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Authors note- This fan fiction is based in an alternate universe, where there is peace between the Kree and Skrull races, Mar-Vell has not died from cancer and is happily married and living on Earth with Skrull Princess Anelle, and son Teddy. The young avengers have not been formed, and Billy has not as of yet met Teddy. For more information on characters and their new back stories, please check my Live Journal account.


Chapter 1: Being a gay shape shifter in a posh high school is not easy

I enter through the double doors and instantly hear the gossip, the murmurs, and the life-ruining rumors. It's not easy being the son of a popular superhero, and the alien princess, Anelle, and it's definitely not easy being admittedly GAY, so as you can imagine my life isn't a walk in the park… did I mention that I'm a shape shifter with super strength, and the peace child of two warring alien races?

But not to worry, I don't attend a public school, after all that would be chaotic; no I attend a private school. A private school full of rich, stuck, up, oh look there's Kate. I rush over to see Kate, she's my best friend, and she's also the only person here who seems to come close to understanding me.

"Yo, Teddy bear!" Kate yells as I hustle through the crowd towards her,

"Chess piece!" I call back, those are our nicknames for each other, for a while we had people thinking Kate had converted me to being straight… but then I pashed a couple of guys at a block party and it quickly circulated around the school that I was still gay. Kate of course always has my back; after all I've always got her back.

"So Teddy bear, what's the news in the Mar-Vell house?" Kate asked as she looped her arm around my neck,

"Nothing much, mum burnt the roast last night… she thought she'd learn how to use the oven, and dad's busy saving the world." I reply nonchalantly.

"So basically everything's normal, for you."

"Yeah I guess, what's happening in the scandalous Bishop house?"

"If you mean what boy-toy my sister is trotting around now, I'm sorry to tell you she doesn't have one. Her last boy-toy proposed on Friday, so we aren't ever going to see a replacement again."

"Naw, I was hoping that I'd see Joey if I came round this afternoon."

"Joey's not gay Teddy."

"After 3 hours with me, I'd like to see him say he wasn't gay or at least Bi-sexual"

"TEDDY!" Kate gave me her 'Don't even' look, as we approached our English class. I chuckle as I push the door, reassuring her that I won't turn her sister's many ex-boyfriends into secret gays.

The first 4 or 3 classes carried on FOREVER, and as the bell went for lunch I let out a rather embarrassing "YES!"

Kate giggled as we exited class, and at least five guys tried to either wolf whistle or spank her ass… a few of them accidently missing and hitting mine, not that I minded. We trudged through the hall ways on our way to lunch and Kate pulled out her iPod as we reached the cafeteria, "I have got the most ridiculous song for you to listen to!" she grinned at me, shaking her iPod at me suggestively.

"I'll take that challenge!" I respond, taking the left earphone from her, she gives me the cheesiest grin imaginable and presses play, and before I can remove the earphone she turns the volume right up and as we enter the cafeteria Friday by Rebecca Black blasts into my ears; the whole cafeteria explodes with laughter as I wrench the earphone out and give Kate the dirtiest look I can muster without cracking up. This is one of Kate's many jokes; she'll find a ridiculous song on the internet, put it on her iPod and make me listen to it.

We walk over to our regular table, between fits of laughter and sit down, I give my "friends" a once over, most of them are posers and fakes who became my "friend" just for the perks. Some of these "friends" were considered genuine until they bagged me out for being gay, sticking around just because they liked to say they knew Captain Marvell; even though they didn't. Only Kate was my friend, without air quotes, she hanged with me and came over every once in a while, and didn't try to use me.

The table is at full poser mode with everyone bursting out in laughter and high fiving Kate, classical; Kate and I are enjoying something and they ruin it.

Lunch ends and I can't help but sigh, whether it's in relief of escaping the fakers or in dismay at the thought of class I can't really say.

I begin trudging to class, I've got math; my only class without Kate. Back when I was twelve I loved math, I still love math; I just hate my math class. Without Kate I'm a target, a major target, I mean look at it like this:

I'm Gay – minus 10 points

I'm a shape-shifting freak- minus 12 points

Kate Bishop's my best friend- untouchable (if she's around)

My dad's Captain Marvell- plus 10 points (pretend to like him)

I'm super self conscious and have a short temper- minus 8 points

So either way you look at it the cons out way the pros. This means that once I'm alone and not with Kate, everyone wants to take a piece out of me.

I pull myself into my seat at the back of the class, as far away from my ultra homophobic teacher as possible, and instantly Rachel Howitzer who sits in front of me turns around and starts ripping me apart. "Ewww… why do you always have to sit behind me, you freak. And by the way I heard you like Johnny, my Johnny, well guess what faggot he's taken and definitely not interested."

How the hell had she found out that I liked Johnny? That bitch had ears all over the place; someday I'd probably snap and punch her in her makeup covered face. Now you see why I hate math so much, I have to put up with her.

Math and school are over before I know it.

I see Kate as I walk to my locker, I need to get out my chemistry book before I go home, but it looks like she's busy… talking to someone important, a way rich jerk. So I decide not to bother her, until

"I SAID NO!" Kate's voice sounds angry but also a little scared.

"Kate!" I call to her, jogging over to where she is,

"Teddy." She sounds relieved, and then she says something under her breath to the guy she was talking to and turns around to face me, "let's go, Teddy bear!"

We are halfway down the road to Kate's house when she stops, "Kate, what's wrong?"

"It's just… he wanted to pay me to sleep with him."


"I said no, of course… but then, he pushed it..."

I stayed silent, waiting for her to finish,

She takes a big breath, "And then… he-he-he threatened to rape me, Teddy." Kate bursts into tears, and I embrace her so that she can cover her sobs in my jacket. You see a little while ago Kate was raped by some jackass on the street, she's tried real hard to forget it and her mum's been paying for her to take self defence classes, but that hasn't made the memory dissipate or the fear.

"Kate its okay, I've got your back." I try to reassure her but she's still shaking. "C'mon let's get you home." She nods and separates from my jacket, then we cover the last few steps and I drop her off at home.

Once Kate's gone I'm able to morph, so that I have wings, which means I can fly home rather than walk.

AN: okay this is it for the first chapter; Billy will be the central character of the next chapter. Thanks for reading.