A/N: This story is quite different to the other, very limited stories about this particular fandom, and personally If it has Karsh and Ileana I'd read it. I've seen both movies, and have only been able to get my hands on the first two books, so my knowledge of the Twitches world is based on that, this story will be a mixture of both the books and movies and mainly centred around this special little character I came up with, Phyllida Violet Antayus, hope you enjoy and feel free to review :).


Chapter One: A Child of Saturn, part one.

May 29th 1983

Coventry, Palace

Aron DuBaer, King of Coventry was seated behind his desk, hands folded together on the edge of the cluttered table; he watched his two advisors carefully. Karsh, a man he had known since the start of their schooling, a man he considered to be his best friend stood before him, Aron noted that he looked sightly worried. Beside Karsh was his second advisor, a cousin, Ileana, they were an odd pair, he knew that they had tried to keep their relationship a secret, but secrets were hard when you lived in a palace with twenty others, the court had discovered their relationship months ago, but this was not what Aron was concerned about. He had received a vision about the couple, the message had been clear and he had to tell them.


"Yes, my lord?" She replied, her fingers twitching. Karsh noticed and slipped his hand into hers.

Aron got the impression that they thought they were in some sort of trouble. "There is no easy way to discuss what I am about to tell you…" He waited a moment and took a breath, he wondered if they would be shocked at the piece of news he was going to begin with, "You're expecting a child."

Ileana took a breath, "I thought so," she sighed. Karsh looked surprised, his mouth had parted slightly, he was about to speak when Aron put a hand in the air to silence him.

"This child, she is no ordinary one, she is a Child of Saturn."

"Saturn? Are you sure?" Karsh was quick to ask. It was visibly obvious when Karsh tightened his hold on Ileana's hand, Ileana herself, remained quite silent.

"I am sure, my friend." Aron replied, solemnly, "However, this pregnancy and the child's life will not have to be dangerous," Aron slid open a desk drawer and pulled out a small wooden chest that gleamed in the faint candle light, out of it he pulled an amulet, it was in the shape of the planet, the ring crossing over diagonally and the silver was encrusted with blue crystal, "I designed this to hold the overwhelming power, you must wear this at all times, Ileana, and once the child is born she must, and it must be known that she may never take it off otherwise the consequences will be dire."

Karsh eyed the amulet with scepticism and hope, Aron knew what his friend was thinking, they had taken A History of Coventry together during their schooling years and there had been a semester on Children of Saturn, all cases had ended badly. He looked towards Ileana, her expression was saddening, and her free hand resting over her stomach was heart wenching, but Aron was adamant that his cousin's child would live a long, fulfilling life.

"Would you marry us, Aron?" Karsh asked, Ileana looked up at her partner, her eyes were quizzical.

"Are you sure, Karsh-"

"Of course I'm sure, I love you, Ileana." He smiled and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, before looking back to his friend and leader, "Will you?"

"Of course." He stood and smiled at them, "I would love too, but first let me fetch, Miranda."


A/N: This first chapter is a 'prologue' if you will, the main story, as in the movies, will revolve around an older, 21 year old to be exact, girl.