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Merlin had no idea why there was an emergency meeting in the throne room, but as he followed Arthur down the corridor his mind came up with many not-so-nice scenarios. Most of them included an evil sorcerer that wished to destroy Camelot – there were a lot of those.

When they finally reached the heavy, wooden double doors, the guards stepped aside to allow them entry. Uther sat on his throne, like normal, Morgana sat in her chair on his left with Gwen standing behind her, like normal, Gaius and Geoffrey, nobles and knights lined the walls, like normal, there was a man in the centre, his head bowed low and his clothes scruffy, now that wasn't normal.

Arthur strode to his own chair and Merlin took his position next to the physician.

"Now..." Started Uther.

"Carlisle, sire" the dishevelled man answered, his voice gravelled and sickly, Merlin took an instant disliking.

"Yes, Carlisle, what is it you wished to discuss?" The King's tone was impatient and he certainly seemed to think that this peasant was wasting his valuable time.

"I admire your work my lord, the way you treat those pathetic scum that spread their dirty, evil ways across this land."

"You speak of sorcerers, yes?" Well Uther seemed to have lightened up, even if only slightly, Merlin on the other hand was fighting to hide his scowl and by the look of things, so was Morgana.

"You are correct, my lord, and I come with very urgent news."

"Well get on with it then."

"Have you ever heard of a man that could destroy mountains with a single wave of his hand?"

"I take it you're speaking of a powerful sorcerer" Arthur intervened, his tone cautious.

The man gave out a bitter, sickening laugh that had everyone cringing, especially the royals who seemed not to be amused at all.

"No, my lord" Carlisle answered when he recovered "no...I talk of something that is whispered is fear and amazement, a creature of such power and magic that it would have even you cowering in your boots."

The prince tensed at the insult...was it an insult?

"Well, what is it?" Uther's tone suggested he should get on with it or his head would soon be severed from his body.

"My highness, have you ever heard of the name...Emrys?"

The name held such power that it vibrated through the hall, everyone tensing, although the most noticeable reactions came from Uther, Geoffrey and Gaius.

Merlin's blood just froze, fear filling him up and nearly suffocating him, his first question was did this man know who he was? But Merlin highly doubted it as Carlisle hadn't looked at him even once.

Geoffrey's jaw seemed to have dropped, his face paved in fear and denial. Gaius had a very similar reaction; however instead of his attention being on Carlisle, it was on Uther, probably to gauge the king's reaction.

The name seemed to have the strongest effect on the King. He seemed to recoil in his throne, as if been physically hit; fear was etched in his face for a second before it turned back to stone.

Arthur turned to his father, eye brows drawn together in confusion, his mind trying, and failing, to recognise the name. Morgana however seemed curious, probably wondering what could promote such a strong reaction in her father and if she could use it to her advantage. Merlin mentally scoffed, wondering how she would react to find that it was actually him - the clumsy idiot.

"I see you know of him, sire" Carlisle stated after the long pause.

"He's a myth, a child's story that holds no reality what so ever!" Uther spat, although there was an underlying tone that showed he was trying to convince himself of his own words.

"I regret to say, that he is in fact, very real" and the man did seem very annoyed by that fact.

"Father, who is this Emrys?" Arthur finally asked. Merlin was also curious of the answer that would be given, it might shed some more light on him, apart from the idea that he was the most evil scum to walk on Albion – he would just ignore that slight stereotypical-ness.

"Emrys" Carlisle inserted before Uther could open his mouth "is a thing that has never been known of before. He has many names, although Emrys, the name the Druids gave him, is the most common, he is also known as Wyllt, Caledonensis, Aurelius, Lailoken...I could go on. He is not a sorcerer, but a creature of magic, as much as a pixie, dragon or unicorn. He is unique, made of the old religion and is said to have many powers, he has been prophesied for many generations. Many thought he would come during the great purge, lead magic to victory, but he never did."

"You seem to know a lot about this man" Arthur queried suspiciously.

"You should always know your enemies, my prince."

Uther huffed, "He doesn't exist! They made him up!"

"Sire, while I wish that was true, there are too many prophecies and believers for him to be some sort of imaginary figure. He even plays a critical role in the 'Once and Future King' prophecy."

"More rubbish!" Uther seemed to have turned desperate.

"A sorcerer" Carlisle continued, ignoring the king, "is claiming to be Emrys"

The silence that followed was painful, no one knowing what to do, as Merlin's jaw involuntarily dropped in shock. There was a sorcerer out there claiming to be him - that was just...strange.

"However...many sorcerers don't believe him. I don't truly understand why he would lie."

"Well isn't it obvious? He claims to be Emrys and he automatically gains more power, it's like claiming to be king or prince" queried Morgana.

"Exactly, that's probably what would happen, however, what would you do if he was lying about being prince or king? You would sting him up, would you not? To claim to be Emrys and not be him is one of the highest crimes in the magical society you could commit. He is their king and some even worship him, and they have methods to find out if you're lying or not.

"That is the reason I am here, my lord, the man is named Brotec, and the magical society has come together to test if he is lying or not. I have discovered that he will be tested between Camelot and Cendred's Kingdom and, from what I hear, every magic folk of significance will be there - many powerful sorcerers that want nothing more than to kill the lives of innocent children...including the witch, Morgause."

Everyone was silent after that, although Arthur's eyes flared in fury when he heard the woman's name, everyone waiting to see what the King would do.

They didn't have to wait long.

"Everyone out!" Uther shouted.

Concerned looks were thrown everywhere, no one knowing what to do. However, as everyone dwindled, Uther steadily got angrier.

"I said OUT!"

Knights and servants alike finally left scurrying in fear of their king. Gaius dragged Merlin by the arm out of the throne room and towards their chambers before either Uther or Arthur could stop them.

The physician's strength and pace contradicted the old man's age, especially when he shoved Merlin through the door and slammed it behind him.

Merlin stared at his mentor in astonishment; however before he could say anything Gaius beat him to it.

"Merlin, do you realise how much trouble we're in? If this Brotec is truly Emrys then we stand no chance! Camelot will fall and we'll all die!"

"Gaius I-"

"No Merlin! You won't be able to stop him. You may have powerful magic but he is the most powerful of all and no one will be able to stop him!"

"I wa-"

"Carlisle wasn't over exaggerating about Emrys' power; it's said he is the maker and destroyer of kingdoms! Do you underst-"

"He's not Emrys!" Merlin half shouted, half whispered, finally interrupting the physician. Gaius starred at him in surprise.

"Wha...How can you know that boy?"

"Because I'm Emrys" Gaius' jaw dropped and his eye brow reached an all time high in shock. "I'm sure I told you this" shrugged Merlin.

"I think I'd remember you telling me something like that Merlin!"

"Are you sure beca-"

"I'm sure!"Chastised Gaius, "I grew up hearing stories of Emrys, he was a man I looked up to, a man I idealised." He looked a bit green, his eyes shining in disbelief and Merlin didn't know if he should be amused or annoyed. "Are you sure you're him?"

Merlin sighed "Apparently. At least that's what Kilgharrah and a couple of druids tell me. What are we going to do?"

"Well, I knew you were powerful and something special but this just puts everything into a whole new perspective. However, if you are Emrys then we have nothing to worry about and there's nothing we can do anyway, unless you want to go and tell Uther that Brotec isn't Emrys but you are instead?"

The disbelieving look from his ward was all he needed.

"I didn't think so."

Uther sat in his chambers, gulping down the dry red wine, praying for it to take the edge off of this irrational fear. But it wasn't irrational, was it? If this Emrys is real then...Uther shuddered, unable to even think about it.

Uther nearly jumped out of his skin when someone suddenly knocked on his door. Cursing himself for being so weak, he pulled himself together and shouted 'come in'.

Arthur followed by Carlisle walked in, the guards shutting the door behind them.

"I trust your new, temporary accommodations are comfortable."

"They are, thank you my lord. It is most kind of you to lend them to me during my stay." Carlisle answered respectfully, bowing as he spoke.

"Good, now you have information about this Brotec? And what this test is?"

"I, unfortunately, don't know much about him" Carlisle admitted, "However I do know of the test. It is a cave that holds both great power and knowledge and they only to be given to Emrys and Emrys alone."

"And what? This cave only accepts Emrys?" inquired Arthur.

"Oh no, it accepts anyone who wishes to have its treasure" the peasant corrected "However, only Emrys can survive the download. It's said to be one of the most painful ways to die, the agony is excruciating and tormenting, in the end you'll be begging for death - although, it's said to be not much better for Emrys...except that he survives."

"So the magical community is going to show up, shove him in a cave and see if he survives or not?" asked Arthur, Carlisle just nodded.

"It will be the perfect time to strike then" announced the King "right into the heart of magic."

"I'm sorry my lord, but that would not be wise" Intruded Carlisle, Uther glared at him for such rudeness. "It will be the most powerful sorcerers all in one place, it will be a massacre, and Camelot would lose."

Uther contemplated for a while until finally deciding on a plan. "I want you to get a map and detail the way to this cave, a guard will get you one, leave now."

And with that Carlisle gave a quick but deep bow and scurried out of the room.

"Father, how is it you wish to proceed?"

Uther contemplated his son for a few seconds before answering, "I want you to go to the cave disguised and watch the proceedings as if a mere magical peasant. You will watch and if Brotec isn't Emrys then just travel back to Camelot with as much intel as you could discover – no action to be taken."

"And if he is Emrys?"

"Then kill him, swiftly, quietly and without hesitation. The whole of Camelot may depend on it."

Arthur bowed slightly before turning to leave, although Uther stopped him as he reached for the handle.

"Take that servant of yours with you; he's proven his loyalty enough to be trusted. Be careful my son, if you are found, I fear the consequences."

Arthur just nodded and left. Uther turned back to his wine, staring at the blood red fluid before downing it in one, hoping it would rid him of the feeling that he had just made a terrible mistake.

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