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Chapter 1

New Neighbors

Rick stretched out on the couch in A.J.'s living room. Sighing contentedly, he pulled his fedora down over his eyes. A.J. walked out to the kitchen. Glancing over at his brother, he shook his head. How nice it must be to just be happy to do nothing. He poured himself some juice and took a swallow. Finishing his drink, he quietly put his glass in the sink and left the room.

Turning slightly, Rick felt something wet on his cheek. Sleepily waving his hand near his head, he muttered, "Marlowe." He felt Marlowe's tongue on his cheek again. This time he slightly lifted his fedora. "Mar..." Rick found himself looking at two large blue eyes, surrounded by locks of hair the color of straw. A bead of sweat appeared on Rick's brow. "A.J.!" His rasping voice barely above a whisper.

The young child smiled, removing the binky from his mouth, holding it out to Rick. "Dah!"

Rick's eyes opened wide. "No, no dah. A.J.! Hey, A.J." He was now yelling, and panic was in his voice.

Startled, the child fell back on his seat. "Waaaaaaa" Tears began streaming down his face.

A.J. appeared, in his jeans, shirtless, and toweling his head of hair. "What's going..." He paused staring a Rick, now standing of the young wailing child, "on." He looked at his brother.

Rick shook his finger at him. "Don't even go there little brother." His voice just one notch above the crying of the child.

Andrew dropped down to the floor. "What's your name?" The child stopped wailing, his brow furrowed as if to determine if he were friend or foe.

The older Simon rolled his eyes. "If he could talk, do you think he'd even be here?"

A.J. looked at his brother. "Just how did he get in here?"

As if to answer him, his door bell rang. As he stood up, he picked up the child. The child leaned in his arms to look at Rick. "Dah?"

Rick stepped back. A.J. smiled in his brother's direction as the bells rang again. "Lucy, you got a lot of 'xplaining to do!" He stepped by the side door, finding a case of beer keeping the door slightly ajar. He looked back at his brother.

Rick shrugged. "I was napping, and if Marlowe wanted out..."

Andrew sighed. The bell rang again. The child had popped the binky back in his mouth and was working it fast between his toothy gums. His eyes studied Andrews face.

Peering through one of the panes of glass, A.J. noted a distraught woman, pacing in front of the door. Swinging the door open, he could see tear stains on her face. The look of relief of seeing the child in his arms, left no doubt of the child and woman's relationship.

"Hi, I'm A.J. Simon." He wasn't sure if his words were lost in the wailing as he handed the child over to her.

"Thank you!" She looked at the child in her arms, shaking her head. The wailing had subsided. "I only took my eyes off of him one minute."

Hearing a female voice, perked Rick's interest enough to head towards the door. A.J. smiled at the 20-ish woman. "They do move fast."

Rick reached around his brother. "Rick, Rick Simon."

The woman took his hand and shook it. "Rick, Megan Pierce." The boy took out his binky and pointed it at Rick. "Dah."

Rick slightly shuddered. Megan laughed, giving the child a squeeze. "No Dah." He placed his forehead against hers. "Dah." She shook her head. "No." The boy looked from her to Rick. He put his binky back into his mouth and chewed it thoughtfully.

Megan looked at A.J. "The A. stands for …..?"

A.J. gave her his most winning smile. "Andrew."

Shifting the child to her other hip she pulled the binky out of his mouth. "This is Danny." The boy gave her an indignant look, trying to reach for his binky.

"Would you like to come in?" A.J. moved, opening the door wider.

"No, we have taken up enough of your time. We're moving in over there, and I need to get back at it." She growled at into Danny's shirt. "You young man, will go jail."

"Don't you think that's kind of harsh?" Rick looked at Danny with concern.

Megan laughed. "Jail is a play pen, in his situation. And no, it's not too harsh after the worry he put me through."

"Ah." Rick reached over lightly rubbing the boys head. "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

Saying their good-byes, the two brothers watched the woman walk across the road and into the house. A.J. looked at his older brother. "Rick?"

"Yeah, A.J.?" Rick braced himself for his brothers' question.

"You normally run in the other direction when you see a woman with a baby. Why the change?" A.J. tilted his head, and although he was giving his older brother his most innocent look, there was a tell-tale glint in his eye.

Rick grinned. "You forget little brother, I had you running interference." With that, Rick disappeared inside A.J.'s home.

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