Part 2!

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Throughout the next day Jimmy hadn't seen hide-nor-hare of a bully - almost as if they had somehow known of his plan and were avoiding him.

It was frustrating. Normally, the school was swamped with them: you couldn't walk down a hallway without seeing a nerd getting stuffed into a locker. But now, the one time Jimmy actually wanted to see them, they were nowhere! Gone, like ghosts.

It was at lunchtime, though, that he lucked out.

Jimmy didn't usually use the school bathrooms at lunch; he was a light eater.

Today, however, he had drunk more juice than usual and as such, the need was a lot more urgent.

Upon entering the bathroom, though, all thoughts of urination were discarded: there was a bully, right there!

Davis White (for it was he) had just finished, as he turned around to exit Jimmy fiercely grabbed his shoulders.

"Woah, man! Get off me!" he cried, shocked.

"Tell me what Russell's planning!" said Jimmy, aggressively.

"What? I don't know what you're talkin' about man! Get off me!"

Davis tried to push his attacker off of him, but Jimmy was too strong; instead, he delivered a sharp, short right hook to the bullies' face.

"Don't lie to me, Davis! There's something going on, and you're going to tell me what it is! Now, before I hurt you more!"

"Look, Hopkins, I'm not going to say anything, and there ain't nothin' you can do to make me!"

"Oh, really?", Jimmy said, with a smirk on his face. "Let's see."

Without warning, Jimmy pulled his neck back and gave the bully a severe headbutt. So severe, in fact, that he fell to the ground, groaning.

He tried to get back up, but Jimmy kicked his side once, twice, three, four times. After that, Davis stopped trying.

Then, Jimmy firmly took hold of his shoulders and began to drag him backwards, into to the stall with an open door.

Roughly flipping Davis over so that his face looked at the floor, he positioned his head above the toilet bowl.

"This is your last chance, Davis. Tell me what I want to know."

In a husky voice, he whispered in reply


"Your choice."

Jimmy pressed down the toilet handle. As the waters in the bowl started to churn, he pushed Davis's head downwards.

He held it there for a good ten seconds, and then pulled it up. He said to him:

"I'm losing my patience, Davis! Do you want to go under again? Do you?"

"Never," was the reply.

But, as Jimmy's hand reached for the handle again, the bully spoke up again,

"...ALRIGHT! I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything! Just please, not again, please!"

"Good choice, chump."

Pulling the boy's dripping head upwards and out of the bowl, he continued:

"Spill it, moron."

With rivulets of water streaming down his face and onto the floor, he gasped

"It's- it's Russell, he-he's fighting all the clique l-l-leaders, he says he wants to r-rule the school, and I, please, let me go, let me go!"

"Not a chance, my watery friend. Not until you tell me more."

"I don't know any more! None of us do! It's j-just Russell... he gets these ideas sometimes, and we can't do anything to stop him..."

"Alright. Tell me this, where can I find Russell? Where is he?"

"I-I don't know..."

"You're a liar! Tell me, or I'll put you under again! You want that, huh? Huh?"

"NO! No! Please, anything except that! OK, I'll tell you: he'll be at the In & Out, in Town!"

"The motel? Hmm. Alright, Davis, I think that's enough. Get outta here-"

Jimmy was interrupted by an authoritative cry:


Crap! It was a prefect, and he was running down the hall right at Jimmy! Even worse, it was Seth Kolbe, notorious for giving out detentions twice as long as they deserved to be.

As Kolbe burst into the room, he continued his yell:


Seth gripped Jimmy in a bearhug, trying to wrestle him to the ground (as the prefects were apt to do).

Unfortunately for him, though, Jimmy was well versed in what to do in this situation. He brought up his knee with as much force as possible, and drove it directly into Kolbe's groin.

* C R U N C H *

Seth screamed as he dropped to the floor, next to the shivering Davis, but Jimmy had already run too far to hear.