Chapter One: How the Game is Played

Hi everyone! Welcome to The Challenge: Ruthless Aggression. It's based on reality shows from the Real World/Road Rules franchise like The Challenge, Cutthroat, Inferno, Fresh Meat, Good Guys vs. Bad Asses, and Battle of the Sexes. This chapter is just an overview of the rules and contestants; actual material starts in chapter two. If you ever get confused about rules later on, just refer back here.

Background: Twenty young people with twenty different life stories and twenty different motivations for wanting to strike it rich have descended on a palatial pad in the Hollywood Hills. Soon enough, they'll find not everyone can be trusted. Alliances will be formed, romances will blossom, and lines in the sand will be drawn. How far would you go for cold hard cash?

Rules: Every week, all team members will participate in a physical challenge. Which ever team wins will pick two members of the opposing team—one male and one female—to send to the Elimination Chamber. The losing team, however, must also select one man and one woman (meaning four players total from the losing team are going to the Chamber). If the two teams' selections happen to overlap on one or both players, said player or players' fate is put to a vote by their team, with the team voting to either keep them around or send them packing. The unlucky man and woman who lose in the Chamber or have their team vote against them will be sent home. Both teams, whether they win or lose that week's challenge, earn money for those and mini-challenges given by the host in between. All money won goes into the team's bank account. At the end, the victorious team's remaining members will split the earnings.

Players: There are twenty contestants total, ten men and ten women. The list of players is as follows:

Randy Orton

John Cena

Paul Levesque

Adam Copeland

Jason Reso

Mike Mizanin

Stephen Farrelly

Ted DiBiase

John Morrison

Wade Barrett

Mickie James

Melina Perez

Maryse Ouellet

Eve Torres

Michelle McCool

Candice Michelle Beckman

Kelly Blank

Natalya Neidhart

Alicia Fox

Maria Kanellis

A/N: Now that you know all you need to know…let the games begin!