Chapter 5: Teddy- A cute encounter

"Bringggg~" the obnoxious ringing sound of my alarm clock awakes me on Monday morning, Monday meaning the start of a dreadfully long week awaits. I groan and grumble about how weekends are never long enough as I pull myself out of bed and rummage around the pile of clothing on my floor for a reasonably clean pair of jeans, the washing machine broke on Saturday so I lack anything properly clean. Once I have gone to the bathroom and washed my face I begin contemplating what T-shirt to wear, should I be obnoxious and wear my Captain Marvel shirt or go with a regular sweatshirt?

After much deliberating I stumble into the kitchen in a New York Mets shirt hidden beneath my school blazer. I sniff the air, "Hmm the lack of smoke hints to cereal for breakfast." I am about to grab the box of Wheaties from the shelf when my mother, Skrull Princess Anelle, bursts into the kitchen. I give her a glance before noticing the tightly clutched cook book in her hands and my face cracks to one of horror, "Mum what are you…" She shushes me with a wave of her hand and determinedly smacks me away from the shelf before propping the book open and getting ready to destroy our kitchen- again.

Sitting at the table I await the torture that is my mother's attempt at becoming earthly, cooking. After much time yelling in Skrull at the stove, cooking pans and pancake mix (?) my mother serves me what looks like pancakes and has dollops of cream and fruit piled on top. "Could this be… real pancakes?" I query as I use my fork to seize a piece of the food.

"Teddy, don't tease your mother." My father suddenly appears propped on the kitchen windowsill.

"It's not teasing!" I defend myself as I preparing to risk life and limb by devouring what could be food or a new breed of poison, "She's really horrible at cooking, you'd know if you were home to eat her food." I place the questionable 'food' in my mouth and chew and then swallow and surprisingly I am fine, the food is edible!

"Honey!" it appears my mother has finally parted from her cookbook and realised dad is home, "I made pancakes! Do you want some?" My father shoots me a questioning look, now he wants my opinion.

"You should have some dad, for once its food and not poison." Mum casts me a menacing glare before giving dad her sweetest smile and puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh alright," Dad gives in and mum passes him a plate of the pancakes, he takes a bite… "Mmm, honey you should stick to pancakes these are good." Mum looks happy that she has achieved some level of culinary skill, maybe next time she'll be able to cook a roast without burning it.

Once my pancakes are finished I gather my books and school bag, take over my father's perch on the windowsill and morph my wings out. "Okay, I'm going to school now. Love you mum, love you dad." As they chortle out goodbye I launch myself out of the window and begin the flight to school.

The city is so busy, it's always busy and the traffic seems especially killer today. Days like this I'm glad I can fly, though dad says I shouldn't depend on my abilities so much I can't help but use my powers for the majority of things. Flying also allows me to browse the streets with my eyes and not worry about bumping into anything, unless a major crime is in progress and other super heroes are flying about.

I'm about halfway to school when I begin to daydream about how I'll one day be able to help my dad in the hero business. As I drift off to dream land I lose hold of the many books I have in hand, I'm barely aware that I've dropped them until I hear the cluttering on the sidewalk and a panicked yelp. I swoop down to retrieve my books and apologise, as I near the pavement my eyes fix onto a boy about my age with cobalt black hair and soul searching eyes.

"S-ss-sorry." I stutter as my feet touch onto the ground, I bend down to pick up my books, "I got distracted."

"It's okay," the boy bends down to help me and my face becomes flushed as he grins at me, "I'm sure flying so high causes one to become noxious or at least the lack of oxygen makes you become dizzy." We both rise at the same time, I'm just a little taller than him but it's enough to make him have to look up to properly face me, "Here are your books." He smiles what has to be the most heart melting smile at me as he hands them over to me.

"Thanks… and sorry, again…" I'm about to ask his name when someone calls out,

"Hurry up Billy! We can't just dilly-dally, we are on a mission!" The boy whips his head around to look at a boy almost exactly identical to him.

"Coming Tommy. Sorry, I've got to go… nice having your books drop on me." He flashes me one last smile before rushing after the other boy, I just gaze after him for a bit before letting out a sigh and clutching my books tight before lifting up into the sky and continuing on my way to school.

I wait all the way until lunch to talk to Kate and when I reach the table to see her face in that odd scrunched up look she gets when she's conflicted about things I have to ask, "So what's your news?"

"HUH! Oh Teddy." She's a little startled, that's never a good sign because the only time Kate Bishop is startled is when she is stuck in some deep train of thought which means Teddy's cute boy news will have to wait. "News? Me? Well- actually never mind, it's nothing." I give her my serious face, is she really going to make me work for this?

"Kate it's never nothing with you, now spill so that we can get through this and then I can share my news." I must sound like such a girl because Kate makes this face and then giggles at me.

"Oh-Kay, I'll spill. That guy who threatened me on Friday actually tried to… well y'know…" I twist my face in disgust and anger but let her continue, "Luckily downtown NY isn't a total despotic region and a knight in shining armour came to my rescue." She makes overdramatic gestures and bats her eyelids for humour.

"Knight? Armour? Do tell."

"Well his name is Eli, he's African American and that's all there is." Kate brushes it off like it's no big deal, I guess I'm going to have to work at her for more later but right now she's giving me the go ahead to dazzle her with my news and I intend to take it.

"Well that's all absolutely fascinating Katie dear and I intend to grill you more later, but on my end of things I have some spectacular news." I pause for effect, "My mother made actual food, pancakes that are edible… BUT_" I let the words hang for a minute "that's just the tip of the news-berg, the real icing on the gossip cake is that I met the most charming young man on my way to school!" Now it's Kate's turn to be the endearing friend,

"OH I SAY! Doooo tell~"

"Well his name is Billy."

"How charming."

"He's got black hair, and the most divine eyes."

"Oh my."

"And the most stunning smile."


"Buuuut I'll probably never get to see him again, it was a total chance encounter and I didn't even get to introduce myself." I deflate myself and Kate gives me a sympathetic look,

"If it's any consolation I'll probably see my knight again, he just disappeared after walking me home." It's my turn to act sympathetic and just for humour's sake I put my head in my hands and wink at Kate to follow my lead before we both let out long forlorn sighs. Just as we finish sighing the bell rings and we hop up to get to class, I shrug indignantly and Kate lets out one of those sighs that sends strands of her fringe upwards and signifies her lack of enthusiasm.


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