Kira (Akira) is my own original character. So are her parents. Everyone else is from the program / Arthurian legends. If there are any name's you don't recognise (e.g. Gwyar) feel free to look them up.



Kira sat staring dully at the sketchbook before her. Her stick of charcoal was poised ready to draw on the parchment… but no image would come. At least not any image she would be allowed to draw.

In her head she saw things that did not seem normal. A huge winged lizard - almost as big as her house - breathing fire on a grand castle that was falling into ruin. A valley of fallen knights below the lizard and one boy standing bravely before it. The same boy, sitting on the lizards back as it swooped high in the air…

If her mother knew she was thinking of such things she would freak out. Some odd things had happened when she was a child and her mother would panic. 'Things like that are wrong,' she'd told her.

In her mind she saw a new image: a pair of eyes. A man's beautiful blue eyes gazing out at her kindly. Smiling she began to draw the flawless perfect eyes. But as she got up to grab her blue pastels the image changed and the eyes flashed a bright golden that just wasn't natural. She forced herself to focus on the old image, the blue ones.

Finally she held up her picture and looked at it. It was perfect and very realistic, despite the fact that the only colour was the blue of his eyes. She felt as if she knew them…

She knew her mother would love it so she headed down a flight of stone stairs to show her. She was stopped short when she heard voices. Two were obviously her parent's tight curt voices; they must be stressed about something… And the other voices belonged to two women, their voices silky smooth but held a drop of malevolence in them.

Silently she snuck down and hid behind a tapestry that covered the banisters. She tucked the picture into the pocket on her belt, forgetting about it momentarily and peaked out the bottom of the tapestry. Through the gap she could see them all.

Her mother and father stood side by side looking somewhat stiff and angry. As for the women… One had long curling fair hair; she wore a brilliant red beaded dress and held herself loftily. She was older than the other woman who was dark as the other was fair. Her skin was pail as alabaster and her wavy hair black as a raven.

"We only wish to speak with her for now. You have our word that we will not take her away unless she wishes it," the blonde woman was saying.

"No! I know who you are and I will not let you near my daughter Gwyar-"

"Do not call me by that name!" Gwyar shrieked. The raven woman placed a hand on her arm to clam her down, beseeching her with eyes as green as her emerald dress.

"As my sister said, we only wish to talk her," she said politely. "We know like you she has-"

"She does not know, nor will she ever know. We've worked hard to keep my old life from her, My Lady. And it will stay that way." The raven woman's eyes flashed… literally flashed! No it could have only been a trick of the light. But her mother gasped in pain.

"We will talk to Akira," she said in a cold voice, using her mother's special name for her. "And you know that we can do it weather you agree or not."

Then her mother spoke to her. "Akira!" she said… yet her mouth had not moved, her voice had come from inside her head. "Akira you need to leave. You are in danger, don't come to me. Don't take anything! Use the passageways to get to the stables, take a horse to Camelot. Run! Go now!" Her mother seemed to hear the hesitancy and question in her thoughts. "Go!" she urged.

Not wanting to argue she quickly but silently fled back up the stairs. Finding the hidden door way she snuck unseen through the walls of the house till she emerged in the stables. Thankfully her horse had already been groomed and saddled for her evening ride / mad race.

But Camelot! Her mother hated Camelot. Something happened to her there when she was younger, she had fled and never com back. Her father had taken her to Camelot before but her mother was very reluctant to send her.

From back inside she heard her mother's piercing scream. She was torn by the urge to run away and the urge to run to their aid. But she remembered her mother's words and her panicked tone. 'Take a horse to Camelot. Run!' Things had never gone well when she disobeyed her mother so she swung up on her horse and galloped off.

When she reached the peak of the hill above her village a horrid smell caught her, she turned and looked back down. Her house was obscured by thick dark cloud of smoke, but through it she could see licking orange tongues of flame. The fire was starting to spread through the village and people rushed about trying to put it out to no avail. The more water they threw, the bigger the flames seemed to get.

Looking back at her house she felt a sob rise in her throat. She knew her parents were dead.

The days blurred together as Kira galloped away from her burning home. She didn't stop to sleep or to eat. Her stops were barely long enough for her and her horse to take a sip of water from a river. And she was wearing only the thin dress she had left in. She was unaware of the people staring in bewilderment as she shot past them as fast as she could.

Kira was exhausted from days of staying awake and riding with no food and little water. She was too numb to feel anything. Her body was numb and so was her mind. But her vision was blurred and swaying; every now and then it would fade to black and come back. She had never felt so reached in her life.

As dawn approached on the… she'd lost count of the days – The sky was lit by faint rays of light. The sky was still mostly dark but it faded through different shades of blue to violet back to light blue, to white and finally to yellow. In the back of her mind a nudging thought made her want to grab her paints and capture the scene on canvas. The soft early morning light cast shadows from a grand beautiful castle.

Camelot! She let out a small tired cry of joy.

"'Scuse me?" said a voice. She turned to see a boy, perhaps a few years older than her. He was rather skinny and had messy dark hair. A red scarf hung around his neck and he held a basket full of herbs. "Are you alright?" he asked looking at her in concern.

She opened her mouth to tell her him she was fine but no words came. She was so thirsty and dehydrated and weak and…

Blacking out a second she fell from her horse. She fell right into the arms of the boy who had dropped his basket to catch her.

The last thing she saw before darkness took her was a pair of perfect kind blue eyes.