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. : . Till Next Battle . : .

Things weren't always so bad. In fact, Grimmjow and I used to have, dare I say it, a friendly relationship. Heh. "Relationship" isn't the word to describe what we have, or rather, had. We used to be comfortable, used to be able to be ourselves. It was like. Like our true selves were locked away behind a door with a million locks. Normal people could only penetrate so many locks before they gave up, satisfied with their accomplishment so far, but we kept pushing each other, pushing ourselves, until every last lock was removed and we were allowed entrance into each other's "door."

Yes, it sounds sappy and gay and, in a way, if you're a pervert, it sounds pretty lewd, but it's the only way I can describe "us."

That night, the night mylife changed, the air wasn't different, nothing was different. It wasn't some crappy, cliché, angst-filled romance novel Rukia keeps in her mini Chappy the Rabbit book bag. We were just doing what we normally did, short of ripping each other's limps off- we talked. Then, somehow, the conversation turned against me like a jealous teenage girl and next thing I know, he's asking me if I love him. Apparently, though I'm sputtering and blushing negatives, all he heard was yes and suddenly, his lips are on mine, his body is on mine, and we nearly rolled into the river from the top of the hill. We stopped just short, somehow, and laughed our butts off. Casual conversation resumed and we both acted as if the kiss never happened, and we ended up talking into the early morning until both our fathers were forced to call our cell phones, screaming at us to get our butts home so they could call off the search teams. We parted ways normally- a mock salute and call of "Till next battle." Then after I'd said my farewell, Grimmjow grabbed me by the waist and ghosted the words I'd just said to him over my lips. Then he was gone, I was at home, in bed, and dreaming of odd teal-haired Cheshire cats and orange-haired male Alices.

The next morning, nothing was off, save for the fact that Grimmjow wasn't at school, which in itself wasn't surprising in the least. The sight of my friends surrounding his desk, as if it were a coffin that he was laid in and they were the family being granted one last look of their beloved before they were put in the ground, was surprising. I was shoved into his seat by Tatsuki, something was shoved in my face by Orhime, and I had no chance whatsoever to argue or protest as Kuchiki-sensei called class to order-

Then proceeded to announce that Grimmjow and his whole family were moved back to Germany, were in the country at that very moment.

I blanked. My whole mind blanked. I could feel every eye on me, as I was the only person Grimmjow truly associated with, save for his distant cousins Neliel tu Odersvank and Ulquiorra Schiffer, who were probably in Germany too. I could feel everyone waiting; feel them imagining my reaction once I was broken out of my trance. No doubt they expected it to be violent. I truly didn't want to snap out of it, but forced myself to.

I looked down at the forgotten object Orhime had shoved into my hands. It was an envelope with my name on it, written in giant, sparkly, electric blue kanji- "Ichigo~." The only content in it was a wallet sized photo- one of him and I, actually smiling for once. His was one so big, it seemed to split his face and caused his teal eyes to close. Mine was a more modest one, a mere shadow of his, but still the biggest smile I'd ever given anyone. Our heads were close together, his dark teal hair blending wildly with my own neon orange. The picture was zoomed in so much, that even a blind man could see my freckles. Judging from the angle, one of us had taken it ourselves. I ran my fingers over it lightly before flipping it over and finding his giant, fancy blue writing again, three simples words that squeezed my heart tight-

"Till next battle."

A/N: Whenever I write my stories down on paper, they always seem so short. I may add and Epilogue, just to make it longer. Other than that, I apologize for not updating regularly/at all. May this tide you over until I find my next bout of inspiration~ Coincidentally, I was kind of the inspiration for this- my friend commented on the fact that I appear shy and timid, a real geek, but if I get into a fight, I go Ichigo/Grmmjow/Ulqiorra badass. I fell out of my seat laughing. X3