Summary: They've had so many chances to make it work, but could there really be one more?

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Author's Notes: This story started out as a one shot written for the "National Drug an Alien Day," but quickly became so much more. It begins shortly after the end of Superman Returns. Lois is still in the dark about Clark's secret identity but then something unexpected happens that turns one person's scheme into someone else's golden opportunity. Things took off from there and I hope you enjoy the ride. Please read and review. Thanks, everyone! :D


Now or Never

Two months later after the events of 'New Krypton':

Lois Lane was at her desk finishing up her article when a fellow staffer turned on the monitor for the local news and of course Superman was the top story, and in spite of herself she listened and watched as the news anchors were positively giddy with reports of his many heroic rescues both here and abroad. She sighed and went back to typing but it was too late for that now as her concentration was gone. She continued to watch the news stories and thought about him and where things stood between them, if anywhere.

She hadn't seen or talked to him in weeks; oh, he'd stopped by to see Jason after he found out the truth about their son and with only a small hello to her, but ever since Richard had moved out he barely had anything to say to her, which was odd. It was as if he were afraid to talk to her for fear she might bite his head off again for leaving her all those years ago, but that wasn't the case at all. She had forgiven him, but she hadn't had the chance to tell him. Lois didn't want to admit it, but she missed him and she still cared about him deeply.

"Hey, Lois, are you almost finished?" Clark asked but she ignored him and kept watching the monitor or transfixed by it he realized. Sighing, he tried again. "Lois, it's getting late."

"What did you say, Clark?" She finally tore her eyes away from the monitor as her eyes focused on him but as usual she didn't see him at least not in the way he wanted her to.

"Nothing," he answered then he turned off the monitor, after the last staffer had left the bullpen for the evening.

She shrugged her shoulders and went back to work.

They both looked up when a Planet delivery man walked up to Lois's desk and handed her a package. "This just came for you by special courier, Ms. Lane."

"So late in the day but who is it from?" She asked curious and very suspicious.

"No idea, but I need your signature, Ms. Lane."

"Oh, ok," Lois replied and signed for the package.

Clark watched and wondered who would be sending Lois special deliveries at this hour. He x-rayed the box and it was a necklace. He frowned. She wasn't seeing anyone, was she? It can't be from Richard; I know he moved out; then who sent it? Suspicious of the contents, he got up from his desk and came over to watch.

He had hung around the bullpen this evening hoping for a chance to escort Lois home because his strategy since Richard had left was to distance himself from her as Superman and get closer to her as Clark. He thought it was working, but the necklace may set him back for weeks especially if she thought Superman had sent it to her.

Lois was also wondering who had sent it as she opened it and inside was a necklace with a stunning red stone attached. She looked inside but there was no card or note so she thought it was from a secret admirer, Superman maybe? Her eyes gravitated to Clark and he was staring at her with an odd and strangely smug expression on his face.

Shrugging she put the necklace on and of course she assumed it was from Superman, a peace offering but he had never sent her any gifts, not ever, but maybe he was trying in his own special way to reach out to her. She stroked it and glanced at Clark again. "Isn't it lovely?"

Clark blinked and then his eyes glowed red. Lois also blinked thinking she must have imagined it. He came closer to her desk, came up behind her, took advantage of the view, closed his eyes as all sorts of fantasies invaded his mind. In due time, he thought then leaned down close to her ear and said "I'd like my stapler back now."

Lois watched him come closer and she had to admit the look on his face fascinated her; it's a look she had never seen before on her partner and she couldn't remember ever being this close to him before. She closed her eyes and tried to stay calm, but his nearness and his unique scent set her heart to pounding; shocking her. She swallowed and held up the stapler and he took it from her then she pretended to go back to work. "Was there something else you wanted?" Oh, dear, why did I ask that?

It's a good thing Lois did not have eyes in back of her head, because if she had seen Clark's devilish smile, she would have run for the hills. You have no idea, Ms. Lane. Instead he said "I have something very important to tell you Lois; log off now."

"I'm not logging off; I'm not finished yet," she declared defiant of him giving her orders.

"I think you are," he said and shut off her computer.

"Clark, what are you doing? My article … what have you done?" Lois was shocked and furious with him.

"Don't worry; your story is on a backup drive remember, Perry had it installed on all systems ages ago," he reminded her then took her hand. "Now, come with me," he literally dragged her out of her seat.

Lois dug in her heals. "Clark, let go of me; where are we going … answer me!"

"We need to talk Lois; it's way past time for us to clear the air between us and you know it."

She tried to pull her hand free, but he was so strong. "What are you talking about; there's nothing between us, Clark; never has been."

That stopped him in his tracks and Lois bumped into him; it was like slamming into a wall. Good lord, the man was built like an oak tree.

He stared into her eyes hoping she would finally open them and see him … Clark Kent, the man who loved and adored her. "Deny it if you want, but I know you want me Lois."

Lois's mouth dropped open then she snapped it shut, unwilling or unable to admit that she was attracted to him. She stared at him and then those nagging fantasies came into her mind about pulling off his glasses just to get a good look at his eyes and that tall body of his which seemed sometimes like it was calling out to her to touch it, just once to see if it was as hard and unyielding like just now when she had slammed into him. She shook her head to clear it. "Clark, we're friends; I care about you, but …"

He wouldn't let her finish then pulled her into a vacant office, shut the door and locked it.

"Clark, unlock that door ... NOW!" Lois demanded.

"It's not really locked Lois; you're free to go, but I don't think you really want to leave," he said with that smug little smile again that Lois found unnerving and attractive all at once. Her heart began to pound again but she had to wonder why Clark was suddenly acting this way; it was so unlike him.

Lois backed up as he came closer, then he began to loosen his tie. She held up her arms. "Stop right there buddy; I don't know what you think you're doing but that's not going to happen."

"What are you afraid of Lois?" He kept coming.

"I'm not afraid," she admitted then she swallowed.

"Then why is your heart pounding like a drum; it's so loud."

She frowned and narrowed her eyes at him. "What did you just say?"

He ignored her question. "Just let me kiss you, just once?" He reached out to touch her cheek. "So lovely," he murmured then he raised her chin, leaned down to kiss her. Clark was thinking. It's now or never, she has to know the truth.

Lois was transfixed by the look on his face, she couldn't move, couldn't think and then she closed her eyes for a moment but just before their lips met, she came out of her trance, shoved him away, then put her hands on her hips hating the fact that he knew her better than she knew herself. "Knock it off, Clark, ok; you proved your point and yes, I am attracted to you." Then her eyes grew wide then as she touched the necklace. "Did you send me this?" She didn't give him a chance to answer. "You did, didn't you?" She yanked it off, went to the window and threw it away.

Clark touched his forehead and slumped onto the sofa as the effects of the red rock left his system. "Lois, I … I'm sorry, please just let me explain."

She frowned again as his demeanor changed from smug to meek in moments. What in the world is going on with him? Lois wondered. "I'm listening," she said and crossed her arms, still upset by his weird seduction tactics.

He stood up, came closer and tried to explain. "Lois, I do care about you, I do very much. It's just ..." He sighed and began again. "I wanted you to see me, Clark Kent, not the farm boy, not the normal guy, not the clumsy nerd, and certainly not the laughing stock of this office."

"Clark, I don't see you like that, not at all."

"Lois, I saw and heard both you and Richard laughing at me."

"Oh, that, well, I'm sorry about that, but sometimes you can be a bit of a nerd, but only a little." She touched his arm hoping to make him feel better.

He looked at her hand on his arm then raised his eyes to her face and tried to smile. "I did have something important I wanted to tell you."

"Oh, what was it?" She lowered her hand but he took it again and held it on his arm. Her heart stubbornly began that pounding rhythm again as she stared at him.

"I want more Lois. I can't stay here working side by side with you day after day and just be on the fringes of your life; I can't do it anymore."

She understood exactly what he was saying. "Oh, I see," she murmured but then she had a terrible thought and just the thought of it sent such pain inside her heart that she gasped. She squeezed his arm. "Tell me you aren't considering leaving again?" She asked terrified and when he didn't answer her, she grabbed both his arms then. "Please tell me you're not leaving," she begged as her eyes filled with tears.

She does care about me, he realized, but as he watched her try to come to grips with his possibly leaving her, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he could never leave her again, not ever. "No, Lois, I'm not leaving."

"Oh Clark," she whimpered, so relieved and happy as the tears fell, but then she impulsively went into his arms holding him close. She closed her eyes, sighed and breathed in his unique scent, believing for a moment that it was his scent, but it wasn't, she suddenly realized; it was Superman's scent.

Clark closed his eyes for a moment as he stroked her hair then he raised her chin leaned down and kissed her softly at first then with more passion as he pulled her closer and stroked her back then his lips slanted to gain more access to her sweet mouth and his tongue swirled around hers as they both moaned into each other's mouths.

Lois tried to think as she kissed him back. Clark was Superman, wasn't he? Only one way to find out and with a will of iron, she pulled back and tried to breathe for a moment. Clark was confused by her actions as he stared at her.

Lois then raised both hands to his face and he knew then what she going to do. He waited as she removed his glasses and put them on the desk. She smiled at him as both hands took in the shape of his face, his strong jaw and chin, his beautiful blue eyes so clear and focused on her, his slick dark hair and then she touched his lips and they opened to kiss her fingers. Lois closed her eyes and then his lips were on hers again and this time her arms went around his neck to pull him even closer loving his strong arms around her again. His lips wandered down her throat then he pulled her blouse aside and moaned as she stroked his head and kissed his throat and his ear. "Oh, Clark," she sighed then she suddenly had a thought. "Is that your real name?"

Clark realized she still didn't remember their past. "Yes, Lois, Clark is my real name." He would tell her everything later much later. He smiled a little wistfully thinking about their special past.

He picked her up then, surprising her and then he laid her on the sofa leaned down and stroked her hair. "I love you, Lois, don't ever forget … promise me."

She pulled his head down. "I promise," she replied and then they were in each other's arms kissing and caressing each other, clothes were removed slowly each wanting this tender moment to last, and when her breasts were revealed to his hungry gaze her nipples tightened under his scrutiny, her back arched waiting for his mouth and hands and when he took a nipple into his mouth she gasped at the sensation, and then he stroked the other breast igniting fires; she was burning up. "Oh yes," she cried as heat pooled like molten lava between her legs. His mouth returned to hers again and again moaning as he covered her mouth fully with his own, his head tilting from side to side as he pressed into the kiss.

Sensing she wanted more, he pressed her back onto the sofa, stroked smoothly down her flat belly until his fingertips touched her damp curls. Lois thrust against his hand, silently pleading for him to finish what he started. She was slick with desire and Clark didn't think he could wait any longer. She dug her hands into arms pulling him closer. "Now, Clark, now!" She cried begging for it. He entered her then with a smooth glide and then he began to move to pleasure her and him and soon they began that climb and he could feel her body clench around his throbbing length and knew she was coming. He followed her and cried out his pleasure against her neck as he joined her in completion.

A few moments passed as they caught their breaths then Clark pulled his coat from the floor and covered them as they snuggled close her head under his chin. "Are you alright?" He asked concerned when she hadn't said anything.

"Uh, huh," she replied still in a bit of a daze.

"Lois, I have to tell you something."

"No bad news please," she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well, it's good and bad news."

"Go on."

"I didn't send the necklace."

"Ok, was that the bad news or the good news?"

"That's the good news; the bad news is that the red rock inside your necklace made me act differently. I'm more aggressive, self-assured, and arrogant."

She leaned up on her elbow so she could see his face. "So, you had a reaction to the red rock, but who would send something like that to me unless …?"

"Yeah, either someone knows about me or they knew you would be around Superman and he would become different, maybe do something bad or I don't know because when I'm around the red rock, it makes me do and say unpredictable things."

"You know who did this, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know; there's only one person who had the means and the knowledge to know these things about me."


"Yeah, but it didn't work, because all I can think about when I'm around you is you, being with you and loving you, so the red rock was a good thing."

"I'll say it was good," she smiled and snuggled back into his arms. "Let's not worry about Lex right now. You sir have a lot of explaining to do, like … how is it that we have a child together?"

"Umm, about that."



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