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Wow it's been a while since I last updated. I hope you guys didn't miss me too muchXD Well I've missed you guys and since I'm in a super special awesome mood I decided to update. Oh and I want to say a SUPER THANK YOU to Miranda for always being there and reviewing every single one of my stories. Also she has given me an even more amazing idea. Next chapter is BRING YOUR YAMI DAY(: Oh and rated T for some sexual references.

Ryou – Well first up we have Queen of the Silent Ones

heeeeeeeey im back! i got bored so i came HERE

storm: oh joy.

shut up. any way i have a question for yami...

do you know how much i hate you?

and i mean HATE YOU!

tira: o.o i wanna say that i apologize for queens nastiness...

shut up tira

storm: i hate you all!

you dont hate akefia...


bye bye for now :)

Bakura – Okay? That was normal…

Akefia – Well your jealous that she doesn't like you

Bakura – shut up!

Bakura – Okay now we have Zephyrbolt

Ryou: I watched the episode of the Memory Arc where you wake up and you're eating all that food. So cute! 33

Bakura: SWEET. Cobras are my favorite.

Thief King: But you'll always be...not me! :3

Yami Marik: ...Depends. Will I get injured in some sort of way?

Marik: What's the initiation?

Yami Yugi/Atem: Actually its a bit stressful lately. Exams are next week.

Yugi: Yes you are very cute! :3

Ryou – Aww thank you.

Bakura – Who doesn't love cobras?

Akefia – Yes because I'll always be haunting your dreams

Akefia put the knife down!

Akefia – Oh don't worry, after all we're dubbed by 4kids. Any killing will be censored or just deleted.

Yami Marik – Well other than the diseases and depression and missing limbs and broken backs and blindness and deafness and short term memory loss and long term memory loss and frost bite and mad cow disease and R2D2 syndrome aids, you'll be fine!


Yami Marik – Urrrr…

Marik – Just jump to the moon and back at the speed of light… easy right?

Atem – Oh well I hope your exams went well. It's a bit late to wish you luck

Yugi - *blush*

Akefia – Now my sexy ass introduces neva-chanluvsmonters101

whutup byutches? lol jk. im sorry to inform yooou that my yami the time ~smiles evily~ *ahem* anyhow. Im doing this off my phone so i cant put spaces between questions. sooooo...ryou!- boxers or breifes? XD SMB(sexy man beast, my new name for bakura!)- ZOMR! A KITTY! ~tackles to the ground~

Bakura – You are calling us bitches? Try looking in the mirror queen biatch!


Ryou – Urmm well boxers.

Akefia – Seriously you fangirls are such pervs! HIGH FIVE!

Bakura – I AM NOT A FUCKING KITTY! Aaaa… what are you doing…. Why are you putting your hand there… no don't touch that… hey why are you str… aaaah no stop! This is horrible… HELP!

Ryou – Well you can only imagine what she did to Bakura… anyway Incubatorcome on out!

Hello Everynyan!

*cuddles Ryuu* Ryuu how do you get your hair so fluffy? I always wondered that.

*snuggles Kura* Please tell me your most painful torture methods! I would tell you mine but they are R rates and pretty graphic.

*glomps Akefia* Teach me how to pass unnoticed like a thief!

Ryou *hugs back* L'Oreal. Because I'm worth it.

Bakura – urr what's going on…

Sorry he's still in shock about what just happened…

Bakura – No wait, I don't mind talking about torture… Well for an enjoyable torture with a lot of pain and screaming I …

[Warning - little kids and anyone that get's disturbed easily please skip this]

Bakura – I first stab the victim and make them take a bath in there own bath… drowning them but not to much to kill. Then I hang them whilst stabbing into their chest, scrapping at there ribs and poking at the heart, watching the red blood ooze out their tattered body. Then when I finish carving my name in there weak warn heart I get a bat and beat them again and again… like a piñata. And once they are almost dead I end there pain and misery by whipping them to death… making sure every untouched part of there body has a deadly stinging red mark. Now that their dead I pluck there insides out, licking each one! And finally I cut the body up and throw it away… Oh so much fn:3

[Please DO NOT try this at home]

Akefia – Easy, steel Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility!

Bakura – Come on out Frina17

Okay,Im new here,I just want to say that I love this fanfic.


RYOU:Your so adorable!Please congradulate me for graduating middle school yesterday!I am officialy a freshman!XDXDXDXD

Anyway,what would you do if Bakura had an ephiphany,realizing being a follower of Zork is a bat-shit stubid idea,and started being a whole lot nicer to you?

Bakura:Who is your favorite female character with a weird hair color from the anime Naruto:Shippuden?You are a SEXY MAN BEAST KITTY THING!XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Theif King:What would you do if everyone of importance came to the 21st from Ancient Egypt?LURVES YOU,TOMB ROBBER!

Ryou,sorry about Mittens.I kinda know how you feel. My neibours dog,a pit-bull by the name of Mia,killed my cat Sakura,who had had kittens under my house,and three of her kittens about a week survived also killed my dog Nipsy,a Jack-Russle Terrier,and my dog Luna,short for Lunacey,who was a husky-chow dad called Animal Control.

Bakura, just so you know,I LOVE YOU!

Aww thank you and I love you for reviewing:)

Ryou – Oh I know it's a bit late but CONGRATS:) High School is awaiting you. Well that would be a shock! At first I'd think he's only doing this to get something. But if that wasn't the case… I'd be proud of his decision… Although I doubt that will ever happen.

Bakura – Naruto is sooooo lame! Yu-Gi-Oh pwns! Hmm bu if I have to… probably Hinata… The rest annoy me.

Akefia – RUN! HIDE! The is a lot of people who want me dead! And if they all get together… Gah, how could you say such a thing? Hmm I could just kill them all with Diabound….

Ryou (and also the author) – Oh my Ra! That is horrible! Wow and your neighbour did nothing to stop the dog? What a vicious animal. Ohh poor animals… I'm sure karma will come around:) But I'm so sorry :'(

Bakura – Yes, yes. Another one to add to my ever growing mountain of fangirls…

Akefia –Miranda I choose you!

Haha Good.

Ryou- thank you I'll be 13 so it's kinda a big day for me.

Theres no telling what they'll ask really.

Bakura- I speak from experience Fluffy us fangirls do not die. Ever. And little kuriboh just voiced our stupid nicknames, they were already there.

Akefia- she's a little crazy like that.

To all: what's your favorite amusement park to visit in the summer? I wanna know cuz I have to pick soon and have no flippig idea where to go.

Ryou – Well I hope your birthday went swell(: Yep 13, 16 and 18 are the big ones for teens.

Bakura – Damn you -_-

Bakura, are you trying to loose reviewers?

Akefia – figured

To all the American readers, I don't know a single amusement park in America! Well other than Disney World! To the British readers, these names should sound familiar…

Ryou – Hmm I really like Thorpe Park

[Thorpe Park: An amusement park near London… I think it's in Middlesex, could be wrong. It has the largest roller coaster in Britain (yay Colossus) and the fastest (yay Stealth)]

Bakura – THORPE PARK! The only place I'd be seen in.

Akefia – Hmm London Dungeons!

[London Dungeons: is in … LONDON (shocker there) and is based on British History (the gory stuff not the boring stuff about our monarchy etc) It includes actors, effects and rides. It helps with our History and gives us a good gory time]

Ryou – Random Pokémon intro's over… now say hello to Shadowsgirl4vr

(don't worry, you got the seme and uke right)

Akefia: hee hee, so do you fid the friendship team annoying?

Ryou: awww poor have a cream puff! *gives Ryou cream puff*

Akefia and Bakura: lol I wanna go to the store with you guys!

Bakura: heh you ever walk around and see fangirls cosplay as you?

Oh no! I didnt poke Akefia! I will do that right now then!

*starts poking Akefia like crazy* hee hee! This is so much fun!

Akefia – I fall asleep every time some one says friendship… zzzzz

He fell a sleep:L

Ryou – Yay! I haven't had a cream puff in ages

Ryou – Really? Are you sure a bout that?

Bakura – YEAHH! Okay when we go… we shall tie you up and say we have kidnapped you and if they don't give us all the money in the cash register and all the food we want, we shall kill you? K? OKAY!

Akefia – What…?

Yay you woke him up :D

Bakura – So now we have Beansprout-Ninja

Hello! Sorry I didn't review the last chappie. I was writing fanfics! Anyway, I brought my yami,Kika!


She's gonna help me review. [By the way, I'll go by the name, Izu. It's a Japanese version of my other nickname. Plus it's shorter.]

Okay, questions!

Bakura:Which pairing do you prefer, thiefshipping, geminishipping, or tendershipping?

Thief King:Are you and Bakura two separate people, or just two versions of one person?

Ryou:You are the cutest! I love you! *Hugs the life out of Ryou*

Kika:*rolls eyes* Hikari, you're getting off track here.

Izu:Shut up! Like you can resist hugging him!


Yugi:How do you keep your hair up? Does it sag when it's wet? I've never seen it lose it's , you are the most adorable thing! You cute little panda!

Yami:How's it going? Just so you know, I LOVE puzzleshipping. You guys are so canon. You do love Yugi, right?

Kika:I don't think he wants to answer that, Izu.

Izu:*glares*Of course he does! If he really loves Yugi,[like he should]he'll have no problem!

Kika:I think we've asked enough questions. Let's go.

Izu:Ok, ok. I'm coming. Anyway, great story authoress! Keep writing!

Kika:Let's give them cookies! *hands out cookies*

Kika and Izu: Bye! See ya next chappie!

Bakura – GAAH! Do I have to answer this? … Urm well maybe… tendershipping… BUT DON't GET ANY IDEAS!

Akefia – We are 2 versions of one. Bakura is the darker side of me that was made by Zorc…

Bakura – think of it like this – Zorc and Akefia had sex and I was created…

[There are no primary / elementary kids here are there?]

Ryou – Uhh thank you…

Yugi – I have magic hair that stays in shape no matter what!

Yami – DAMN! I feel sorry for your mum!

Yugi – Why?

Yami – You must have killed her fanny when coming out!

And you are thinking about this why?

Yami – I have a thing for Yugi's mum! … no joking… it was random.

Yugi – moving on

Yami – Oh yes I love Yugi! He's my little cuddly pando at night… the one I snuggle evry time I go to bed

Yugi – Yami!

Yami – Oh don't act like you don't just love our nights together… oh the fun we get up to


Yami – They gave us cookies and left… no lets talk about tonight… my place or your? This time should I bring it to avoid what happened last time? You when I almost ejec….

Yugi – BYE!

Bakura – Now that was an interesting conversation! Hey Ryou, that gives me an idea. Tonight do you want me to be at the bottom for once?

Ryou – THE F! Gaah don't talk to me about this stuff now… ehh next reviewer, xxxXQueenxxxOfxxxThievesxxxX

Thief King- I see.

Ryou Bakura- Oh I am fine. I just hurt alittle. Ok alot be still...

Bakura-*NOM NOM NOM*

Oh and, what do you people consider to be your theme songs?:3

All 3 – We've answered this a couple of chaps back.

Bakura – Now it's Redwolf

Hi's! Sorry, I've been meaning to review, but I had another story finish in one window and after reading that I sorta forgot... Anyway on with the Q's!

Ryou- I love you! Can I hug you and braid your hair? Oh, and I want to know if Bakura does anything to you... I've got a new arrow I'm dying to try out...

Bakura- hi Fluffy! One of my friends says hi Florence! The other says hi Kitty! What's your fav YGOTAS episode?

Akefia- you know, it's funny people are scared of you... You're a big baby!

Scarlet: I agree!

Me: Yami! Leave before you make everything perverted...

Scarlet: I has Q's!

Ryou- you is cutes, my hikari has good taste!

Me: Scarlet!

Bakura- You're not even close to as evil as I am!

Akefia- you're stupid to work with Zorc the number one rule in evildoing is work alone!

Me (dryly): are you done?

Scarlet (bright): yeps!

Me: anyway, nice job on the fic!

Ryou – Urmm please not the hair. After what that other fangirl did… I'm scared… who knows what you'll do to it. HELL DOES BAKURA DO THINGS TO ME! Things that are just too… M rated to be in a T rated fic…

Bakura – episodes 16 and the one where I duel Yugi and the other where I duel bones! Oh yes I was the star of those episodes… Well tell your friends to go DIE! No one calls me Florence other than mummy!


Ryou – Why thank you.

Bakura – YEAH WELL FUCK YOU! I hear my name all the time… I never hear yours:p

Akefia – Well technically it was Bakura working with Zorc since he took control of me! So suck my…


Akefia – I was going to say Lolly… yep… lolly…

Thank you:)

Akefia – Well now we have Demented X Pocky

YAY! 3

"Thief King – Why does everything I love leave me? Answer me Kanamakia Tsunderene."

Theif King- I don't know... Maybe because You're so hot that you burn them?

Ryou- Wanna dance, pretty boy?3

Bakura- But, I'm still alive... And I love you, so HA!

Theif King- LETS MAKE VOICE BABIES TOGETHER! ^o^ -Kana did it, not me!

Akefia – Well I'm sorry, burning things is fun!

Ryou – Urmm well… anything for a fan…

Bakura – DAMN!

Akefia – A new breed of Vocaloids! I shall name it Voicealoids!

Ryou – Okay so now we have AZMJW101

YEY free technological bakura plushies. -dances w/ it- LAWL. :D

Aw... bye Marikkkkuu,, Yuuuuugggiiiii & Yaaaaammmmiiii... :(

Me will miss u 3. :((

Off to the *straight* questions! :)

Ryou-Hi aagaain. ... are u good at math? im failing to it... -dundundun...-

Bakura- Hello. If Ryou is cute, Akefia is hot, what do you think of you?

Akefia- I'm not much of a Bakura fan so yeah. Would you in any chance wear a tutu? Meh is going to wear one in a recital... is not amused...

Fo0dz for teh u ppl... BayBay. :]]

AlyannaZoeMaanJanaWanda 101

Ryou – Yes I am pretty good. I usually get well over 90% on my work. And got an A* in my maths GCSE (British people should know what that is, sorry, I really have no idea how American grading works) I wouldn't mind tutoring you.

Bakura – I think of me as SEXY!

Akefia – WHAT! Hell YEAH… No I mean Hello No…

Bakura – LOL AKEFIA IN ATUTU! Anyway last reviewer is… MeskhenetTheDarkOne

To Ryou: Do you ever get sick of having competition for your soul? Just curious...

To Yami: Don't you hate it when Yugi draws Gandora at the last second? I know I was screaming my head off.

Thief King: Well, first off, you are my favorite Yugioh character, and you're SO awesome and, sorry to YB and Ryou, but you're hotter than both of them combined.. just trying to get that out of the way first. My question: If you had all the Items but one, to what lengths would you go to get your missing Item? (You so totally deserve them, anyway.)

Ryou – Yes. Half the time I don't know who I'm being controlled by… why am I so irresistible?

(By Yami I'm assuming you mean Bakura) – Yes I know! Gaah stupid plot twists!

Akefia – yes I know. I am just that steaming! THERE WILL BE NO BOUNDERIES! You saw how I was in the anime! Like 10000x that!

Well thank you everyone for sticking with me and for being patient. Free cookies to all. Oh and next chap is bring your Yami day so let them loose!