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(With Daphne 0930)

Daphne Greengrass had been sitting in the library, attempting to find some peace and quiet after the earlier events of the morning, but it was difficult to do when there was so much going on in her head. After all, it wasn't every day that one learned that Harry freaking Potter was laying in the Hospital Wing looking for all the world like death as a result of, to her at least, unknown causes. It was infuriating in a way.

Not only that but Daphne couldn't even ask anyone but Potter about it because of the oath. 'Bloody oaths complicating things.' She swore internally as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

The usually icy Slytherin was having trouble remaining calm in the face of what she had seen; it wasn't every day one saw the hero of the Wizarding world, whom they had heard stories of almost since birth, laying in a hospital bed looking like they had been hunted and nearly killed in a brutal battering attack. It churned Daphne's stomach.

Worse still, there was the fact that people, students really, would start to wonder and ask questions if Harry Fucking Potter suddenly disappeared for seemingly no reason…although it was possible the Weasel and Granger would know why, and both would most likely be harassed for answers.

Daphne rolled her eyes, Granger would never give up anything on Potter or where he was, the Weasel however was known to tell embellished tales of whatever the trio had allegedly done. He was a main source of the rumour mill when it came to Potter, Granger usually only said anything to deflect the most ridiculous of the rumours spreading. So, blue eyes flashing, Daphne realized that if she wanted to know what happened she was either going to have to talk to Potter directly or Granger. There was no way a professor would give any of this up, well except for Lockhart.

Lockhart would be useless in this though; Daphne knew exactly how the rest of the staff viewed the buffoon, there was no way they would tell him of all people about Potter's condition if it could be avoided. Hell, they had Potter hidden in a side room Daphne hadn't even known about, that meant that—theoretically that is—no one could just waltz in and see Harry's condition. It was a good strategy, one that bellied the severity of Harry's condition and situation, but Daphne knew it wasn't full proof. Her own inadvertent actions had proven as much.

So Lockhart was out…but if she was going to try for Granger she was going to have to be more cunning than ever, because any wrong move could result in the oath taking not only her magic but her life.

'This is going to test everything I have going for me…Good thing I'm one of the more adept Slytherins of my year…Still though, Granger will be hard to crack.' Daphne thought wearily.

She, Tracey and their good friend Blaise had rapidly figured out who they thought could be potentially formidable within their year and had decided that in Slytherin they were essentially it; Draco was an idiot, and the rest of their housemates followed him blindly. Ravenclaw was often formidable, but they decided Padma Patil and Terry Boot were most formidable in their year.

Hufflepuff had been easy, Susan Bones was not to be trifled with and her friend Hannah Abbott seemed rather formidable in her own right. None of the males in their year's Puffs seemed at all dangerous or intelligent—sheep really, much like the majority of the Wizarding world. The hardest to place had actually been the Gryffindors. Granger was a dead giveaway, as the other Patil and Brown were both utter airheads. The boys were where the dilemma was.

While Ronald Weasley and Seamus Finnigan were easily dismissed, Dean Thomas was an unknown as the boy hadn't displayed much in their first few weeks. However they had later decided the boy, while not stupid was nowhere near a threat to them. Neville Longbottom had caused some debate as, although Tracey and Blaise had both stared at her incredulously, Daphne felt Longbottom had more to him than he appeared to. Her father had always spoken of the Longbottom family as being one of good integrity but also well versed in magic. She doubted Neville was any exception.

And then there was Potter. And Daphne would be damned if he hadn't been the hardest to place. On the one hand, saviour of the Wizarding World kind of meant they all had certain predispositions towards how they felt he should, or rather how they assumed he would act. However, Potter defied a lot of those on a daily basis. He was not brash and crude like most of his housemates, nor did he seem to be some kind of genius like Granger.

Bluntly put, Potter seemed so…average. But there was something else, none of them had been able to place it, but there was some other quality to him that just made Potter seem like the type of person you didn't want to be on the wrong side of. So they had decided to remain wary of him as best as they could, but even an entire year later none of them were any closer to figuring the boy out and it was infuriating.

And now Daphne knew this information about him, or rather his current state of being, but couldn't share it with either of her friends. But going through Granger? That wouldn't be much easier. Granger wasn't the variety to give up information on Potter and Potter was the same way about Granger. Plus there wasn't even a guarantee the girl-genius knew about this yet.

Before Daphne could contemplate any further however, she heard voices from a nearby table; a group of boys from her year. 'Think of the Weasel and he shall appear, ugh how disgusting.' Daphne thought seeing the red head gesturing wildly to his peers, all of whom appeared enthralled in his story.

'It figures that Potter's in the Hospital Wing and the Weasel is already starting rumours, nothing short of what's to be expected.' The Slytherin thought wryly, noting the consistency with Ron's previous behaviour.

Daphne would have usually just left them to go about their stupidity, but given what she'd seen she was curious what the Weasel was spewing out this time. Hiding behind the other side of the shelf from the boys, Daphne had no trouble hearing Ron's overly loud voice. The first thing the dark haired girl heard nearly made her gasp.

"I swear it's true! Potter's been sneaking around with a snake!" Ron exclaimed loudly, clearly trying to convince the other boys of the validity of whatever previous statement he had made. Daphne, peeking through the gaps between the books, narrowed her eyes at the red headed boy.

'Potter hanging around with a Slytherin? Right…so Weasley is going to blame Potter's absence on my house then? Oh Weasel, you really should think before you speak.' Daphne thought darkly, knowing that this information would be easily used to convince her house to torture the idiotic boy. She wouldn't even have to manipulate anyone.

The other boys expressed their disbelief at Ron's claim, clearly not believing Harry Potter would ever associate with any of the 'evil' Slytherins. Daphne almost snorted when one boy questioned if it was Malfoy. The girl rolled her eyes; even she knew Potter would rather poke his own eyes out before spending time with Malfoy.

It was Ron's next statement though that sealed his fate in Daphne's mind. Ron, gesturing wildly with his arms retorted to the boys, "It's true! I saw him with Greengrass! The two of them are sneaking around together I swear!" Daphne's blood boiled as soon as the words left his mouth.

'How dare that imbecile! He dares suggest that I'm 'sneaking around' with Potter!? Oh that was a bad move Weasel, prepare to die.' She thought darkly, but before Daphne could react another voice entered the scene: a female voice.

"Shut-up Ronald!" Daphne blinked. Susan Bones just shut down Ronald Weasley's fake story. 'What in the name of Merlin…why is Bones of all people getting involved? Trace or Blaise, or pretty much any Slytherin, I could understand…but Bones?' Daphne peered towards where Susan was and her brow furrowed even further.

'Bones and Abbott? What's going on…why are they stopping the Weasel from digging his own grave by spreading more rumours?' Daphne thought bewilderedly. It didn't make sense, she had never even had a conversation with either of the Puffs outside of Susan making a brief comment to her and Tracey while they were waiting for the sorting to start in first year.

The unseen brunette continued to watch the scene playing out before her eyes, rapidly realizing that it was not her that was being defended, but Potter. 'That explains it. They must be friends of Potter's somehow—' Daphne's thoughts stopped abruptly when Susan spoke to Ernie McMillan.

'What does she mean Sprout and an auror talked to the Puffs? What about?' Daphne scowled, she was a Slytherin dammit; and Slytherins did not let Hufflepuffs know more about what was going on than they did.

Daphne was both surprised and a little impressed when Susan didn't hesitate to draw her wand. It was a Gryffindorish show of bravado and anger, but at the same time Daphne was well aware that Susan knew she could take Ronald Weasley down easily. Picking a fight that she knew she could win was actually almost Slytherin of Susan; almost.

Personally, Daphne would've found Weasley again later when he was alone and demolished him. Frankly, she was still considering it. However, watching how easily Susan humiliated the redhead, the hidden girl was fairly certain that it would be a waste of her time and skill to lower herself to actually bothering with the disgrace to wizardry in front of her.

'Honestly, he can't even pull his wand out.' The brunette thought exasperated by the low quality performance.

When the encounter ended the Slytherin hurriedly hid herself with a notice-me-not charm that her father had taught her over the summer, as she didn't want to be seen by the swiftly departing Hufflepuffs, especially the currently pissed off Susan Bones.

Smirking slightly, Daphne sent a quick stinging hex at the still fumbling Weasley's groin, eliciting a loud yelp of pain before disappearing.

'Much better.' The brunette though, blue eyes glinting with amusement as she left the library, already shifting her thoughts to how she was going to get Tracey and Blaise to help her turn all of Slytherin against Ronald Weasley before lunch. Not that it would be difficult.

(Tonks Household 1230hrs)

Andromeda and Narcissa stayed in their embrace for a long time, both apologizing profusely for the years missed. Narcissa eventually pulled away to wipe her eyes and slowly the pair sat back down and allowed silence to prevail.

After a few minutes, Andromeda spoke, "What will you do now?" she asked gently. Narcissa sighed, resting her head against her hands before replying.

"I…Dromeda, I've-I've vied for custody of Harry Potter." Narcissa said quietly. Andromeda gaped at her sister, believing she must have misheard her.

"Y-You've done what?" Andromeda asked, scarcely believing her ears.

Narcissa's lips twitched as she raised her head to properly look at her flabbergasted sister, "I know the feeling, but you heard right. Sirius…when I had him sign the document releasing me from that blasted marriage…he asked me to look after Po—Harry for him." Narcissa corrected, having become accustomed to referring to the boy as Potter from living with Lucius.

The elder of the pair leaned back heavily in her chair. "That's quite a move, Cissy…but I have to ask, what claim do you have other than what Sirius requested?"

The blonde sighed, "That's the interesting part. Dromeda, I know you l-left before I found out, but we're related to the Potters rather closely. It turns out mother's other sister, Dorea Black, married Charles Potter. They're James Potter's parents and Harry's grandparents. So while not exceptionally close, we're—well, were James Potter's cousins."

Andromeda once again found herself gaping at her younger sister. "James was our cousin? Does Sirius know this? Did James?" Narcissa shook her head.

"No…I didn't see Sirius again after I found out…and then L-Lily and James died…" Narcissa trailed off unsure what else there was to say. Andromeda reached across and gently placed her hand over her sister's, much like she had in their childhood days.

"I'm sure James must have known, after all, why wouldn't he if his mother was a Black? Even if she married a Potter all Black's are at least a little proud of their lineage, even if we don't always agree with the family values." Andromeda smiled a little at that, knowing that even she was not afraid of acknowledging her lineage, even knowing what the Wizarding world thought of it.

Pulling her thoughts together, Narcissa spoke again, "I suppose you're right…Although why he and Sirius didn't make that knowledge public if James knew is beyond me."

The elder sister's brow furrowed for a moment before she spoke, "Perhaps James didn't want to be associated with any Black other than Sirius." She offered. "After all, other than Sirius, none of us were particularly loved by the rest of the school even if only by virtue of being Slytherins. Ted was terrified of me for years before he talked to me." Andromeda added, laughing a little.

The younger couldn't help the feeling of guilt that settled into the pit of her stomach. Narcissa winced; she had missed so much of Andromeda's life simply because she'd allowed her parents to control her. She and Bella both had.

Andromeda tilted her head to the side and looked at her sister quizzically, Narcissa's expression had turned… forlorn when she had mentioned Ted, she wondered why. "Where have you gone, Cissy?" she prodded gently.

Narcissa's blue eyes searched out her sister's dark brown ones, dark brown eyes that were looking at her with concern. Concern Narcissa didn't feel she deserved. Narcissa shook her head lightly before speaking.

"I was just thinking…I, Dromeda I haven't been there for you, wasn't there for you when you needed me most. I just…I let father and mother control me." Narcissa laughed harshly. "I was never as brave as you were, Dromeda. I-I couldn't face them the way you did." The blonde shook her head.

There was silence as Andromeda tried to digest what her sister had just said. "You…" Andromeda started before stopping and shaking her head. "Silly girl," she murmured, causing Narcissa's head to snap up.

Andromeda continued, "I never wanted you to follow me; I knew the path I was setting for myself meant leaving the family behind. I knew that it would hurt you too, but I was selfish enough to take it. I knew, Merlin, Cissy did I know how much it would hurt you and Bella" Narcissa flinched a little at the name. "if I left, but I did it anyways because I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't take the idea of having to spend the rest of my life in a loveless pureblood marriage. You think me brave Cissy, but I am actually selfish. You're far stronger than I am Cissy, you stayed despite my fleeing, and you endured." Andromeda shook her head gently, locking eyes with her sister.

"You did what I wasn't strong enough to, Cissy. You became the perfect pureblood daughter that mother and father wanted." The sisters both had tears in their eyes now, as they were finally realizing just how the other had been viewing the situation.

Taking a shaky breath, Narcissa spoke quietly, "We…B-Bella and I, that is, we cried for you when you left…We didn't really know what else to do. Bella she…she became so withdrawn…but then she changed. She stopped being Bella. I-I don't know how else to put it, but it was like Bella died in the next few months, and Bellatrix was born." Narcissa said.

Flinching as though she'd been struck, Andromeda replied after a moment, "I…Cissy, I can't make up for what I put you and Bella through…Merlin, I can't even begin to say anything that would fix that. But…but I need you to know that I mean it when I say that I am truly sorry for what I put you both through. I never wanted that for you…but it's like I said, I was selfish enough at 16 that I left you both anyway. I missed you both terribly Cissy; I didn't stop crying myself to sleep for months. Ted was worried I was suffering from depression and made me go seek help at 's for it."

The insight caused Narcissa to reel slightly. Andromeda had become…depressed? And as a result of leaving she and Bella for Ted? Narcissa resisted the urge to snort, it was true then. None of them had gotten out of that incident unscarred.

"I never really managed to pull out of my melancholy until I got pregnant with Nymphadora…" Andromeda said. "She was one of the best things that ever happened to me…I think you'd love her Cissy. She's got some of Bella's sense of humour in her…and more clumsiness than I can account for in the last two generations of Blacks."

There was a small, warm smile on Andromeda's lips as she spoke of her daughter that wrought a twang of jealousy in Narcissa's heart. She loved Draco, truly she did, but she had never been able to reach him, to impart on him the proper conduct of a Black. Instead her son seemed to be all Malfoy, and for that she would never forgive Lucius Malfoy. The bastard had all but stolen her child from her and it was like a hot iron poking her heart every time she thought about it.

Narcissa remembered when Andromeda used to smile with that warmth at her. It was a long time ago now, but Narcissa would forever remember the warmth of Andromeda's smiles when she would comfort her after their parents were particularly harsh with them. Of the three sisters, Andromeda had always been the most gentle.

Bella had always been fiery, and quick to anger. However, she was also fiercely loyal and would defend those she cared about with her life. Bella had been Narcissa and Andromeda's protector all through their time at Hogwarts together until Andromeda had left, but by then Bella had already graduated, so it was just Narcissa and Andromeda still at Hogwarts anyways.

Unlike Bella, Dromeda had always been the one to comfort Narcissa, or even Bella when the girl would admit to sadness. Dromeda was the heart of their trio. She was the voice of reason, and patience. When someone hurt any of them, Dromeda did not respond in outright anger and vengeance, but rather soothed their pained hearts with warm smiles, soft words and loving embraces. Only later would the formidable witch secretly attack the perpetrator. Never once getting caught but making it so, while no one could prove it, everyone knew who had gotten to the unfortunate wizard or witch.

And then there was Narcissa herself, who had found that, while her elder sisters protected and comforted her, Narcissa, was the strategic master of the three. Both Bella and Dromeda were quite capable and good at strategy, but that was the area in which Narcissa excelled. Politically and tactically speaking, Narcissa simply won out over her sisters. So while they protected her, Narcissa carefully maneuvered any opposition the trio had to the ideal circumstances to crush them.

Together the three Black sisters were a force to be reckoned with, and had been known to raise hell on anyone who crossed them. However, time and family matters had worn upon the three and thus their reign had ended with Bella's graduation and Dromeda's departure from the family.

Shaking herself from her wandering thoughts, Narcissa spoke, "She sounds like quite the handful." There was a smile in her voice as she spoke and Narcissa knew Andromeda had heard it as her sister laughed.

"You have no idea. Not only did she have Bella's humour, but, I assume you're aware, Nymphadora is a Metamorphmagus. Let's just say she got a lot of use out of her unique abilities growing up." Andromeda said, chuckling slightly as she remembered some incidents her daughter had caused.

Narcissa couldn't help the smile that graced her lips as the topic turned lighter, she had no doubts there was still plenty of things they had to work through, but for the first time in forever, Narcissa felt like they were going to be okay. They may never get to be the Black sisters again due to Bella's disappearance in favour of Bellatrix, but at least she and Andromeda were finally starting to mend.

(Hogwarts Hospital Wing 1115)

Harry jumped slightly despite still holding a sobbing house elf on his front when he heard a swift knock on the door to his room before it opened. Madame Pomfrey walked in and promptly gasped in shock. Causing Dobby to notice the presence and yelp at the sight of the matron before quickly disapparating with a rather pronounced POP.

Poppy had a hand over her heart as she looked at Harry wide-eyed. "Mr.—Harry, what in the name of Merlin—" she began unable to even properly formulate a sentence in her shock.

Harry winced, and looked down. 'Oh crap, now you've done it Potter. Madame Pomfrey is going to yell at you for breaking the rules and then send you back to the Dursleys where you belong.' Harry thought self-deprecatingly.

Noticing the change in Harry's posture, Poppy mentally chastised herself before speaking in a much gentler tone, "Harry, Harry you aren't in trouble I promise you." She said, walking over and perching herself on the side of his bed. When Harry didn't respond, Poppy gently placed her hand under his chin, causing him to flinch, before lightly tugging his head up so his emerald eyes locked with her own blue ones.

"I promise you Harry, you are not in trouble. I am worried though, about what a house elf was doing on top of you in here?" She asked gently. Harry's eyes conveyed his uncertainty at her words before he slowly responded.

"Dobby…Dobby came to see if I was, if I was alright…I met him once before. He-Dobby's my friend, ma'am. He got upset and started crying when I asked him not to punish himself…" Harry mumbled trailing off, slightly embarrassed under the intensity of Madame Pomfrey's gaze.

Poppy was silent for a moment trying to figure out what to say. The matron did not know many students who would ever claim to be friends with a house elf, let alone a student that would comfort a house elf that was upset. Shaking her head slightly in disbelief at the seemingly endless kindness the boy in front of her possessed, the matron spoke again.

"Thank-you for telling me, Harry." She said, smiling at the boy before continuing. "Now, I'm here because you have two visitors. would like to see you , however, I have told both he, and for that matter that I will not be having anyone in to see you without your permission. So, I am asking whether you are okay with visiting you Harry, and do not feel obligated to say yes." She added seeing the look of nervousness enter Harry's emerald eyes.

Harry winced a little knowing that Poppy had caught his nervousness, but thought for a moment before speaking, "H-How does N-Neville know I'm here…?" he asked after a moment.

The matron sighed, "That I do not actually know, Harry. However, I can assure you that none of the faculty has said anything nor can . Thus I would have to presume he must have seen coming here and, being one of your dorm mates, assumed that you would be in here."

Slowly, Harry nodded. It made sense after all. "I…I don't mind if Neville comes in." Harry said quietly. Poppy nodded, she didn't have a problem with Neville, he had always been a sweet boy from the few times she'd seen him; however, she would not jeopardize Harry's comfort because of that.

"I'll go and tell them so can stop working herself into a frenzy then, shall I?" she asked, a teasing tone to her voice. Harry's lips twitched a little as he imagined Hermione pacing out in the main area impatiently.

"Yes ma'am." He replied. Poppy smiled a little before leaving to send in the other two Gryffindors.

When she left, Harry laid back and closed his eyes for a moment, relief flooded him that he hadn't been punished, but at the same time confusion followed. Why wasn't Madame Pomfrey upset with him? He had had a house elf in her hospital…shouldn't she be at least a little angry with him? Enough to at least shout at him?

Harry was pulled from his thoughts though when the door to his room opened and a mass of bushy hair rushed towards him. Hermione pulled him into an admittedly looser than usual embrace, asking far too many questions for Harry to keep up with about how he was feeling, and if he was alright.

Blushing, Harry told her he was fine, to which she pulled back to shoot him an annoyed look. Clearly she didn't believe that he was fine. Harry ignored this temporarily though, more concerned about Neville's reaction.

The shy boy was gaping at Harry, horror written all over his face. Neville looked at Harry and tried to speak, "H-How…What…" Neville took several seconds to formulate a proper question, "Ron did this?!" Neville exclaimed in disbelief.

Harry stared at Neville in confusion for a moment before he realized that Neville thought that Ron was the one that put him in the hospital wing. 'Well…I guess he sort of did indirectly…' Harry mused.

Shaking his head, Harry looked anywhere but at Neville and Hermione as he mumbled out, "It wasn't Ron…it's from the Dursleys" Neville strained to hear what his friend was saying and then tried to figure out if he'd heard what he thought he had.

"Y-Your family did this t-to you?!" Neville asked, horror colouring his voice. For a parent to abuse a child in such a way in the wizarding world…it was unheard of!

Still looking away, Harry nodded slowly. He really wished Neville wold stop staring at him, it was uncomfortable, and he knew Hermione was looking at him too. He hated all this sympathy. He didn't deserve it. He deserved everything the Dursleys had given him.

Neville walked closer to Harry, legs shaking slightly. "H-Harry I…I don't know what to say mate..." Harry flinched at that. Ron had always called him mate. Now the word just hurt.

Harry spoke slowly, "There's nothing to say, Nev. I'm fine. I'll be out in no time anyways." Harry said, trying to alleviate some of the obvious tension in the room. He hated this. He knew Hermione already felt guilty about what had happened to him, about not noticing it, but she shouldn't and he wished she would see that. He deserved the pain he was in.

Hermione couldn't take it anymore when Harry said he would be out soon. She choked out, "No you won't!" Harry whipped his head to face his best friend, only to be horrified by the sight of tears falling down her face.

"Y-You won't be out soon, H-Harry!" she stuttered through her rapidly narrowing airway. "Those-those monsters hurt you s-so badly H-Harry…a-and I-I didn't even n-notice—you aren't f-fine H-Harry, I can s-see it!" she sobbed, before hugging Harry again.

Harry, completely at a loss, tentatively hugged Hermione back. "It's alright, 'Mione. I'm fine; I'm right here remember? Nothing's hurting me right now." Hermione shuddered against him as she tried to get her breathing back to normal.

Neville looked away, feeling as though he was intruding on something and busied himself with looking out the window at the snow covered grounds. A part of him wondered what had led to the discovery of Harry's condition. The other, more terrified part, wondered how the entire school had never noticed before even though Harry had been attending Hogwarts for a year already.

The shy boy could feel guilt settling into his heart. Harry was one of his only friends, and even slept in the same dorm and Neville hadn't noticed a thing. He had never even let it cross his mind that the Harry Potter could be…what was it the muggleborns called it? Abused?

Neville shivered, his gran may yell at him a lot, but she would never ever do anything like this to him. 'Gran nearly killed Uncle Algie when he dropped me out the window.' Neville thought, remembering how furious his gran had been when she'd found out. Although, Neville was still glad his uncle had gotten him Trevor because of it.

A chill ran up Neville's spine as he stood in the plain white room, with only the sound of Hermione's ragged breathing filling the silence. A hospital room with the Boy-Who-Lived, who turned out to be the Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-Abused, it was certainly not what Neville had expected when he'd woken up that morning.

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