My twin brother and I

Written by: Haru-chan

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A/N: The story is inspired by Romeo & Cinderella. The Kagamine twins' version. ;) I'll lovelove you if you R&R! [/insert heart effects here]

It feels just like any other nights, but it isn't.

I have been aware that I am madly in love with my twin brother, Len Kagamine, the night our parents decided to let us sleep in separate rooms. My heart felt really heavy. I couldn't sleep a wink. My mind was filled with images of him and me. Innocently sharing body warmth with each other under the covers, making corny jokes regarding one another yet immediately laugh at those, exchanging glances that seemed to have meanings behind and lusty fantasies which have been kept in my subconscious mind for who knows how long... Since then, not a day passed where I didn't think about him.

And tonight. Tonight is the night the guy I was forbidden to love confessed his true feelings. Our longing for each other is mutual. At first, I didn't know how to react. He approached me right after our mom and dad said their goodnights to us, in a way I least expected him to do - he sneakily followed me to my room and suddenly pinned me to bed that was once ours.

"Let's be sinful together." He was looking at me straight in the eyes. It was evident that he's serious and had been holding back for... probably years.

It was difficult to prevent tears from forming in the corner of my eyes. I forgot that I know how to speak. The only thing that mattered at this moment was the epiphany that my love isn't one-sided.

Len bent down to whisper hotly in my ear, "I couldn't wait anymore. You kept being a good girl and deny, Rin..."

I smirked in satisfaction and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I'll show you, onii-chan, everything."

He smirked back and caressed my inner thighs without notice and so easily since I was wearing a thin nightgown that stops right above my knees. I let out a muffled moan and looked sideways with red cheeks. I was covering my mouth with my forearm to lessen the embarrassment a bit. This is the first time I heard myself utter strange sounds. Really weird...

"How far can I go, little sister?" Len carefully removed my forearm from my mouth and lifted my chin with his index finger. I was now facing him and couldn't struggle. He had an aura I've never seen my gentle big twin before.. "To be honest, I'm feeling hot just by imagining things that can possibly happen to a guy on top of a girl on a bed alone..."

It was hard to speak clearly especially if the situation is this and you're a first-timer. "M-mom and d-dad might s-see u—"

I was cut off. He pressed his lips to mine and started kissing me passionately slow that I drowned and followed his lead. His lips were so soft and sweet. After about ten minutes, Len pulled away, huffing. I stared at him with loving eyes. I wanted more... Apparently, so did he. I could actually feel his erection! Yes! Though! He's! Still! Wearing! Pants! OMG! His beep's sticking in my thigh!

Onii-chan's face is covered with his bangs now. I couldn't read his face. He sat up. "No. Tonight won't do."

Pushing my elbows to the bed so that I could sit up with him, I spoke with worry. "Where did your enthusiasm go?"

Len pecked my lips once again. "Good night now, Rin. I gotta go to my room."

I watched him vanish into the darkness after going out the door quietly. It was then that I realized... my heartbeat couldn't stop racing.

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