"BECK!" Jade yelled at the top of her lungs as she pushed through the doors of Hollywood Arts, her signature Gears of War messenger bad slung around her shoulder. "BECK!"

"Hola!" Cat Valentine, cheerful as always, scurried up to her. Jade was totally not in the mood to talk. She'd just received the worst news of her life, and the last thing she needed was to talk to Cat.

"Cat." She growled, "Where the hell is Beck?"

The red head shrugged and grinned, irritating Jade even more. Jade peered around Cat, seeing her boyfriend talking to Tori. Jade groaned audibly, trying to keep herself from punching the brick wall.

Jade marched over to him, an angry yet sad emotion crossed her face.

"Hey babe." Beck said casually as he saw his rebellious girlfriend making her way over to him. "What's wrong?"

She pushed him against the locker, "You're a liar, that's what's wrong!" A grimace crossed Tori's face as she watched in horror.

He held his hands up innocently, "What did I do now?"

Hastily, she grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the janitors closet and locking the door. Jade lowered her voice, but still sounded angry. "You said you had protection last week."

"Really? This is what you're mad about? It's not that big of deal." He answered naively.

She took a deep breath. "God Beck. You're so stupid sometimes." She grabbed a small, white plastic device out of her bag, shoving it into his chest.

Beck stared at it for a while, before looking up at her in disbelief.

"Y-You're not pregnant, are you?"

She nodded, trying to keep herself from crying.

"But... how?"

"I'd rather not explain how you knock a girl up to my boyfriend right now."

"I didn't mean it like that, Jade..." He glanced over at her, seeing her sitting on the floor. Her face was buried in her lap, and she was silently sobbing. "Jade..."

She looked up at him desperately, ignoring her ruined mascara. "What are we going to do?"

"It'll be okay, babe." He replied, gently rubbing her back.

"No, it won't! You're so dumb!" She spat at him.

"Jade..." He sat down on the ground beside her.

"This isn't supposed to happen to me!" She choked out.

Gently, he shushed her, trying to calm her down a bit.

"How do you think we're going to tell people, Beck?" She demanded. "Everyone will say I'm a slut!"

"No, no, no, no. You're not a slut, I promise."

"A-a-and my parents!" Jade stammered. "They'll kick me out!"

"It's going to be alright. You can live with me." He gave her a sad but reassuring smile.

"Jesus, Beck, why don't you just leave?"

"W-what?" He looked at her, confused.

"Go run off with Tori." Jade stared at him blankly.

"What, Jade, no, I-"

"You still have an opportunity to have a perfectly fucking fine life with her."

"No way in hell am I leaving my gorgeous girlfriend like this." Beck started assertively, looking her in the eyes. "Because I love you. And I love this little alien thing growing inside of you."

Jade smiled a tiny bit, looking up at him. "You're so corny."

He grinned, running his hand through his hair. "Everything is going to be okay. Now come on, I don't want to be late for class."

"School is seriously the last thing I'm worried about right now." She deadpanned.

"Come on, babe." He coaxed, getting up then reaching his hand for her to grasp ahold of to help her get up.

She swatted his hand away, and got up on her own. "I'm pregnant, not physically disabled."

"Fine, fine." He sighed. "I was just trying to help." They stood face to face. Slowly, Beck reached down, wiping some smeared eyeliner off her face, and placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "It'll be okay." He reassured her over and over.

I know there's been quite a few JadexBeck pregnancy stories, but I thought maybe I could give this one a little twist. Thoughts so far? Should I continue? xx