Chapter 4: Psi Cops

Scan: to look into a person's mind to find out what they know. Deep scans can cause damage, but they are rarely used. Only telepaths can scan. Light scans are often used to determine a person's honesty in an agreement or other instances. Usually, you need permission to scan someone. However, Psi Cops (an elite part of Psi Corps that consists of P-12 rated (the highest rating) telepaths that's main job is to retrieve rogue telepaths) often engage in unauthorized scans. Just some important info for you to know. I made up that definition but I think I covered everything. :D Enjoy!

Dove's condition had improved a lot since she had been administered to Medlab a week before. Suddenly Thorn came in with other Security and positioned them around Medlab.

Dove propped herself up with one elbow. "What's going on?"

The sergeant came over. "The Psi Corps are sending some people to take the telepaths back. Don't worry about a thing."

Dove's eyes flashed. "You're lying."

Thorn sighed and shook his head. "You can never fool a telepath." He leaned in closer. "Listen, Dove. The Corps knows that there are a lot of powerful telepaths and telekinetics here. They're sending Psi Cops to take them back. You're one of the teeks they want, and a dang powerful one, too. The chief had me station Security here to guard you."

Dove's gaze bored into Thorn. "Be careful of those Psi Cops. They often engage in unauthorized scans."

Thorn blew out a breath through his teeth. "Typical."

Gray narrowed his eyes at Bramble's report. "Unauthorized scans? They, of all cats, know that is against Psi Corps regulations."

Bramble shrugged. "That's the report Blade told me. According to Dove, that's what Psi Cops do. Oh, and speaking of which, they'll be here in a couple hours. Maybe we should bring a telepath with us to ensure he doesn't scan us."

Gray nodded. "Good idea. But not any of the runaways, mind you," he added.

Blossom was in her quarters, organizing her belongings. She hadn't been here very long, and she had just purchased a lot of furniture in the Zocalo. The doorbell bleeped. "Come in!" she called.

An alien in a bulky blue suit entered.

"Oh, Ambassador Blue! I didn't expect you to come."

Blue spoke. "Yes."

Blossom placed down the vase she was holding and faced the Star. "So…what are you doing here?"

"Recruiting you."


Blue's single ice-blue eye on the suit contracted until it was just a dot. "Evil is rising. Come."

Thorn rushed into Security. Bramble almost fell out of his chair. "Blade!"

Thorn was panting. It was clear he had been running. "Blossom—isn't—in her quarters!"

Bramble leapt out of the chair. "What? !"

"She's nowhere to be found! And, what's worse," he continued. "The Star ambassador is missing as well. We think he—she—it went back to the Star Homeworld, and it probably took Blossom."

Bramble swore and kicked the base of his chair. "Oh, perfect timing!" he spat. "Those dang..." He stomped around Security, cursing.

"Chief, please get yourself together!" Thorn pleaded. Bramble complied, standing still with a sullen look on his face. After a bit Thorn ventured hesitantly, "What should we do now, Chief?"

"I'll discuss it with the others," Bramble replied.

Bramble's report disturbed all of the others in the chain of command. It seemed to be a dead end.

Gray suddenly sat up. "What about the rogue telepaths?"

Jay swiped a paw at the air. "Those blips? The Psi Cops will have them in handcuffs before you could say 'mouse'."

"True," Gray admitted, "but there must be someone who would volunteer to help us."

Gray and Sandy headed for the Docking Bays. "Docking Bay 9," Gray said aloud.

Tiger was there to meet them outside the ship. "I heard," he meowed. "I also heard that you want a telepath to ensure that you do not get scanned by the Psi Cops. I'm sorry, but that puts our own safety at risk."

Sandy bristled.

Tiger flicked his tail. "No, I didn't scan any of you. Sometimes casual thoughts are extremely loud. Commander, I could hear you going over what you were going to say from down the hall. And I don't blame Ms. Fall. The Stars have always been cryptic."

Gray shifted, crossing his arms over his chest. "The only other solution is that you leave."

"Where would we go?" Tiger asked.

In C & C, Birch called to Sandy. "Lieutenant Commander, there's a ship coming through the jumpgate."

Sandy came over. "When will it come out?"


The jumpgate's struts flashed, and a ball of light traveled down the struts into the space in the middle. A jump point opened, and a nondescript gray ship came out of it.

"Well, it looks like our friends the Psi Cops are here," she murmured.

Gray strode confidently down to the Docking Bays with Bramble on his tail. The chief of security had insisted that he come along, and four other guards brought up the rear.

"You never know what a Psi Cop might try," Bramble had said.

The six cats entered the room where the ship was docked. Just then, the door of the gray ship opened with a hiss.

Three cats emerged. They were all Thunders, and they all wore the same black suit and badge. The first, walking a bit ahead of the others, was a longhaired tortoiseshell-and-white tom. His yellow eyes barely moved as they took in the surroundings. His tail, flicking warily from side to side, had a tuft.

Behind him was a cream-furred she-cat. She was probably new, for she stuck close to the tom.

The last cat was a black tom. His belly was brown, and he had long legs. He hovered protectively near the cream cat. His amber eyes glowed menacingly as he glared at the two toms in front of her.

"Greetings," the tortoiseshell mewed. "Nova Sol, Psi Corps rating P-12. The two cats behind me are Creamy Dawn and Tallest Spider. Don't mind Spider; he's the least trusting telepath you'll ever meet.

Spider hissed. His eyes flashed as he addressed the commander and security chief. "Mind you, we're not inclined to trust every telepath we meet."

Gray tilted his head to one side. "And that's why you engage in unauthorized scans, is that right?"

Dawn's eyes widened, and Spider lashed his tail.

"No comment, for now." Sol flicked his tail, then smiled. (Yes! The Bester grin :D) "But let's not waste time on friendly conversations." (Yes this is EXACTLY like Bester this is so much fun :D) Sol stepped forward until he was standing in front of Gray. The smile had vanished from his face. "Where are they?"

"Where are what?" Gray meowed.

Sol's pupils contracted until they were slits. "The runaway telepaths. Recently, a ship full of blips landed her. Where are they?"

"They're not here," Gray replied.

Sol's pupils dilated as he stared at Gray. The commander knew he was checking to see if he was lying. They left 2 standard hours ago, he repeated over and over in his mind. (you know how you can say stuff in your head?)

Sol's voice sounded in his head. Where are they now, Commander?

"All over the galaxy," Gray mewed with his eyes closed.

Sol pushed harder. Aloud he said, "Where...are they, Commander?"

"All over the galaxy," Gray repeated through clenched teeth.

Dawn placed her paw on Sol's shoulder. "Stop," she told him quietly. "You might injure him."

Sol broke away with a sigh. (Not disappointment; 'I just made a big effort')

Gray was breathing hard. Eyes closed, he held his temples with three fingers.

"You okay, Commander?" Bramble asked.

"I'm fine," he said. "Just a bit of a headache."

"That often happens," Dawn mewed. "Sometimes we pull away too fast and...damage some of the cells. You'll be fine; just a nasty headache for a few minutes." (Don't know if that's true in B5. The normals always do that after a scan. The temple thing, I mean.) Dawn leaned closer. "Most Psi Cops don't seem to care."

"We're not supposed to." Sol had recovered quickly. "They're mundanes, Dawn. We are superior."

"What will we do now?" Spider asked Sol quietly.

Sol thought for a bit. "You're absolutely sure the blips aren't here?"

"Positive. Feel free to check the rest of the ships docked here."

Sol turned around and walked back a bit. "Very well." He stopped and turned around. He narrowed his eyes. "Are you sure there are no telepaths or telekinetics on this station?"

Suddenly Sol stopped. "Follow me." He walked briskly away with the two cats behind him.

"Where do you think he's going?" Gray asked Bramble.

"Dang, he must have scanned us! Get to the Medlab!" He jogged forward, calling over his shoulder, "We've got to get to Dove!"

Sol set a fast pace. Spider easily covered the distance with his long legs, and soon he pulled ahead. Sol blocked him with an arm.

"Let me go in first," he murmured. Spider nodded curtly and fell back.

Sol stood still for a second as the Medlab's automatic door slid back. He padded in with the Psi Cop trainees on his tail. A pale gray she-cat was sleeping on a bed nearby. Dove.

Sol crept quietly over to the sleeping form. "Dove. Dove, wake up."

Dove was dreaming.

She was in a room, filled with boxes and equipment of various sizes.

A shiny shape appeared at the edge of her vision.

She turned around and stared in horror at a giant badge with the Greek letter psi "Ψ" on it.

A Psi Corps badge.

And it was chasing her.

She screamed and ran.

There were no doors or windows in the room.

The giant badge had morphed into a cat silhouette and was talking.

"The Corps is mother, the Corps is father. The Corps is mother, the Corps is father."

Dove screamed and woke up.

A face was leaning over and looking at her.


"What is it?" she mewed. "Are you one of the doctors?"

"Dove, we need you to come with us." The tom leaned back and held out a paw to help her up. Dove sat up.

Then Dove saw the badge.

"No!" she screeched. "I'll never go back with you! Never!" She leapt to her paws.

"You must," the tom told her firmly.


Dove looked around wildly. There. She focused on a beaker and flung it at the Psi Cops. They ducked just in time, but it was close enough to stir their hair. Dove focused on two more and flung them.

The hum of PPGs powering on made both her and the Psi Cops freeze. Thorn was at the entrance to the Medlab with security guards, guns focused on the cats.

"Dove, stop. Sol, leave her alone."

Dove collapsed onto the bed, and the Psi Cops turned around.

"She's a blip. Why should we leave her alone?"

Jay came out from behind Thorn.

"She's my patient. She's under my jurisdiction until she is well. Go back to Earth, all of you. There are no more telepaths here."

Gray was at the bar, sipping at a drink. Bramble came up to him.

"I thought you were on duty, commander."

Gray's mew was tired. "My shift ended 15 minutes ago."

Bramble sat in the seat next to him, putting up a paw in tacit refusal when the bartender came over. "Twilight, you worked hard. You deserve some rest."

Gray swallowed. "You know how it is around here, Sharp. One crisis ends, and another is right behind. We never get a break." He sighed.

"That's why you should take the opportunity to relax whenever there's a lull in activity."

Bramble's link bleeped. "Chief, we got a riot building down in Brown 3."

Bramble sighed. "On my way." He turned to the commander. "Just remember what I said."

Gray nodded. "I will." Bramble started to leave. "Sharp." Bramble turned around. "Thanks."

Bramble nodded curtly and left. Gray stared at his drink a bit. "Check, please," he called.

In his quarters, he turned on the computer. "Computer! I'd like to send a message to Earth."

"Specify receiver," the computer said mechanically.

"Stream, Silver."

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