"Oh Mr. Moseby, I'm back" Yeah I know stupid but oh well. Oompa loompa dopadi do I have another chapter for you. Yep I know. Anyways here we go…

11 years later…

Annabeth's POV:

Ever since that little accident I've been really suspicious about my life but my mom always reassures me.

Anyways I was on my way out the door when my mom stopped me. "Annabeth before you leave I wanted to tell you something. I've been thinking about moving to New York and I wanted your input."

I was a little shocked but I've always wanted to go to New York. I smiled and said "I've always wanted to go to New York. When will we go?"

"How about next week? It will be perfect."

"Sure. This is perfect mom. Bye" I hugged her and went to school. I was really happy. I didn't care about leaving school either. Nobody really liked me. I have no friends and they all make fun of me.

1 week later…

My mom and I were walking into our new home with boxes in our arms. After many hours later we got finish unpacking all of our things. "Annabeth ,now that we're done remember that you start school tomorrow at Goode High School. So you should get yourself ready for tomorrow."

With that she left the room as I got ready myself. Wish me luck.

The next day…

I walked through the two front doors and went to the principal's office. I knocked the door and waited until a women's voice responded. "Come in."

"The women looked up and said "Oh you must be Annabeth Chase. Please do sit down. I bet you're really nervous but I shouldn't say that. I don't want you to be more nervous." She laughed as I forced a smile. That whole nervous thing was not working.

She handed me a sheet of paper "This here is your schedule and your homeroom is in room 205. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or any of your classmates. I hope you have a great time here and welcome to Goode High."

Thank goodness my class was right down the hall. I did not want to get lost on my first day. I walked in the class to find students already in there. That's weird the first bell didn't ring yet but then again I'm here.

The teacher walked over to me. "You must my new student Annabeth Chase." "Yes sir"

He led me to his desk and sat down "Don't call me sir. It makes me feel old. Just call me Mr. Blofis for now." I smiled and smiled back. "I want you to sit down next to my step-son."

I was kind of confused. "Step-son?" "Yeah, you heard right step-son." Then he pointed to the front row. There was a dude with jet black hair and sea-green eyes staring into space. He looked extremely familiar to me. "PERCY!" Mr. Blofis yelled at him and he finally got his attention.

"What?" "Percy, nice of you to join us back on Earth. Now I want you to meet Annabeth Chase. She's new here and since you got the same schedule as she does you will have to help her. No question please."

I walked next to Percy, introduced myself and raised my hand expecting him to shake it but he never did I just sat down and waited until class started. I swear I heard him whisper my name.

Percy's POV:

I was waiting 'til class because my step-dad made me. I kept waiting started until someone came in. She was really pretty but I couldn't see her face properly. She is a stereotypical California girl. She had a tan with golden blond hair. 'This can't be who I think it is' I pushed that thought out of my mind. 'No she still in California isn't she?'

My step-dad was talking to the girl as I kept staring at her. I had no idea what happened until she was sitting right next to me. I got a good look at her face and I quietly gasped when I saw her stormy grey eyes. No way. I whispered her name hoping she didn't hear me.

After class ended I ran up to her . "Um, I'm sorry about that. But I need to ask you something. Um, don't you remember me? At all?"

She stared at me "Not really. I just met you." I opened my eyes wide. How can she forget me? "Really? Don't you remember when we were 5 years old?"

"I'm sorry I don't remember anything from when I was 5 or anything like that." She must have gotten amnesia for some reason. "If you don't remember than I should refresh your memory from when we first met." She just smiled and said "I have to say you look really determined so you must be telling the truth."

"Great. I'll tell them to you during lunch but right now we need to get to our next class.

At lunch… (I was thinking about stopping it here but you guys deserve better.)

After getting lunch I sat next to Annabeth who brought her lunch. Oh that lucky duck. All day I really wanted to hug Annabeth but that would probably scare her right now.

"So now can you tell me what happened?" She asked me while eating her lunch. I smiled as I remembered her curiosity.

"When I meet you it was the other way around. I was the new guy. You were given the job to show me around like I'm doing with you. We were so nice to each other and you said you didn't have friends-"

She interrupted me "Nice to know that nothing's changed. I still have no friends."

I continued where I left off "You said you didn't have friends so I said I would be your best friend."

She smiled widely and motioned me to keep going. "Then you told me you were moving and I was heartbroken. After you left I was depressed but I continued my life. I actually made some new friends who just as weird as me. Then came this day."

She looked really confused at this point. "Wait you said I moved?" I nodded. I thought she already knew that. I mean her mom might be horrible but she should've told her daughter every detail, right?

"Yeah, you lived here, in New York until your mom made you move to California."

"But she told me I've always lived there and she never mentioned you."

"Please believe me Annabeth. You know I'm telling the truth."

"Percy, that story sounds so real and yes I believe you but it's hard to believe my mom lied. To me!"

"I know but at least you can tell who's telling the truth. Why would I make this up, eh Wisegirl?"

Annabeth's POV:

Something clicked in my mind. "Seaweed brain?"

He smiled widely and hugged me. I hugged him back and continued my lunch.

What fantastic reunion but what a devious mother I have.

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