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Summary: Ciel was ignorant of his position until his mother's death and now the mistress wants him gone. But there is one reason he is allowed to stay…Sebastian…

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My mother was a slave.

I too have become one after her death.

I was ignorant…until now.

I was born to become one.

But I didn't know.

Because my mother placed me in her orb.

However I am the son of a slave and master.

I am the pain of the mistress.

But there was one reason why I was allowed to stay...


Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Truth

Ciel tried his best to hide his tears as the coffin that concealed his mother was lowered into the deep dark hole. It was a very small funeral. Only few people came including some maids, Sebastian, the priest and himself. Sebastian solemnly stood next to Ciel as he peered down at the nearly broken boy. Oh, how much he wanted to collect Ciel into his arms. But Sebastian knew better to leave Ciel alone, the final moments with his mother.

It was the asthma that took Rachel Phantomhive's life at the age of 24… she died as a respected slave.

Rachel wasn't born as a slave, she was kidnapped when she was just a babe and was forced to live as one ever since. When she was 18 years old, she was taken in by the Michaelis noble family. They had treated her very kindly until her death and became greatly respected; she was a family member of the Michaelis household.

But she was also the sin. The head of the Michaelis family, Vincent has taken interest in her. Even though he was married to Angelina, he still loved Rachel. And their love brought Ciel into the world. Even though Vincent has died long ago, his Will stated that Rachel is to stay at the manor and be taken care of. But nothing on the Will acknowledged the child. Vincent never learned to love the child he bore with the woman he loved. Vincent saw the child as his sin.

When death arrived for Rachel, no one protected Ciel from becoming a slave.

However Angelina, the mistress did not want to keep Ciel because he reminded her of Rachel, the source of her pain. But one person prevented her from having Ciel leave, Sebastian…

Ever since Ciel arrived, Sebastian and Ciel were inseparable. They did everything together. And their relationship was an odd thing. Too affectionate to be friends, too reliable to be couples, too flirty to be brothers. They were just glued together. And Sebastian did not want to lose Ciel in his rather dark life.




"You don't understand mother" Sebastian said as he emphasized the word, "mother". Sebastian was adopted by the Phantomhive couple when he was eight to become their heir. Even though he loved his father he never thought of the woman sitting in front of him as his mother.

"You can't just throw out Ciel! After all he is father's real son…"

"Don't you dare call that slave your father's son!" Angelina shrilled as she glared at her adopted son.

Sebastian sighed and with clenched teeth he said, "Ciel is not a slave mother and I need him! I need Ciel!"

"Darling, of course you can live without that slave. Why don't you just get ano-"

"You don't get it at all do you?" Sebastian said coldly. He glared at Angelina with his piercing blood red eyes as he clenched the arms of the chair tightly. "Ciel is not a slave. He is someone very important to me and I will never allow you to kick him out!"

Angelina carefully studied the child who was glaring at her angrily. Then with a small defeated sigh she said, "Fine you can keep the slave. But under one condition…"

Sebastian perked up and looked at his step-mother, confused.

"He is to be your personal servant and nothing else. He cannot have his room he shared with Rachel and must have a room in the servant quarters. And you are to treat him like a servant and nothing more."

"Mother, that is absurd! I always have seen Ciel as my brother and Rachel as my aunt! Ciel cannot be a servant, he can't do anything by himself!"

"Hush child!" Angelina snapped, "his mother was a slave, she never deserved this fine treatment! Therefore her child does not deserve anything. Do not disobey me Sebastian! For now I am the head of the house until you are 18 years old. You are lucky that I even allow you to keep that slave here."

"You really are cruel mother" Sebastian said emotionlessly as he stared at his step-mother with an unreadable expression.

"How dare you say that to me Sebastian!" Angelina stood abruptly, the tea slightly spilling onto the coffee table from the sudden movement.

"I am not Sebastian from before mother. I am tired of acting" then without another word, Sebastian left the sitting room to go comfort Ciel.

Meanwhile, Angelina stood there dumbfounded by Sebastian's actions. Then with a scream she knocked the tea set which clattered onto the floor. "Rachel! Even though you are dead, you still take things from me!"

She breathed slowly in and out as she noticed the mess she had caused.

That child must suffer…




Sebastian slowly walked into Ciel's room; the room where Ciel used to share with his mother. And soon enough, he was able to find Ciel sitting at the windowsill, staring out at nothing.

"Ciel" Sebastian whispered softly, catching the attention of the beautiful young boy perched at the windowsill.

"Oh, Sebastian…"

"What are you thinking?" Sebastian asked as he sat next to Ciel, examining him closely.

"It's just so much to take in" Ciel sniffed as he desperately tried not to cry. "My mother's death, Lord Vincent being my father, my mother being a slave… Just too much…" Then he covered his face with both of his hands as he swallowed his tears.

With a small sigh, Sebastian lovingly caressed Ciel's hair. "Ciel…" he whispered soothingly, "If you cover your face like that, I cannot see your lovely face."

Reluctantly, Ciel removed his hands and stared up at Sebastian. And there you know it, there were tears in Ciel's eyes. "Sebastian" Ciel moaned as he gripped the front of Sebastian's shirt. "What will become of me?"

"Shhhhh… Ciel, I swear no one will kick you out. I promise…" Then he slowly trailed his hand up to Ciel's face and kissed his forehead softly. Then with a gently grip, he placed Ciel onto his lap. Sebastian rocked slightly as he gently smoothed Ciel's hair.

"Sebastian?" Ciel asked, his voice muffled with drowsiness.

"Yes, my dearest Ciel?"

"You will never leave me side will you?"

With a small chuckle Sebastian answered, "If I do, I don't think I can live without you."

Yes, so I will never leave you…

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