I have been reading some wonderful J/B stories and I thought I'd try my hand at one. Keep in mind, this is a Team Jasper story. Edward annoys the crap out of me so he will not have a big part in this story... Unless he makes me write something for him.

SM owns everything. No matter how I look at it, I could not have imagined sparkling vampires.

Chapter 1

"So," my gorgeous best friend began, "did you see him or what?" She of course wanted to know whether or not I had seen the beautiful man I had seen a couple of weeks ago at my favorite hangout.

"Yes, he was there," I said a little down. I knew she would want to know if I talked to him. She had been almost begging me to ask him out. "And no, Rose, before you ask, I did not talk to him."

She looked as though she wanted to hit me. As girly as Rosalie Hale seemed to be with her perfect body and long blond hair, she still scared the shit out of me. I had known her since we were both 4, when we still lived in Los Angeles. Luckily, our friendship had survived the test of time and distance when I moved with my mom to Phoenix.

"Bella!" She screamed my name effectively pulling me out of my thoughts. "You promised me you would talk to him this time," she pouted. It was the same pout she had given me last night before I left when she asked me—no, begged me—to speak to the stunning man I had described to her a few days back.

He must have been over six feet tall, with muscular arms, blond hair and the most dazzling smile I have ever seen in my life. The most intriguing part about him were not his good looks though, it was something I thought I saw in his blue eyes. It was something I could only describe as loneliness; having experienced it myself, I thought I was an expert.

"And why did you not talk to him?" Rose continued pestering me. "Why would you not just walk a few steps, extend your hand and say 'Hi, I'm Bella and I think you are fuckable… WHY?" She almost yelled the last word.

I took a deep breath before beginning the answer I had given her many times before when something like this came up. "I did not do those things, Rose," I begun, "because I am not a sex goddess like you. Because I am just plain ol' Bella not Queen of the Universe Rosalie Hale. Because I have not got the confidence you have. Because…"

"Because you are a pussy," she ended the sentence for me. So sweet.

"Yes, that is correct," I said through gritted teeth. "However, I can tell you that he is definitely not interested," I added. "You should have seen the way some girls were throwing themselves at him. And he acted as if he were simply bored!"

This small piece of information seemed to shut Rose up, a difficult feat. "Where was the show at?" Rose asked.

"It was at the Trunk Space in Phoenix," I answered, wondering why that was important.

"That's it, then. The girls there are all fuglies."

"You've never been there," I reminded her.

Two weeks later.

"Aaaarrgh!" I screamed as I walked down the same street in Tempe again. I KNOW the show is around here, I thought to myself. I had looked up the address just this afternoon. Thankfully, I was wearing the right kind of shoes for walking. One of my favorite bands was playing tonight and I had never missed one of their shows.

After about an hour of wandering, I finally gave up. I refused to call Edward though. I would not be able to stand the smug look on my step-brother's face if I were to tell him I got lost. Not after he offered me a ride. I knew he was just trying to be nice, but he could be such an annoying know-it-all. Sometimes, he acted as though he knew exactly what we were thinking. The little bitch.

I decided to look for a coffee shop and read the book I was carrying in my bag, whichever book it was. I spotted a cozy-looking place and I headed towards it when I heard one of my all-time favorite songs being played nearby.

"And now the time has come/and, my love, I must go/And though I lose a friend In the end you will know," I sang along to The Beatles… Or whoever the band covering them was. I followed the sound of the bass and the guitars to the front of a building that looked like it could be an art gallery.

I paid the entrance and found myself swaying to a Beatles Cover Band. I went to the bar and asked for a Whiskey before making my way to the front of the room. On my way there, I realized the guy from the past two shows was there too. He turned around and gave me a small smile when he caught me staring at him. I quickly became engrossed in my shoe laces and I was sure my face was blushing a deep red.

I spent the rest of the show slowly dancing to all my favorite Beatles songs. The band closed with Strawberry Fields and I quickly made my way outside to hail a cab. There was absolutely no way I would take a bus this late at night.

"Bella, wake up!" my mom shouted through the door. She was spending a few days in my apartment while her house was renovated. I loved my mother with all my heart, but she seemed to forget I was an adult not a teenager needing to be woken up for school.

"I'm sleeping mom!" I shouted back at her.

"Wake up, I am making breakfast for you guys," she said and I heard her flip flops flapping away.

Guys? What the hell did she mean with GUYS? I live alone here, there should be no… "Hey Renee," I heard Edwards voice greeting her. That was just uncalled for. Why did she invite him over to MY apartment.

The relationship between my mom and my step-brother baffled me. He came to spend a couple of weeks with her every year. Why could he not be one of those kids that hated their step fathers? Why did he have to be the freak that loved even his step-father's ex-wife?

I got up and threw on a bathrobe over my PJ's while I glanced at the clock. It was 8 fucking 30. I came home at around three in the morning and my mother has the balls to wake me up at eight? And to top it all, she invites Edward? I swear sometimes I think her and my dad do these things on purpose.

"Oh, Renee, these waffles are heavenly," he almost purred. Gag.

"Oh thank you Edward, dear. Sit Bella," my mom said while putting more waffles on the table. "Rose called you, she said to call her back. It's urgent."

"Thanks mom. I'll call her after breakfast."

The rest of the meal passed without much conversation on my part. I did almost choke when I heard Edward tell my mom he might be moving to Scottsdale in a couple of months.

After breakfast, I hurried back to my room to call Rose. After the first ring, she picked up.

"Bella, I need you to go on a triple date with me and Emmett tonight," she blurted out.

"Why thank you Rose, I'm fine and you?" I replied sarcastically.

"No time for formalities, I need you to go Bella," she almost begged.

"Who else is going?" I asked. I was scared for my well-being. Emmett was a sweet guy, but his friends scared the shit out of me sometimes.

"Emmett's best friend from Los Angeles and my cousin Alice."

"Ok, and who am I going with?"

"Well, Emmett hates Alice, so I was hoping you could bring Fuckward with you for her. You will be with Emmett's friend. Please Bella? Pretty pretty please? With cherries on top?"

"Fine, but just know that you will owe me BIG time after this," I said to her. I wrote down the information of the restaurant where we would be meeting and hung up with her.

I went back outside and sat in the living room with Edward and my mom. They were having a heated discussion about who was as better composer, Beethoven or who knows who else. I zoned out trying to figure out how to ask Edward to go out with us tonight.

"Bella, dear," my mom said after a while. "Why don't you and Edward go out tonight? It's Saturday and you guys are young."

"Well," I started. It would not be good to sound too eager.

"It's no problem Renee, I can stay here with you. I love chatting the night away."

"No, Edward," I quickly said. "Actually, a group of us are going out to dinner tonight. Do you want to come too?" I crossed my fingers under the seat.

"If it's not too much trouble, I would love to go," Edward answered.

My mother had a strange look on her face, like she thought this was a date. I will kill Rose.

"We are meeting them at 7:30, so we will leave at 7, ok?" I told Edward and went back to my room for some more sleep.


I have seen her during at least three shows. I know she likes good music. I have also caught her looking at me. Why is it that I can't seem to grow the balls to approach her and say hello? I almost did it last night, but something stopped me. I knew how these things went. It's how it always happened. My relationships always ended with the now-familiar "It's not you, it's me" speech.

My best friend told me it was because I was too tuned in with women's feelings. I couldn't help it if I was a sensitive guy. He told me I was a pussy. Such a classy man, my best friend.

No matter what, though, I would not rush into another relationship… Even if the girl was hot. Even if I had just spent the best part of my morning abusing myself while thinking of her. Great, now I needed another shower.