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Enola sat on the cell's bench as Ulysses paced the cell.

"What's going to happen to Maggie?" She asked, interrupting Ulysses' incessant pacing.

"I don't know," He hung his head and continued walking back and forth.

"Is she gonna die?"

"I don't know,"

"Are we gonna save her?"

"I don't know,"

"Will we ever get out of this cell?"

"I DON'T KNOW! JUST SHUT UP, WILL YA?" He slammed his fist on the wall out of frustration. Enola recoiled. Ulysses shook his head,

"I'm sorry, Enola. It's just...I have a lot on my mind right now."

Just then, one of the Smokers came into the so-called jail, swinging the keys.

"Want these, you two-bit fish-face? Ha! Too bad! You can't have 'em!" the Smoker taunted. Ulysses thrust an arm out, grabbing at the Smoker, but unable to get a grasp. The Smoker laughed and left the jail. Ulysses sat down, leaning against the wall, letting out a deep breath. He looked around for a minute.

"I have an idea." Ulysses stood up.

There was a blinding light as Maggie opened her eyes. She was in a small space, possibly a closet, with two dislocated fingers, a black eye and bruises scattered all over her body. Two hands came down and grabbed her by the forearms, dragging her out of her tiny space. The hands threw her to the ground, causing her to lie in a broken, pitiful heap. She winced in pain as the floor struck all of the sensitive bruises.

"You gonna give up yet, Maggie?" Joseph said as he circled her like a vulture over a carcass. He slammed a kick into her side, causing her to gasp with pain. She would not scream though; she wouldn't let him have that evil pleasure.

"Almost...there..." Enola stretched her arm as long as she could, reaching for the piece of metal piping that was lying just outside their cell.

"Ha!" She wrapped her fingers around the cold iron and dragged it back towards them. Ulysses took the pipe and slammed it against the cell bars.

"It's not doing anything!" Enola complained after a few hits.

"Doesn't need to. Just-needs-to get their-attention!" He said between swings. Finally the Smoker carrying the keys raced in.

"Hey! Knock that off!" He screamed at him. Ulysses leaned up against the bars.

"Make me." He threatened. The Smoker came face to face with Ulysses, eyes glaring. They stared each other down for a second when Enola noticed it. The keys were hanging off the Smoker's belt, close enough for her to grab them. Before she made her move, she looked up at Ulysses, who was now in verbal combat with the Smoker. As carefully as she could, Enola slid the keys off his belt. The two men were now shoving each other through the bars, when Enola decided to sneak back quietly.

"Don't you EVER challenge me again, fish-face!" The Smoker said, turning on his heel and exiting.

"Did you get 'em?" Ulysses asked. Enola smiled and dangled the keys.

A searing pain ran up Maggie's spine as the was thrown against the adjacent wall. She slid down, unable to stand due to the immense pain.

"GET UP!" He shouted as he came up to her, kicking her in the side. She lay on the ground, trying to crawl away. Just before Joseph was about to give her another kick, she turned to face him with despaired eyes,

"Stop...please" she croaked, struggling to sit herself up. Joseph ignored her plead and jammed a foot into her face, knocking her over.

They stood now facing the back of the tower. Broken windows and holes made a pathway to climb.

"Stay here." Ulysses began to scale the tower. He carefully peered over the balcony into the window. He saw Maggie lying on the floor, a pathetic heap. Although he could not hear her, he could make out the words "stop" and "please". Joseph ignored that an kicked her again. That's it, Ulysses thought. He positioned himself. One...two...THREE!

Maggie cried out as Joseph's foot made contact with her broken nose. There was a loud shattering noise and she saw a figure swing in, knocking Joseph over. The man slammed fist after fist at Joseph. Maggie's eyes opened and saw Ulysses there, beating the crap out of Joseph. Then, Ulysses snatched him, dragged him to the window and threw him out. Seconds later, there was a loud splash and people gasping. Ulysses calmed down from his moment of rage.

"Ulysses..." Maggie managed. He went to her side, stroking the bloodied hair out of her face,

"Maggie. Don't worry. I've got you." He bent down and slung her in his arms. Due to the fact that everyone had gathered to see Joseph's fall, the tower was clear. Ulysses snuck his way around to the back of the tower, where Enola was hiding.

"C'mon!" Enola urged as Ulysses hurried Maggie onto their catamaran. He released the mooring and set Maggie down on the foredeck and ran to the helm.

"Enola! Set the main!" He began turning hard to starboard, driving them away from the dock. All of the Smokers were too preoccupied to notice them sailing away until they came to the gates.

"Enola, open the gates!" He turned hard to port, setting them parallel to the gates. Enola dove into the water and swam to the stairwell. She climbed it and lifted the hook that locked the gates. They began to grind open as Enola ran across, leaping to the other side and doing the same. Finally, both gates were open enough for Ulysses to sail through. That's when they noticed.

"HEY! GET 'EM!" a Smoker yelled as they all rushed to their stations, ignoring Joseph's dead body. But, fortunately for them, they had sailed far enough away and were gaining speed before the Smokers could get organized.

Ulysses had them in a close haul when he heard Maggie. She groaned as she tried to sit herself up. He rushed to her side.

"Hey...how are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine..." She winced as she shifted.

"Don't worry, you're safe now." Ulysses reassured her. He was about to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but seeing that they were badly bruised and cut, he decided not to. Instead, he kissed the top of her head and helped her up.

"C'mon. You're staying in bed." He led her down below and laid her down on the mattress.

"What are we going to do about all the Atolls?" Maggie asked as she leaned her head back on the pillow.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was with Joseph...he told me that the Smokers had taken over all the Atolls. What are we gonna do? We can't just leave them."

"I don't know. But for now, you're staying away from any Atolls until you're better." With that, Ulysses climbed back on deck and took control of the helm, drawing them out into a close reach.

"Is she going to be okay?" Enola asked, coming up and sitting by Ulysses.

"She'll be fine." Ulysses looked down for a moment, then back to the horizon in front of them.

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