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He didn't understand it.

The sudden change in the attitude of Kuran Kaname was something Kiryuu Zero couldn't understand.

And apparently, neither did the rest of Cross Academy.

"Isn't it nice that Kaname-sempai is trying so hard to be your friend?" Yuuki gave him a look.
"Shouldn't you try to be more open to-"
"Shut up, please."
Yuuki shot him a glare but kept quiet, and Zero ignored her, settling instead for actually doing his job and keeping his eyes peeled for any sneaky fangirls or boys.
But what he did find was nothing close.
"Good evening Kiryuu-kun, Yuuki."
Zero almost turn-tailed and walked off, but a surprisingly strong grip on his arm stopped him.
"Good evening, Kaname-sempai!"
Kaname smiled, but his gaze was trained on the fair-haired prefect.
"I see you're both hard at work." the older boy began, walking closer to the duo, his eyes gliding down the form of the ex-human.
A shiver run down Zero's spine.
Kuran flashed a smile that made Kiryuu's heart beat a bit faster. There was awkward silence for a while, before Zero gathered himself and mumbled something about needing to be somewhere, when that same annoying grip on his hand stopped him.
"What are you doing here, Kaname-sempai?"
Zero was glaring daggers into his co-prefect, to which the petite girl seemed completely immune. Kaname had to hold back his amused chuckle.
"I am not feeling too well, so I'm on my way back to the dormitories." Kaname lied, that same perfect smile on his lips as he took in both younger student's expressions. Yuuki actually looked sorry, while Zero was refusing to meet his eyes.
"...I hope I'm not interrupting you."
At this, Zero had raised his head and was about to retort with something when the brunette cut in with a loud awkward chuckle.
"Of course not, Kaname-sempai!"
Zero looked like he was about to explode, and Kaname fought the urge to tackle the boy.
He was increasingly fond of that expression.
Not that his other expressions weren't as stunning; Kaname's body ran on auto-pilot as his brain made a list of what he liked about the hunter, and why he desired something like him.

That's right, Kiryuu Zero was an object, of which he had possession of but needed to dominate.

...a bit like an exotic pet.

Kaname thought the hunter even resembled an animal, with his exotic silver hair, fair skin, beautiful features and those expressive violet irises - not to mention his lineage - he was a prime bred show cat, and Kaname would do anything to make this cat listen.

Zero felt a violent shiver run down his spine, and he brought himself to meet the older boy's quiet gaze. He didn't like that gaze.
It made him feel like a piece of meat.
Zero shuddered again, wondering how Yuuki could love something like that, and after that night three days ago, he was more skeptical than ever.

Zero's being fumed every time he thought about it.

He returned the pureblood's look with a heated glare.

The effects of the bond were frustratingly obvious. Zero could hardly move a muscle under that gaze, and the desire to be touched by the bastard was painfully strong.

But like hell he would give in.

"...Zero, are you okay?"
The male prefect jumped slightly at the high-pitched voice, he was so busy concentrating on controlling himself that he had forgotten she was there. He felt her grip tighten on his arm.
"I'm fine." he managed to bite out grudgingly, his gaze not leaving Kuran's. That same annoying smile was plastered to his sickeningly gorgeous face.
"Are you not feeling well, Kiryuu-kun?" Kaname's tone had a slightly playful edge to it, and it fueled Zero's discontent. Yuuki decided to cut in then.
"Do you want to go back first?"
Zero's mental state was so frazzled he found Yuuki's voice increasingly annoying. He gave the girl an irritated growl affirmative, and grated out an apology, before willing himself to turn around and start walking back to his room.
But that familiar, disgustingly wonderful voice stopped him.
"Would you like me to accompany you?"
Zero's temper flared, and he whipped around to snap at the pureblood.
"I'm not some fucking girl, Kuran. I can go back to my room on my bloody own!" Both brunets were taken aback by the harsh retort, but the pureblood recovered almost immediately, while Yuuki frowned and put her hands at her hips.
"Zero! Kaname-sempai's just being nice!"
"This is none of your business!"
This time all three of them were stunned by his sudden outburst; he hadn't meant to act like that toward Yuuki, but his frustration was at its limit, and he really, really wanted to be away from Kuran Kaname.
The bastard that was putting him through hell seemed completely unfazed, instead taking a step closer to the silver-haired prefect.
Zero inched backwards, earning a huff from Yuuki and her stern voice: "Just let Kaname-sempai take you back to your room Zero! You look so pale...!" her voice was grating on his nerves, and every step that the pureblood took toward him made his knees jelly.
"Don't come any closer, Kuran!"
Zero was about to just start running to his hall, and would have if his knee didn't give way half way through his turn.
His back connected with a hard chest, and strong arms gave him back his balance, but didn't release him.
"I'll take you back, Kiryuu-kun. You're worrying Yuuki."
Zero huffed, about to retort, when he was none too gently hoisted over the pureblood's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
A fierce blush dusted the fair-haired boy's cheeks as he felt a hand on his bottom, holding him in place despite his struggling.
Yuuki watched in stunned silence as Kuran Kaname set off to the Sun dormitories with an unhappy Kiryuu Zero on his shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"
The prefect was set gently on his bed, and he watched Kuran crouch in front of him, between his knees, elegant fingers pressing on his knee cap, as if checking for damage.
"...What are you doing?"
Kuran didn't reply immediately, but regarded him for a moment.
"Are you hurt?"
Zero was caught by surprise by the concern he heard in the brunet's voice. He felt compelled to answer truthfully.
"No, I just slipped."
Kaname stood, now looming over the prefect; his hands finding the younger boy's shoulders, sliding down to his chest and pushing the boy down onto the bed, the pureblood crawled on top of him, that stunning violet gaze sending a pleasant tingle down his spine.
He couldn't resist touching those beautiful lips.
"Don't forget, Kiryuu-kun."
The brunet brought his lips closer to the younger boy's, almost chuckling as he felt the other hold his breath, as if expecting contact.
"This body doesn't just belong to you anymore."
Zero shuddered as he felt the older boy's breath on his lips, fingers trailing down his chest and abdomen, those annoying wine-colored eyes made his heart beat quicker.
"Take care of it."
Zero wanted to shoot something, preferably something called Kuran Kaname.
He didn't need some vampire to tell him to take care of himself! He could do it just fine!
The prefect growled, wanting to shove the older boy off him but unable to bring himself to do so.
...not with the bastard so close to biting him.
The pureblood was nuzzling his neck, and Zero found himself completely on edge. He braced himself for the prick, but it never came.
He didn't know when he closed his eyes, but when he opened them he was met with that gaze, and before he knew it he had automatically pulled the pureblood closer and crushed their lips together.
The pureblood responded readily, his hands easily sliding under the prefect's shirt, teasing it upward to reveal that slim physique, playfully rubbing against hardening nubs.

Zero didn't know what he was doing, he knew somewhere at the back of his brain that his body needed the contact, and, ashamed as he may be, he wanted the Kuran to dominate him.

The Pureblood straddled the prefect, pushing the younger boy's shirt further up, his hands running freely on creamy skin, as if memorizing that lean, slender build. Zero's breath caught as cool hands continued to torture him, pressing comfortably on his ribs, his chest, his collarbone.

He felt those hands wrap around his neck.

He managed to choke out a morbid chuckle as a shudder ran down his spine.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Kaname leaned in to capture those annoying lips, lingering a little longer than necessary, taking long deep breaths, as if to calm himself.

"No, Kiryuu-kun. But I want you to remember that I'm the only that can."

The prefect sighed as the pureblood's grip loosened, sliding upward to cup the sides of his face.

Wine red met with violet, and Zero found himself short of breath.

"Look only at me."

Fair lashes fluttered close as Kaname slid off him, undoing his tie and the buttons of his shirt, looking up to find those expressive lilac eyes watching him. A smirk graced his lips as he crawled over to the prefect, who turned away with a huff, turning in an attempt to get off the bed, only to be stopped by a strong grip on his arm.

The same grip forced him back onto the bed with his back facing the pureblood, and the fair-haired boy immediately tensed and his struggling stilled as he felt hot breath on his nape.

"What do you want me to do, Kiryuu-kun?"

The hunter cursed, starting to struggle again, trying to shove the older boy off of him but stopping abruptly when he felt fangs scrape the back of his neck, brushing just enough to feel pain but not hard enough to break skin.

"Tell me, Kiryuu-kun. I want to hear you say it."

"Fuck you, Kuran!"

"Say it."



"Say it."

"There's no way in hell!"

Kaname pressed down on the lean body beneath him, choking back a chuckle as he heard the boy grunt. He ran his tongue along the boy's main artery.


"…go fly a kite, Kuran."

A small sigh escaped Kaname's lips.

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"Fuck you!"

Kaname pressed closer, sucking lightly on the creamy skin.

"I'm quite sure we'll get to that soon enough, though it'll be me doing the fucking."

Zero was torn between slapping the pureblood and hiding in a hole for the rest of his life.

"…Drop dead."

It was then Kaname decided to let it slide, snorting and sucking greedily on the fair skin.

The sudden prick made the hunter jerk, a violent wave of pleasure shooting through his body - the younger boy found himself unable to suppress the gasp and hiss that escaped from the back of his throat. The pureblood purred, and Zero could feel that deep rumble from the broad chest behind him.

It was utterly shameful how much he was reacting to a simple bite, from a Pureblood nonetheless.


It was a drug.

Kaname lapped at the open wound greedily, careful not to spill anything. Elegant hands ran down a perfectly sculpted back, one of them slipping past the waistband of the prefect's pants. The fair-haired boy tensed, but the effects of Kaname's bite kept him from doing much more than that; his whole body convulsing as a cool hand cupped his hardening sex and started stroking.

"L-let go!"

The pureblood fought the inclination to laugh, occupying himself instead with trying to get the younger boy to loosen up and pant-less, which occurred in the next two minutes.

The younger boy tried to push the brunet away, but the grip on his arm was too strong and the pureblood forced him further against the mattress, angling his body in a completely humiliating display. The prefect growled, trying to pull himself free but only succeeding in rolling on top the Kuran, who happily laid back and held the hunter's hips in place, running his hands along the taut skin of the prefect's thigh.

The pureblood tugged the younger boy's face closer to plant a violent kiss on already bruised lips, licking a hot, wet line from the prefect's jaw down to his collar bone, he nibbled lightly on the skin he found, earning him disgruntled growls. Kaname's hand found Zero's, guiding it to his own need, he looked up at the beautiful boy straddling him with a playful glint in his eye.

"Touch me."

Zero was tempted to say no and tell the older boy to go drown somewhere, but his hand unconsciously obeyed the brunet's command, a finger sliding over the head of the older boy's erection, he started to pump his fist in a steady rhythm, earning him an appreciative growl from the pureblood. Zero hissed as the older boy continued to press kisses along his neck and shoulder while a devious hand snuck past the waistband of his boxers once more, this time sliding the garment completely off.

Kaname chuckled as the back of his hand slid across the expanse of smooth skin on the prefect's hip, flipping his hand to grope that glorious arse.

Zero growled disapprovingly, trying to escape the older boy's grasp only to find himself giving the pureblood the access he wanted. Three fingers found themselves at his lips.

The brunet gave him an expectant look, which was almost lost on the prefect.

The younger boy grudgingly allowed the digits to pass his lips, generously coating them with saliva. He decided that if they were going to continue to do things like this (which, considering how things were progressing now, was extremely probable), he was definitely going to prepare something better than spit.

When the Pureblood felt that his fingers were sufficiently wet, he moved them down to prod gently at the prefect's entrance, circling the outer ring of muscle lightly, before starting to insert a finger into the fair-haired boy.

"Fuck, Kuran!"

Zero cursed, trying to move his hips away from the unwelcome intrusion, only to have the brunet's other hand steady him and hold him in place. The digit felt like it was burning, the spit obviously not enough to serve as proper lubricant.

It hurt like hell.

Zero was tempted to just punch Kaname in the face, but decided against it as the brunet withdrew his finger.

"Does it hurt?"

The prefect shot him the most venomous glare he could muster in such a situation, trying to control his breathing.

"Would you like to try it?"

Kaname laughed, pressing a kiss to the younger boy's shoulder, before searching for that bottle of hand moisturizer again.

"Where's your moisturizer?"

Zero shot him another look.

"I threw it away."


"It irritated me."

Kaname fell silent. He could pretty much guess why Zero had discarded the bottle – looking at it probably reminded him of the last time they did it.

"What else do you have?"

The younger boy shrugged, trying to wiggle away from the pureblood's hold.

"Well, I could fuck you raw, but that would be ungentlemanly…?"

Zero's eyes had widened a fraction at the Pureblood's frank statement.

The brunet smiled, reaching for the prefect's sex once more and giving it a few tugs, earning a few distracted sighs.

An elegant hand slid down fair skin on a flat stomach, making its way to the prefect's inner thigh and stopping there, drawing little circles with his thumb that were clearly distracting the silver-haired boy.

The hand that was stroking the prefect slid up to his neck, cupping a flawless cheek, fingers slipping into the boy's wet mouth surprisingly easily.

The look on Zero's face was one that could feed a month's worth of wet dreams, in Kaname's honest opinion. It was one of reluctance and doubt, yet veiled by lust and pure carnal desire. It was clear then that Zero's body wanted to fuck, but his mind was telling him to stop while he was ahead.

The next words that left those beautiful lips had a shiver run down Kaname's spine.

"Just do what you want."

The brunet was tempted to just taking the boy then and there, but he restrained himself.

He took Zero's hand again, but this time, he pushed the boy onto the bed, forcing his knees against his chest, he leaned forward and gave the prefect's puckered entrance an experimental lick.

"K-Kuran! That's dirty!" Kaname ignored the curses and demands for him to stop, instead using his free hand to prod at the puckered entrance, his finger sliding in much easier.

He could feel the younger boy tense, the bed sheets under him shifting as the prefect clutched at it for dear life.

"Relax, Kiryuu. You're making this harder than it already is."

The brunet shifted the finger in and out, loosing the small ring of muscle slowly, in between licks.


The prefect had resorted to hiding his face behind his arm in a last attempt to hide his embarrassment. He hated the fact that those weird sounds were leaving his lips, and that he had absolutely no control over his body or his voice.

Zero had lost all credibility in his protests as he turned into mush under the brunet's administrations.

The Pureblood had increased the number of fingers to three before he knew it, and was soon pulling them out and replacing them with something much fuller.

"Ku-Kuran!" The hunter hissed as the Pureblood pushed in to the hilt, both of them pausing for a moment to catch their breath.

Needless to say, it still burned, and Zero tried to will away the discomfort by clinging onto the taller boy's shoulders, his grip channeling his pain.

"Nnnh…!" The fair-haired boy couldn't control his voice as the brunet started moving, starting at a slow pace, watching the younger boy's every reaction as he shifted his hips, reveling in every breathy sigh and restrained whimper.


The Pureblood leaned over the fairer boy, pressing against him impossibly close, breathing in the ex-human's scent; a small smile tugging on his the corner of his lips.

Kiryuu Zero was his. Kiryuu Zero was looking at him, and at this moment, belonged completely to him – mind, body and soul. Kaname basked in the feeling. It was amazing. It was intoxicating.

He upped his pace, holding onto Zero as he tried to pull away, trying to escape the intensity of the pace the brunet was setting. Kaname swallowed as he took in the sight, the silver-haired boy sprawled on the white sheets, fair skin glistening from a thin film of sweat, cheeks flushed a dashing pink, violet eyes hidden behind pale lashes, peach lips chanting his name like a mantra. Everything about the boy before him was driving him mad.

"You're amazing, Kiruyuu."

Zero didn't know how to react to that. He didn't like being spoken to like a girl, but somewhere deep inside he felt happy that the pureblood was praising him. What was happening? He didn't understand completely, but pinned it on the stupid bond between them.

The gentle nip at his ear sent a pleasant shiver down his spine.

"Amazing. So good." Came the silky whisper, and the younger boy hissed as the brunet increased his pace yet again, driving into him mercilessly, forcing him to take everything, feel everything.

"K-Kuran! No! I'm-" Soft lips pressed against his as he came, his vision blacking out for an instant, his mind barely registering that the brunet was still moving against him until the taller boy pulled him closer, as if they weren't close enough, and that unwanted familiarity of white heat filled him.

Soft lips pressed against his temple as the Pureblood eased out of him, gently letting his legs down as he leaned on top of him, foreheads pressed together as they both caught their breath.

Zero shifted, his lower half starting to feel stiff already, unconsciously trying to shove the taller boy away so he had more space to breathe.

"Kuran...move." He nudged the lean shoulder before him, sighing as Kaname made a sound that suspiciously resembled a whine.

"You're fucking heavy. MOVE."

Kaname chuckled softly, before rolling over, keeping his grip on Zero's waist, he switched their positions that the fairer boy was now lying on him.

The prefect tried to dodge the lazy kiss that was sent his way but failed, and ended up returning it with more fervor than he wanted to let on.

"You're beautiful."

Zero made a face as he pushed himself up, brushing away the hand that tried to touch his face. He limped over to his cupboard, opening it and grabbing a towel and clothing.

"Stop talking to me like I'm a girl."

Kaname smiled, tilting his head to side a little, as if contemplating something.

"Does it hurt your pride?"

A rumpled shirt found its way to his face in the next second, along with a very annoyed glare from a fuming ex-human.

"Fuck yo-"

Kaname watched in surprise as Zero made a weird sound, suddenly dropping everything and reaching between his legs in a flurry, while trying to get to the tissue box on the bedside table.

Wine-red eyes caught a sliver of white liquid sliding down those delectable thighs, and the pureblood didn't know whether to be embarrassed or turned on, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.

He decided that it was something to be proud of, despite the curses and the 'we're never doing this again you asswipe' in between the 'fuck, this feels disgusting' s that the prefect threw at him; since it was proof that Kiryuu Zero was his.

It took him a while before he realized that the younger man was giving him a dirty look in complete silence.

"You're a total pervert, you know that?" Zero began, shaking his head and wiping furiously at what trailed down his thighs. He was too tired to even feel embarrassed at doing something so mortifying in front of the pureblood.

Kaname had returned with yet another smile, something that turned into a leer and sent shivers down Zero's spine.

"Stop that! You're creeping me out!"

Once again, Zero made a grab for his clothing and towel, heading out the door with another poisonous look at the brunet, who now sported a look of complete innocence.

The younger man rolled his eyes, and for the second time in a shorter period than he liked (he would have preferred none at all), heard soft laughter as he descended the stairs to the shared bathrooms.