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Jimmy Hopkins was laying on his bed, thinking of little and doing less. It was 5 in the afternoon, and he had nothing to do except soak in the midday sun. He didn't have any classes, any promises to keep, meetings to attend, dates to take out, nothing. Nothing at all. He was bored to hell and back, but still apathetic enough to not do anything about it. For the fourth time that half-hour, he glanced at the clock besides him and thought: how could it STILL be 5:34? It must be broken.

As he was examining the cracks in his ceiling, Petey burst into the room, not stopping to knock on the door.

"Jimmy!", he cried, "you gotta come outside! There's a massive fight going on at the Library!"

Sitting up on his bed, Jimmy looked over to Petey and replied

"So? What should I care? If some morons want to beat the crap out of each other, I say let them." before laying back.

Becoming flustered, Petey put his hands to his head and said "Jimmy, this is important! It's Russell, he's taking on FIVE nerd kids, at once! Even Earnest! You gotta stop him!"

This got Jimmy's full attention: Russell, fighting Earnest? The clique leaders almost never fought face-to-face; they generally threw their followers at each other and watched the battle from the shadows. Or, of course, get Jimmy to do the work for them.

Heaving himself out of the bed, Jimmy said "Oh crap, really? C'mon, we better get over there before someone gets killed."

They both set off at a sprint out the form doors.

Arriving at the library, Jimmy and Pete saw chaos: a crowd of what must be over thirty kids from every clique, circled around the behemothic Russell, who was holding up Earnest with a single hand. Scattered around were the groaning and sobbing bodies of the nerds who had tried to stand up to him, in vain.


As he was saying this, he was unintentionally shaking Earnest around, giving him the impression of a boneless ragdoll.

While this was happening, Jimmy had pushed through the assorted throng of spectators and now stood behind Russell.

With anger in his voice, he yelled up to him "Russell, drop him! Russell! NOW!"

Slowly, the giant turned to face Hopkins. After staring at him for a moment in silence, he dropped Earnest to the floor (who quickly made an escape by means of the library's side passage to the observatory).

Russell stared down at his feet, hands to his side, like a child who knows that he is about to be punished.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Russell!" Jimmy spat at him. "We agreed, no more senseless fighting! But no, I see you here, nearly choking a kid!"

Russell murmured, under his breath, "Russell... sorry. Bad Russell. Bad, bad Russell."

Jimmy shouted back, "Yeah, you are! You've been very bad! You IDIOT!"

A kid from the crowd, some preppie, shouted in mock pity "Aww! Has the big baby been bad? You better punish him, Hopkins!"

Only now looking back to the crowd, Jimmy turned to face them and replied in a deadpan tone "Go away, all of you. There's nothing to see here."

The preppie piped up again, "But I wanna see what you do to hi-" before being interrupted by Jimmy, who shouted

"GO! AWAY!".

With a disappointed murmur, the crowd began to filter away. Soon it was just Russell, Jimmy and Petey (who had been sitting on a bench off to the side this whole time).

After taking a deep sigh, Jimmy said up to Russell, "Now. Would you kindly like to tell me what in the hell that was all about?"

Russell explained, "Wasn't nothing. Nerd kid said stuff. About my mom."

In reply, Jimmy said "Your mom, huh. And farm animals too, I bet?"

Russell nodded.

In an exasperated voice, Jimmy dismissed him by saying "Whatever. Get out of here, and don't do it again."

Russell left, towards the parking lot.

Jimmy joined Petey on the stone bench.

Petey looked across to him and said "Well. That was something, huh?"

Jimmy replied, "Yeah. Did you hear that load of crap he gave me?

"About Earnest? You don't beleive him?"

"Of course not. Why would Earnest, of all people, try to start something with Russell? All the cliques know enough to leave the bullies alone."

"Oh... O.K. So, what do you think this was really about?"

"I don't know... but it seems important. I'm gonna look into this, Petey."

"Oh, well, uh, O.K.! Have fun, I guess. Look, Jim, I gotta go do some homework now, but I'll see you around, yeah?"

And so Jimmy was left alone, sitting on that stone bench as the warm summer sun beamed down onto him.

He was in deep thought: what was really happening here? He didn't know, and couldn't begin to think of an explanation. He knew he couldn't go to Earnest himself for answers; Jimmy and the nerds had had a rocky relationship since he had stopped the gym from burning down. Russell wouldn't give any answers, of course. He almost definitely wasn't behind whatever was going on; he could barely construct a sentence. Someone was manipulating him to their own ends, and to be close enough to him to do that, they would have to be a bully as well. After all, the bullies were really just a group of friends who had banded together underneath Russell. So, in conclusion, what did Jimmy know? Someone, most likely a bully, was controlling Russell. Who? Unknown. What for? Unknown.

Only one thing was clear to Jimmy: he needed to know what this was, and if need be, stop it.

The simplest plan of action he could see was to interrogate a bully, hopefully they were all in on it. He made a resolve to catch one alone tomorrow, as it was getting dark and he was feeling drowsy.

As he walked back to dorm, Jimmy realised he was about to stop being bored for a long time...

End of Chapter 1