mz kuchiki: really short, just wanted to get it rolling, my aunt is skipping around the house singing "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEEIIIGHBOURHOOOD~!"

disclaimer: oh, how i wish i owned Bleach... especially Ulquilala! X3 but i don't -_-

Ichigo Kurosaki pushed a strand of teal hair out of Grimmjow's sleeping face. He'd been at the hospital nonstop, waiting for Grimmy to wake up, for five weeks now. He didn't move, sleep, of eat. He was hurting his health, but he didn't care about anything but Grimmjow waking up. Ichigo sighed and closed his eyes to give them a short rest. Once he did, the doctor's words came back to invade his thoughts.

"It's very unlikely that he'll wake up. We've removed the tumor from his head but we can't guarantee that it didn't spread before that without testing on him, which his parents won't allow. I'm sorry, but he's got about a month and a half, two tops"

Ichigo shook the thoughts out of his head. His orange locks that had grown down to his shoulders flew into his eyes, causing them to sting. He'd use that excuse if anyone happened to walk in and see him weeping as he held Grimmjow's lifeless hand.

For the heart monitor of Ichigo's teal-haired, cerulean eyed, possessive, "anger-management issued", wonderful, sweet, perfect boyfriend, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, had just gone flat.