After the riot, Konoha rebuilt itself yet again, and finally, after what seemed like forever to those involved, the day of graduation from Konoha's Police Academy, the day when those who hadn't washed out were inducted into Konoha's police forces, had arrived. Some practical joker had even hired Konoha's civilian high school's marching band for the event.

Fugaku scowled as he watched the recruits who were scattered across the Academy grounds greet their families who had come for the event. Soon, they would be lining up, getting their shirts and vests, and would cease to be his problem. If there was one silver lining in his father's retaking the Chief of Police position, this was it.

Over by the main building, Chouji was being hugged and cried on by a large woman, much to his embarrassment.

"Is this woman bothering you?" Kiba asked.

"It's my mom Kiba." Chouji replied.

"Well then, I'll leave you to it." Kiba said, sounding embarrassed.

Over by the women's dorms, Kabuto was trailing behind Anko.

"You'll meet my team at eight." Anko was saying.

"Right." Kabuto said as he continued to trail behind his new girlfriend in what was going to be his first monogamous relationship.

"And, there'll be no more of this Orochimaru crap. You'll hand him your letter of resignation as soon as is humanly feasible." Anko continued.

"Letter to Orochimaru, check." Kabuto replied.

Over in a secluded area of the training grounds, Naruto and Ino sat perched in a tree.

"So, do you want to...?" Naruto asked nervously.

"If you want to." Ino said with a slight blush.

Their heads moved towards each-other and then bumped. They tried again. Their lips met for about half a second, and then they both pulled away. Both of them blushing brightly.

Before they could try again the chime that announced that they were supposed to line up to get the shirts and vests that marked them as members of Konoha's police force sounded.

"Well, uh..." Naruto started.

"Later." Ino said with a smile.

Both of them Shunshined across the grounds and reached the line where they hastily took their spots according to name with Naruto near the front ahead of the few Uchiha who'd been in their class and Ino near the end. He wouldn't be able to see her if he tried to look back over the line though, because half-way down, Kisame stood towering over everybody and blocking his view by simply existing.

All too soon all of the names had been called, and all of the shirts and vests and officer certificates had been dispensed.

"And now that the formalities are over, one of our top students, Uzumaki Naruto will be giving a speech." Commandant Madara said with a smile that almost looked wicked rather than proud.

As Naruto moved forward, he realized that THE podium was there, the podium where...He nervously swallowed and tried to move forward, but his legs didn't want to work. He eventually managed to put one foot in front of the other until he was standing in front of that thing, only barely holding onto the contents of his stomach, too upset over where he was to realize that he didn't even have a speech planned.

Suddenly, he heard a zipper going down, and when he felt a tug in a certain area, he realized that it was his own zipper. He looked down. The hooker from THEN was there. He turned to look at the Commandant.

"You are an Evil, Evil man!" he shouted as he pulled away from the podium and re-adjusted his pants.

Madara just smirked.