"Jade, babe, calm down." Beck's cool voice rang in her ears.

"How do you expect me to calm down?" She screamed, pacing around the empty classroom. Just a few minutes ago, Jade had broke SinJin's nose when she punched him. It took two teachers, Andre, Tori, and Beck to remove Jade from him. "He fucking told everyone I was a pregnant whore!"

Beck and Jade were alone in the room now, even though their friends waited for answers outside the door. "And you punched him. You're even now."

"No." She took a deep breath. "No, no, we're not even. I'm still pregnant and he's just the little dickhead who made it worse!"

"Language." Beck censored her.

"Do you think I fucking care right now, Beck?" She hissed, clearly continuing to swear.

He shook his head, and ran a hand through his deep brown hair. Before he had a chance to say anything else, Jade broke down in tears. It was expected.

When Beck tried to console her, Jade just yelled through the stream of tears pouring out of her eyes. To be perfectly honest, this whole "Jade crying" thing scared Beck to death. He'd only seen her cry a few times, and he felt completely helpless.

Now, the whole school new about Beck and Jade's situation. It's not like it was a surprise; Beck and Jade had been dating for two years. It was obvious what they did. Why was it such a shock to their classmates?

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Jade glanced up from where she was standing to see Tori, then swatted the tears from her face.

Tori took a cautious step toward the couple. "Jade.. Is it true?"

"No, I'm just sobbing in a room for fun! Yes, it's true, dumbass!" The normal Jade had almost returned. The sarcasm was back in her voice, but hints of pain could be traced.

"Beck, could you, like, leave..?" Tori questioned, hoping to spend sometime with Jade to figure out what was going on.

"Don't you dare leave this room." Jade growled, not wanting to be alone with Tori.

"Jade, just talk to Tori and stuff. Do whatever girls do." Beck quickly exited the room, leaving Jade with anger on her face.


It took a while for Jade to open up, but when she did Tori listened intently as she spilled the details of the baby. It was the first real time Jade had ever let her walls down for anyone but Beck. It felt good to have Tori to vent to, but Jade knew that she wouldn't make a habit of it. Stupid hormones making her turn to Vega for help. Though she didn't have the support of the rest school and she was sure they were already calling her nasty names, Jade knew she had the support of her friends.

I haven't updated in quite a while, so here you are. I realize that this is probably terribly hard to follow, but as a recap; Jade breaks SinJin's nose for telling everyone about the pregnancy. Beck thinks that Tori and Jade should become friends, because Jade needs support. Jade finally opens up to Tori. My apologies for not updating. xx