Of Dogs and Men

Author: remthedogsitter

Rating: R (to be safe)

Summary: (AU-ish kakairu) Going home from a mission Iruka suddenly finds himself responsible for a litter of seven puppies surrounded by mysterious circumstances, will he be able to find out where they came from in time before their real owner comes looking for them?

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or their characters in any shape or form

A/N: This story has been roaming around in my head for a while and the plot bunnies are hounding me with a variety to the elements of: puppies, kakashi and a certain school teacher that doesn't exactly know what he's getting into.


He could feel the sand gravel in his sandals as he jumped from tree to tree, the itchy sting of the wound on his shoulder that seemed to be bleeding a little, after an extended mission all he could think about now was a good long soak in the tub and a bowl of ramen from Ichiraku. Iruka closed his eyes for a little bit, meditating and concentrating on his breathing and chakra control almost perfectly as he kept his guard up, trusting his feet and muscle memory to take him back to the familiar gates of home.

A howl interrupted his thoughts, he paused to listen. It wasn't far off so the chunin decided to investigate, melding himself with his surrounding and concealing his chakra. In a clearing on the far right of his original route was a large Great Dane mix with the strap of a canvas bag in his jaws. The dog was almost crawling his way to the direction of Konoha, trail of blood coming from the ragged stump of bone and flesh where the lower part of his back leg was supposed to be.

Iruka observed a little longer, if this was a ninken it was a bound to have some kind of identification or hitai-ate and if it was one of the Inuzuka clan something must have happened. The dog, merle in color looked right in his direction with such certainty that it took the chunin by surprise since he was sure he was fully concealed. In any case, the dog whined louder trying to crawl in his direction before collapsing, its wide chest heaving from the effort.

There was a gentle ripple of chakra, he was almost sure of it but it didn't feel dangerous. After a quick scan of the area it didn't seem like a trap so the chunin dropped down to a few feet from the dog who followed him with its eyes. Upon closer observation Iruka realized how near death the dog actually was, near starvation and the pads of its paws worn down and bloodied. Weakly it gestured with its nose the canvas bag, Iruka's eyes widened at what he saw inside, a litter of few day old puppies sleeping peacefully no worse for wear compared to what their so to speak mother's condition.

He looked at the dog and realized the dog was looking back, almost looking happy before it finally relaxed, breathing slowing down to a stop. A puppy yawned in the bag before crawling on top of its siblings to go back to sleep as Iruka confirmed that the dog was indeed dead.

He stood after paying his respects before he made his way back to Konoha to report the incident along with his report. When he was insight of the gate he didn't notice the dog's body go up in a blanket of chakra flame.

"Yes Godaime the mission to Sand was a success and no problems." Iruka confirmed as Tsunade ran through the details of his mission. "However, on my way back I found a dog but I wasn't sure if it was a ninken. It didn't look like it belonged to the Inuzuka clan and it had no identification either."

"What was so odd about it then Iruka-sensei?" She cocked an eyebrow looking up from a document.

"I found it bloody and dying carrying a canvas bag crawling its way in the direction to Konoha." He coughed clearing his throat "The bag was filled with newborn puppies." He held placed the box he put them in on the table and Tsunade inspected one for anything odd.

"They look like normal dogs to me Iruka-sensei, they don't even seem to have enough chakra to be ninken. In any case you should check in with the Inuzuka clan, I'll send a team in the morning to inspect the remains of the dog you were talking about."

"Yes Godaime." Iruka bowed after taking the box from the table.

A/N: Continue or abandon? tell me what you think! :) i seriously want to get to all the good bits now with the pups and kakashi. i promise it'll get better xD