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Hello there ^-^ I'm back with a new kind of FanFic (well at least I think it's new). I'm trying to make a story out of every genre, All Around the Town being mystery and Eve of the 7th for fantasy and this one is my entry for family genre. So hope you enjoy this one

Summary: Orihime had always aspired to finish college but since her family is financially unstable, her goal seems to be a distant dream now. So when Japan's most in demand actor, Kurosaki Ichigo, offers her an unusual job. Will she take this desperate measure for her desperate ordeal? Or does becoming Kurosaki Ichigo's child's mother sound a little too desperate for her?

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo-san and Doraemon belongs to me . . .no just kidding Doraemon belongs to Fujiko F. Fujio-san.

Chapter One:

Doraemon Grants My Wish

When I was younger there was this anime that I often saw. The protagonist was a blue cal-like creature that could stand upright and has a pocket which can produce gadgets that the boy really needs or that will simply help him. I think its name was Doraemon.

I really hated him

I get really irritated when I see him. I mean, come on! What is he? A hybrid of a cat and ball? There is no such thing as a creature that can pull anything from its pocket and save you whenever you're in trouble. And besides, you can't have everything you want so the boy, Nobita I think, must be delusional.

But would you ever believe me if I said that Doraemon gave me what I've always wanted? Yeah, I must be delusional too. But it's true he gave the thing I long for most and here is how Doraemon granted my wish.

"If I do not hold the sword. I cannot protect you. While holding the sword, I cannot embrace you" a man wielding a huge sword said to a woman with short black hair.

"You don't have to do this, please" the woman cried, "I just don't want to loose you" she stared at him with pleading violet eyes.

"CUT!" the director shouted, "Good take everyone! Good take!"

"So Shunsui is it another box office hit?" a man with light blond hair asked

"Definitely!" the flamboyant director exclaimed, "And with Ichigo as our star, this will absolutely be an instant hit"

"I hope so" the blond man sighed. Urahara Kisuke was Ichigo Kurosaki's patient manager, as well as the model-turned-actor's uncle.

Ichigo was probably the most famous male celebrity in all of Japan. He was tall, handsome, filthy rich and was good at acting. He was unquestionably Japan's most wanted bachelor.

Ichigo was from the affluent clan of Kurosaki. He was born and raised into show business. He started out as model, who endorsed big company names then jumped to commercials and was now finally one of Japan's most in demand actors.

"Good job Rukia" the sword wielding man congratulated as he took his long hair wig off

"Tch" the small woman scoffed, "It would've been better if you're acting didn't suck, Ichigo" she said

"No, Rukia it would've been better if you were taller" he retorted

The woman gasped "Take that back!" she glared at him. "How imprudent of you to blame my height for your bad acting skills? Bastard!" she spat before walking away from him

Ichigo groaned. How Rukia manages to make the press believe she's such a goodie-good girl, he would never know. She could act like a saint or an angel and the people wouldn't even know how bitchy she could get at times. Nevertheless, Rukia was one of Ichigo's best friends since elementary. And, no matter how much they insult each other and fight, they would always be like brother and sister.

Ichigo let out an exhausted sigh. He had been taping 'The Substitute' since last week and he hasn't had a decent shut eye since then. It was a good thing he was going to go home today, he might be able to get some rest. Might

"Mr. Kurosaki" one of the staff members called, "you have a phone call" she said, blushing at being able to get this close to the mighty Kurosaki Ichigo.

"Thanks" Ichigo murmured before taking his cellphone from the girl. "Hello?" he said through the phone, he listened intently as the person from the other line began to explain something. Suddenly, Ichigo's eyes shot open. He's scowl deepened and his brows furrowed further

"YOU WHAT?" he shouted


The bright morning sun beamed through the windows of the small shop at the heart of Karakura town. It seemed like a different world inside the modest shop. Outside was a fast paced world filled with tall gray buildings, gray cement roads and businessmen dressed in gray. But inside was full of bright colors and the fragrant smell of flowers filled the air. It was as though time was different in the humble flower shop, and what made the shop even brighter was the smile of young woman who owned the flower shop called Le Fleur.

The tinkling of the bells indicated that a customer had just entered Le Fleur. "Welcome!" the auburn haired woman greeted, "how may I help you" she asked.

Then man looked around the shop and picked a bouquet of roses, which the florist immediately wrapped in special paper. She inserted a small card into it and smiled at the customer, "Shall I be the one to write on the card or will you do the honors?" she asked, holding a pen up for him.

The man took the pen and began to write on the card. Once he was finished, he returned the pen and thanked the woman for her help.


You're most welcome" she beamed, thinking that it was her customer who called her

"Inoue!" it called again

"INOUE!" a screeching voice pulled the young woman from her LaLa Land

She shot up only to come face to face with the seething face of her boss. "Thunderwitch-san!" Orihime gasped

"Why the hell are you sleeping Inoue?" she roared, "I don't pay you to sleep! Do you hear me?"

"Y-yes ma'am" she stood up and fixed her uniform, "I'm terribly sorry, Thunderwitch-san" she bowed

"You better be! Now go serve some cakes before I decide to fire you!" she barked at the girl before storming into her office.

"Orihime" a short haired girl spoke, "you shouldn't be sleeping here. You'll get a cold if you do that" she reprimanded her best friend. "And you know Thunderbitch gets easily pissed when any of us slack off"

Arisawa Tatsuki is Orihime's very best friend. They've been together through thick and thin, they were practically sisters. Tatsuki could read Orihime better than the gray eyed girl can figure her own emotions out. She'd always been there to protect Orihime. From the bullies in middle school, from the boys in high school, and now from the Thuderbitch, as Tatsuki likes to call their boss.

Orihime simply smiled at her best friend "I'll be fine Tatsuki" she said as she fixed her fuchsia apron and rushed to deliver orders.

This was the daily life of Inoue Orihime, a 22 year old café waitress in the heart of the amusement park in the small town of Karakura. Orihime came from a humble background and she didn't get to finish college because her brother needed the money so that his baby could be born health and properly in a hospital. But Orihime had never blamed her niece for not being able to finish her schooling; instead she takes strength in the little bundle of joy and works even harder for her. It had always been her dream to become a florist. Her adoptive mother was very fond of Ikebana and that's how she acquired her love for flowers. And that was why she wouldn't hesitate to work two jobs just so she could be able to continue studying and establish her own flower shop someday.

A sigh escaped from her pretty pink lips. Today seemed to be even longer than most days, the café was more packed than usual and the people were more demanding too. Orihime blew out a breathe, Oh Kami, she cried, help me

Suddenly their manager burst into the kitchen. "Jiro called in sick" she announced, "I need someone to fill in for him"

"Are you kidding me?" a man with brunet hair said from the corner, "who wants to put that stinky mascot costume on?"

"Keigo shut up if you're not going to volunteer!" she hollered at the boy, "now you get an extra pay for putting this shit on" she said but no one seemed to be willing.

"I'll do it!" a certain auburn haired girl blurted out. She needed the money and if putting on a smelly mascot would get her a little more for her family, then she would do it.

"I'll do it, Thunderwitch-san" Orihime repeated

"Don't do it Orihime-chan!" You'll ruin your beautiful hai-" Keigo was cut off by the washcloth that was shoved into his mouth by their irate manager.

"Here" Cirucci tossed her the costume, "change and in that and go give flyers to promote our café" she said unenthusiastically before heading back into her office.

"You don't have to do this you know" Tatsuki said, leaning onto the lockers in the ladies' dressing area.

"Hm fime Tathuhi-hahn" Orihime burbled as she struggled to put the thick costume on

Tatsuki sighed as she pushed herself from the lockers to help Orihime. "If you need the money badly I'll just lend it to you" Tatsuki zipped up the costume for her friend.

"Eh!" Orihime exclaimed, "But still I haven't paid you the last time I burrowed money" she cried. "I'm sorry Tatsuki-chan, I appreciate you're concern but I have to work for them money so" she turned to her tomboyish friend, "so please let me do this" she begged

Tatsuki's serious expression broke into a smile "at least pin you're bangs dummy" she chuckled

"Hai!" Orihime nodded, "Ganbarimasu!" she pumped her fists in the air


In the middle of a sea of people in the amusement park , one little boy pushed through the crowd as he ran here and there trying to search for something.

Where am I? He thought as he searched for anything that looked familiar to him. I managed to ditch Hana but I don't know where I am. He grabbed a fist full of his orange hair. He began running again, frantically this time.

Everybody stared at the little boy. He had strange orange hair that stood out like a sore thumb, and observant brown eyes, two traits he inherited from his father. A father he loved and looked up to as his hero. But right now he hated his dad. He had been working so much that he didn't have time to play with the little boy anymore. But the reason he was so mad at his father was because his mother had been missing for the past two years and his father didn't seem to care. So he made it a point to look for her himself.

The crowd was overwhelming. How was a little boy going to search for his mother when there were so many people here? He turned around but collided with something abnormally soft, making him fall on his bum.

The little bow frowned as he tried to stand back up. He glared at the thing that bumped into him

"Doraemon!" he shouted, "get out of my way!"


It was unbelievably scorching hot. The mascot that they made Orihime wear was so thinck and so smelly, she wanted to faint. It was so hot and the weather didn't seem to be cooperating with Orihime today for the sun shone high, making the temperature even higher.

She had been walking around in her Doraemon costume for more than an hour. Sweat covered her body and she felt like her stomach was churning at the smell of the costume. She continued walking around until she felt herself bump into something. Through the peepholes called Doraemon's eyes, she saw a little boy with bright orange hair on the ground.

"Doraemon!" he glared at her, "get out of the way!" he shouted

He began running away again but stopped when he didn't know where to run anymore. Is he lost? Orihime asked herself as she continued to follow the boy.

He's definitely lost. Orihime confirmed. He had stopped running and just walked in circles. Orihime could see the tears that were forming in his eyes. Finally, Orihime approached the little boy.

The boy glared at Orihime, "You're still following me? Leave me alone!" he shouted

"Are you lost?" she asked through the costume

The boy shook his head, "I know where I am so leave me alone!" The boy acted tough but Orihime could see that he was on the verge of tears. And she just couldn't help but feel bad for him.

Slowly she took the head gear of, relieved that she could breath fresh air even for just a bit. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and turned to the little boy, "would you like me to help you find you're parents, sweetie?" she said gently

The boy's eyes widened when Orihime took the head piece off. He was so overwhelmed when he saw Orihime's face that he just began to tear up.

Orihime smiled at him but her smile dropped when the boy began to cry.

"MOMMY!" he cried before running towards her and hugging her with all his might, "I've found you!"


Author's Note:

I know it's a tad bit too short for a first chapter but I had to end it there for suspense hehe. So how'd you like it? I know the title's a bit wierd but you'll soon discover why it's like that. This chapter was just a little taste of how the story is going to be, it has a lot of twist and turns I tell you, so I hope you keep on reading ^-^

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