My twin brother and I

Written by: Haru-chan

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I always get what I want. This time won't be any different.

With just the kiss after a hot confession? No, I wasn't satisfied. The minute I heard Len-kun's door shut, which was hard since my pounding of my hear won't stop, I stood.

I removed my slippers to lessen the noise it'll make. I gingerly pulled the door open after.

The hallway was dark and quiet. If not for a small wall-mounted lamp, I wouldn't be able to actually examine the gap of our rooms. His place is right next to our parent's as well as mine. So basically, our folks really are the hindrance to this love affair. I think it's now time to termina- wait. All I was going to do is to reach oniichan's room without getting caught. Okay, Rin. Focus.

I tiptoed towards the place of temptations. Good, good. I heard the loud snore of my dad when I passed their room. He's in deep sleep. So is mom, I'm certain - she's not one to wake up in the middle of the night. This is our chance. I'm sure as hell that I'm not gonna let it slip!

Now facing his door, I prudently turned the doorknob. Mm-hm. Never did he lock his door. Who knows why?

"Uhmm.. onii-chan, you still awake?" I managed to whisper clearly. His lights were switched off and I could barely see anything.

No answer.

"I'm gonna come in, then..."

Not even a movement.

I locked the door behind me for safety and proceeded right to the direction of his huge bed. Upon hearing my big twin's huffing under the blanket, I immediately slid into it, too.

"R-rin? W-what are you doing h-here?"

"I asked permission to go in, niichan. You wouldn't answer." Because of his exhausted huffs, I could already tell what's happening. And the reason he wasn't able to hear me. I smirked, "Hmm. Anyways, need help with anything right now?"

"You sure you're up for it?" he stopped what he was doing and put his hands on my behind.

"No one else should know..."

Even though it's dark, I could feel his eyes that's filled with love and lust on me. "Great. I'm so discontented with our parting earlier, you see..."

"You know that I am, too." I pushed myself closer to him.

He pecked my lips and slid me on top of him. I was now sitting on his tummy. "You're not that innocent after all, huh, my sweet imouto?"

I then started to leaning in and unbutton his polo slowly and seductively. "It's not wrong, Len-kun.. Since it's only you I'm showing this side of me to."

I could feel his thing throbbing violently behind my butt. I'm getting more turned on. A feeling only the guy below me can let loose.

As the impatient onii-chan he was, he abruptly pulled me by the collar and kissed me on the lips. Our mouths were in sync right away. My hands were on his sides for support as the smacking of our lips become wilder. He bit my lips for entrance. Instinctively, I lightly opened my lips and Len slipped his tongue inside it. We explored, and explored each other's mouths until we needed to breathe.

"Wew. Hot." he licked the trail of saliva on my chin.

I giggled lowly. "Yeah."

Next, he switched positions with me and pinned my arms above my head. "Let's not make much noise, shall we? We don't want anyone to interfere.."

I nodded with anticipation.

Onii-chan smirked and trailed wet kisses from my neck to my cleavage reaaalllll slowwww. My eyes were just closed since I was feeling it. My heart is thumping like crazy again.

"W-wait, Rin.. I think I can't take it anymore.. Can I insert now?"

Minutes from now, my purity will no longer be there. Purity? Ha, the moment I fell in love with my own brother, it already vanished. No turning back anymore. No, it's not like I didn't want this or what. Just that.. I was raised properly. People taught me dos and don'ts. If I commit this sin, I won't be the Rin Kagamine I used to be anymore. But to hell with that, I really love my Len-kun more than anything. So without opening my eyes, I nodded.

..But really, should I allow him?

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