okay, so I error-proofed all chapters in this... so... haha if everything is still "brain-wrecking"... my apologies... *grins*

Here I am again, with an all new story entitled: Ur Slave.

Summary :

Bella the new town girl is ready to prove that Edward Cullen can't get her. By some chances she—whether she like it or not—will be his slave for a week. But could a week change everything and make her his heart's slave—forever?


Just Bella

I'm gonna be fine ...

I tried to convince myself but it didn't work... I've never been this nervous: my hands all sweaty and my heart protesting to get off my chest! I have to admit it has something to do with the weather—it's sunny now in Forks, Washington but... whatever. Want a secret? I'm pretty crazy. Yup, I talk to myself a lot and sometimes argue. I have no brother or sister to talk with, with my problems not even a friend. All I have are frenemies that bullies me a lot. Those enemies had been my friend for a few minutes then they turned my enemies after so, calling me a slut—and I don't even know why. I think boys are involved. Is it my fault if I'm that beautiful? I wanted to say whenever they say bad things about me but I realized its cheap fighting back.

In all honesty, boys were never in my mind. I never trusted boys, period. And by that, it means I've never had a boyfriend. To me it's just plain ridiculous. Saying 'I love you', PDAs and gifts— it never made sense. I've never had a friend either... I hate my dad. I've never met him really and I don't find it hard to grow up with just my mother. Every time I was asked where he is I told them he's dead. But unfortunately, he's not. He's here actually at Forks Washington and he's the prior reason of me being sent here. It's my mom's last wish for me... to be with my father. But that won't happen.

I'm Isabella Marie Swan... I'm here for myself and for no one else.

A/N : This is the story I'm working on... and I wished it turned out great :) My song inspiration for this story is Boyfriend by the Big Time Rush... haha! I just found it so cute and playboy-ish. So now I'm gonna play with Edward as a Playboy trying to prove to Bella that he can get anyone he wants. This should be part of chapter one but it will really be long so I decided to make it as my introduction. So wish me luck on this one and please Read and tell me what you think about it! Thanks so much.