The End

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Carlisle's guards removed the sack on my head and made their exit. I took the courage to open my eyes. I was at a different white bright room. And Carlisle was standing there by the window.

"I see you're back." He said before taking a sip of his wine.

"You win. She gave me up."

"Edward... do you really want to do this?"

"You know the answer."

"It didn't change?" he shouted, "She just gave you away like that! Just like that and you still love her!"

"No. I wanted to do the wedding. You were right. She just gave me up."

"What?" he gasped.

I looked down. "I'm in for the wedding whenever you'd like it."

He walked towards me and kneeled in front of me, "Thank you."

"She won't give me up if she loves me." I should have realized this long ago. I was just any other guy for her when I saw her as my world, as everything and as my life.

"Be ready for tomorrow." Carlisle touched my cheek and left the room.

"Yeah." I said to myself and hugged my knees. Nothing is making sense now. Nothing at all. Different sets of emotions washed over me—anger, sadness... I sighed.

What a good ending for my love story.


Every drop from the pouring rain mixes with my tears as I stood out on the porch of Charlie's home. I don't know where else to go. I don't know if a sorry could make up everything I did to him.

I sat down on the first step and sobbed all I can. Why do we always have to end up like this? Can't heaven and earth collide at all? Can't fairy tales come true? Can't I really be my prince's princess? Am I just gonna be his slave forever?


I turned around and found Charlie.

"I'm just going to wait for the rain to stop... if you don't want me here, I understand."

He sighed and sat beside me, "Get inside."

I stared at him.

He smiled, "Get inside, you're freezing."

"You're not mad at me?"

He placed his arm around me and pulled me closer to him, "Of course not. Why would I?"

"I don't know."

"If you love someone so much, you will forgive her no matter what she did."

"But he won't."

"Who? Edward?"

I nodded.

"What happened?"

"Carlisle is sick."

"Sick? I didn't know that."

"Nobody knows, Tanya said." I stuttered.

"Will you come in or not?"

I laughed, "Sure you're easy live with, dad."

"Nobody told me that before," he said and picked me up like a baby inside the house.

The next day was their wedding day. Dad told me. And the dress reminded me.

"This box arrived at six, and so is the invitation." Charlie pointed at the unwrapped box at the coffee table.

Curious, I removed the top of it, it was a dress. A white dress. Fancy. It was complete, actually with shoes and accessories.

"Who was it from?" I asked dad.

He just shrugged, "I don't know. It was left out in the porch. But I am sure it was one of them."

"Them?" I repeated.

"Invitation for the wedding?"

I gulped, "Oh... I didn't know I was invited." I said to myself and picked up the stiff and heavy envelope on the floor. I read it.

"You are cordially invited to attend Mr. And Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen's wedding tonight at six P.M"

"We are cordially invited." I announced bitterly.

"Good." Charlie responded, "You sure you're going?"

"Of course,"

"Won't you hurt yourself?"

I shook my head as I prevent the tears from falling, "I'm good. Uhm, Dad, I'll just go upstairs and be ready."

"Bells?" I paused at the first flight of the stairs, "You forgot the dress."

"Oh," I said and ran to get the dress and ran to up to my room avoiding to get caught crying. I locked the door and throw the box at my bed. WillIattend?

"If I will... I'm just gonna get myself hurt..." I whispered to myself hugging my knees, "I'm just going to imagine myself in her place... walking dawn the aisle...watching as Edward... s-smiless...Oh!" I can't help but to burst in tears. I can get on with this agony for my entire existence...

"Bella! Open the door!" Someone banged the door so loud that there are a few cracks created.

"I'm at the door!" I shouted and ran to the bed to pick up the comforter and used it to wipe the tears, "Who is it?"

"Us!" a girl screeched, "And if you don't open this at the count of three...!" she warned. Now I know. Alice. Without further a do, I opened the door and burst them all in.

"Explain." Alice demanded.

I sat down again, herewegoagain, "I'm destroying his family, when all he wanted was a family."

"That's all?"

"That's all." I answered.

"Bella-!" Alice shouted but she was cut by Jasper, "You're shoutings won't do, babe. Calm down. Let me do the talking."

"Thank you," I mouthed as Jasper sat her down beside me. I pulled her in a hug, "I'm sorry." I whispered at her. Her cheek turned up slightly.

"So what made you decide to give Edward back?"

"I don't know if you guys know... Carlisle is sick."

"Sick? Who says?"

"Tanya," I sighed.

"What?"Emmett gasped, "And you believed her?"

"Of course, nobody would lie in that kind of situation, right?"

"Yeah! Except Tanya!" He shouted, "Bella, you don't know what you're doing!"

"She's not lying." I whispered. Shecan'tpossiblybe...

"You don't know her! She will do everything to get Edward from you!"

"Where's Bella?" Jacob came in the room, gasping for air.

"I'm here Jake," I said.

He sighed a sigh of relief, "Don't go off again like that!"

"I won't be going anywhere—"

"Yes you will go at the wedding you have to stop it." Alice said.

"Edward hates me already and what if Carlisle—"

"He's not sick." Jasper repeated.

"Who said Carlisle is sick?" Jacob asked.

"Who else? Tanya!" Alice shouted standing up from the bed and stand at the edge of my bed like the rest of them.

"You actually believed her?" Jacob scoffed.

"Well—I thought she really changed and-!"

"Get change. Now." Alice said word by word.


"You have your wedding to attend." Jasper said.

"What?" I asked again, "He won't forgive me!"

"He will if you tried your best!"

"What if—" I shouted again.

"No what ifs! Go get change now! This is the last time, Bella!" Alice pushed me down the bed and scanned and threw the dress on top of me.

"Can't I get a shower first?" I shouted and they smiled at it. They took it as my confirmation to do this and fight for him for the very last time. It's now or never!


Now, I'd figured out where I was last night, at a hotel next to the church where I will be married for the... I don't know, next minute?

Fully dressed in a white tux, looking out at the floor to ceiling panes, a small part of me was still hoping and praying for whatever miracle to happen... just a single one. Just this once.

But it died anyway,

"Sir?" one of Carlisle's bodyguards stood by my door, "Call me when you're ready."

"No need, I'm coming." I said grabbing my coat and followed him out.

When we arrived in the church, I was Tanya in white (of course), outside, waiting.

"Wasn't it traditional that the groom waits for the bride?" I asked as I approached her.

I can sense a smile behind the veil, "I can't wait," she said, "So... you're fine with this, right?" she hooked her arm under mine.

"Nope." I said and pulled my arm free but she held it tighter.

"I'll be your wife. Soon. So you should be nice on me."

"Yeah, I guess your right. But, I'm not. Yet. Not now."

She laughed, "You're always playing hard to get. You should learn something from your ex-girlfriend though."


"Let go. She gave you up just like that you know. Just gave away like that. Without confronting you or anything,"

"How did you know that?"

She shrugged, "I don't know... maybe because we bumped that day she gave you up."

"Gave me up?"

"She said she can't stand your situation. I don't know what she's talking 'bout, maybe the name changing thing—and the hiding! She didn't know how long you two would be on hiding. I-I was being generous and I actually accepted the fact that you two loved each other. But then when she gave you up, I know how depress you would be so I'm here... with you. I'm ready to give everything up for you... I'm willing to wait..."

"I'll think about that." I muttered coldly at her. Actually that is something to think over... I don't know whoever is lying but... I don't know!

The wedding organizer called our attention. She told me to go in first and Tanya should wait for a few moments to walk down the aisle.

She grabbed my arm, "Wait."


"Wait for me on the altar," she smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

"Edward!" someone called, I turned around and found Emmett carrying Rosalie, Jasper carrying Alice, and Jacob... was being carried by Leah running towards me. But when Jacob saw Tanya, and I guess realized how awkward they looked like, he put himself on his feet and just tagged Leah along.

"You've got to hear us!" Alice gasped.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You have to—You have to!" Alice kept on gasping.

"Oh shut up!" Emmett pushed her.

"Mr. Cullen, It's starting. You have to be in there right now. As in right now."

I turned to them, "I'm sorry, I'll talk to you later guys."

I pushed the west wing door of the church. Carlisle is my best man.

"It's good to see you." He said.


"Smile, look at the crowd, pretend all you can until this is all over. Just like that."

"I-" but my phone rang, I excused myself. It was a message from Alice.

Darn it Edward!

I've been trying to tell you something really really really REALLY important!

Bella will be here!

Please hear her side out!

I ignored her message. The wedding march started.

My phone rang again.

"Turn it off," Carlisle said.

I sighed.

It rang the second. Then third. Then fourth.

"I've got to take this," I said to Carlisle, "What do you want?" I shouted.

"Whatever Tanya said, it's not true!" Alice shrieked, "Please... it's not true... Ed, let yourself be happy for once! Please!" then she hang up.

I searched for them in the pews. They were at the back with tears on their faces. Except Jacob. He just stared at me.

Should I take the chance? Should I take a leap?

I turned to Carlisle. He saw immediately what's in my eyes.

"You're backing out?"

"I can't be like you. I don't want to be you. I don't want to live again in a life planned by others. Dad, you told you that you love me, right? If you really do, you'd understand. Don't worry, I won't let the company—"

He touched my shoulder and took a deep breathe, "I've heard enough. . . I'm wrong about you. . . You were strong and brave. Unlike me. I isolated myself from you, for you to be focused on just business, but love just interferes all the time."

"Does this mean...?" I trailed off.

He sighed, "I can afford to lose half of the company and start again on scratch, but I can't afford to lose my son completely." He smiled then nodded.

"D-dad," I gasped. And hugged him tightly, "Thank you."

I turned around and stared at my friends. They stared back at me and I smiled.

They really are my true friends... they got my message.

I ran up the altar, "Excuse me?" I tapped the microphone, "I have an important announcement,"

The marched stopped exactly at Tanya. She was now in the Church at the back of the line, wearing her infamous scowl.

"First of all, I want to thank everyone for attending. You attended the wrong wedding. So, if you'll just excuse me, I'll find my real bride. Thank you once more and sorry for the inconvenience."

I met my friends at the back, "What are we waiting for?" I asked.

They laughed and congratulated me.

Alice cut in, "We have to hurry now! Come on!" She dragged me out of the church. I think I heard Tanya screaming my name but ... who cares? Not me... when I'm just waiting for my own wedding. Now I'm excited.


I stretched out my clothes as I ran towards the doors of the church. It was closed. Could it be that it was now starting and I was too late?

Stupid traffic!

I cursed through my head. Whatnow?

My phone beeped.

"Hey it's Al. The wedding was postponed for five minutes. We've been searching for Edward." It's clear that they are; they are different versions of Edward name on the background.

"Oh.. okay, I'll search for him too,"

"Call us when you find him."

"'kay. Bye." I hung up and started looking for Edward. Whereinthisplaceishe?I looked around and thought of a possible place can be his hiding place.

Something came in my head... what are Edward's kinds of places? Bars,hismother,arcade,cliff

"Wait a minute! Right! Cliff! He loves cliffs!" I ran to the nearest or farthest edge I could find.

It just took me a minute to find him. I don't know how it took me that short... maybe because my heart can find him. He was standing like a statue in a white tux at the edge of the cliff. His hand on his pocket.. The orange light from the twilight made a dramatic effect on his posture.

"Ed..." I chocked but I didn't know what else to say.

His face turned a little to me but he didn't say anything.


"You know, I don't have time for this so start talking." He said with pure annoyance in his voice.

"Okay! Okay! Fine! Uhmm... you don't know how hard this is!"

"Thirty Seconds."

"Thirty? Okay okay! UHmm..."

"Twenty Nine..."

"Don't count please!"

"Twenty Eight..."

"Okay, okay. I'd been a coward. I'd been very weak, stupid—whatever you want to call me—"

"Twenty Seven..."

"All I'm here is for... a second chance... to prove myself to you... to tell you ... the truth ... to tell you how much I love you ... to tell you how much.. How much I won't take the next few days, minutes without you," Sniffs, "How much... I regretted the day—yesterday. I just—want to let you know. That I love you. I love you so much Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. And I will do anything and everything just to be yours again." I filled my cheeks with air hoping that would help the tears and my chest to burst.

"Don't you think that was too late?"

I wiped the escaped tear, "Yeah." I said weakly.

He scoffed, "You'd do anything? Everything?"

I nodded though he won't see because he had his back on me.

He laughed, "Okay, I have one tiny condition."


"You want me to forgiveyou, right?"

"Yeah..." At least forgiveness...

"Be my slave."

I cried louder but I bit my lip. DoesthismeanI'mtoolate?"For how long?" I rode his joke, my head bent down on the stones.

"Forever." He whispered.

I was taken aback, "Fore-?" I gasped and lifted up my head. I didn't continue whatever I wanted to say when he turned around to me with a ring on his on his palm and a smirk on his face.

"Ed...?" I asked but he just walked towards me. He went so close that I have to lean just to his face.

"I command you not to say anything before I asked you something." I nodded and he knelt slowly down before me. He looked up to me his green eyes sparkling with slight tears, "Miss Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to love you and do anything and everything just to be with you on every single day of our forever. Will you accept to take my heart in you hands, and take care of it? Will you accept me as your slave?"

"I thought I'm gonna be—"

"Answer the question."

I bit my lip, "Are you gonna take care of me?"

He smiled, "Depends." He laughed, "You don't have to ask."

"You don't have to ask me too,"

He didn't get it at first, but when he did, he pulled me earnestly in his arms, lifted me off the ground and spun me around.

He stopped and pressed his forehead on mine, "Thank you."

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, I-I didn't—"

"Shut up." He chuckled, "I'm tired of hearing it. One is enough."

I laughed, "Keep your promise." I said.

"Yes ma'am," He smiled.

I closed my eyes and locked my hands tighter on his nape.

"I love you Edward." I whispered.

"That's all I wanted to hear." He whispered back and pressed his lips on mine as he set me on my feet. It didn't last long, thanks to my friends that interrupted.

"Oh! Save it for the honeymoon! You've got your wedding to attend!" Alice shouted.

"Wedding?" I asked Edward.

He laced his fingers through mine, "Our wedding."

"What about Tanya?" I asked Alice.

She kept her hands behind her... but the end of the rope dangled behind her legs. Uh-oh.

"NO you didn't!"

"What?" she acted innocently, "Stop this! We'll talk about this later." She smiled.

Edward tugged me but I stayed in place. He looked at me, "You can't back out. You already said yes."

"I know... but what about my dad?"

"Forgot he attended? He's sitting on the pews. Heard everything Edward said," Rosalie said snuggling closer to Emmett.

"Did he approve?"

"I think saw him nod," Edward shrugged.

"Edward..." I warned.

He sighed, "Fine. I'll ask him first. Can we go now?" he smirked, "I can't wait to call you Mrs. Cullen."

I giggled and let myself be dragged by him.

I took in a few breathes.

Clutched my dad's arm.

Getting teared...

"Bella, would you please relax? Are you really sure you wanted to do this? I mean, we could postpone it if you're not ready."Dad hissed.

"I'm f-fine." I hissed back, "Just nervous. That's all."

He sighed, "Are you really sure of him?"

I looked up to him, "No questions dad. I've never been sure about anything in my life before."

He sighed and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, "Well, I'm just checking. I don't want you to make wrong decisions, you know."

I smiled, "Thank you dad."

"You've been a daughter to me—like a real daughter only for matter of weeks you know."

"I will always be your daughter, dad. Forever."

He sighed, "Of course."

"I love you dad,"

His cheek turned up, "I love you more."

I laughed, hugged him and whispered thanks.

He set me down on my feet, "Let's not start on the crying part, okay?"

I nodded, "Agreed."

The majestic doors of the church started opening, and little by little I can see the excited face of my prince. One last clutch and I started walking. Now without hesitations, without doubts... just trust. Trusts that in his arms I will always be loved and he will give me love more than I'd ever imagined. The love that will complete me. The love I'd never believed in before.

It's all in front of me now.

He took me away from my father with the smile that never left his face. This is the start of forever. The start of my ever after. The start of my never ending slavery of his heart.

It will, at the moment I say,

"I do."

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