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Chapter 8

Settling the Matter

Going to the table, Mrs. Fabersham pulled a piece of paper tucked in the corner of her blotter. She quickly dialed the number. It rang twice before someone picked it up. "Mr. Simon?"

A.J. caught the familiar voice. "Mrs. Fabersham, how may I help you?" He could feel his pulse rising.

Catching the name, Rick went to the window, peaking out, he could see the lights were on, but the blinds obstructed the view. He looked towards A.J., shaking his head.

"Mr. Simon, I'm calling you as we had discussed. Megan called a minute ago." Penelope paused. "Is there anything else I can do?"

A.J. smiled into the phone. "No, no Mrs. Fabersham, you did just fine. Thank you." He gently set the phone back on the cradle.

Penelope hung up the phone. Pursing her lips, she briskly walked out into the hall, Penelope called out, "Tucker! Tucker get the car, we're going for a ride."

A.J. went to his living room window, pulled the shades down and then open them again. He then walked outside.

Lt. Brown nodded to his men. "There's the signal, let's go."

By the time they reached the corner of the house, A.J. and Rick had joined them. With the aid of a spare key that Megan had given them, they were able to enter through the back door undetected. Out of the corner of her right eye, Megan caught movement in the hallway shadows.

She rose from the chair at the kitchen table, drawing his attention towards her. Jimmy narrowed his eyes. "Where are you going?"

Megan walked to the kitchen sink. "I need to stretch." She filled a glass of water. Turning, she took a sip. "You want a drink?"

Jimmy shook his head. "Na, but I want you to sit down."

She took another sip of water. Behind Jimmy, she could see the three men getting into place. She turned just as they stepped out of the darkness.

In seconds, they were standing in the kitchen with Jimmy sprawled unconscious on the floor. Lt. Brown handcuffed him. He glanced over at Megan. "You alright?"

She nodded.

A moan came from the young man, still face into the linoleum. With the help of Rick, Lt. Brown picked him. Not quite able to stand on his own two feet, they continued to hold him. "You cheated me out of what was mine."

Megan shook her head. "I need some fresh air." She walked out the front door and nearly into the arms of Mrs. Fabersham.

"Oh!" Surprised, Megan paused a moment. "Excuse me, Mrs. Fabersham." The older woman slightly smiled as she continued to make her way into Megan's home.

Penelope peered over her glasses at the cuffed man. "Humph. You're the cause of all this excitement?" She looked from Lt. Brown, to Rick to A.J. "I dare say, he isn't big enough to cause such a worry."

Not able to contact either of her sons for over an hour, Cecilia made her way to A.J.'s home. Pulling up outside, she noted the cruisers in front Megan's home. Letting herself in, she had coffee brewing as her sons, Megan, and Mrs. Fabersham made their way into the house. She smiled as they entered the kitchen. "Well, did you catch the bad guy?"

Lt. Brown had handed Jimmy off to one of the patrol units, following the migration of people to A.J.'s home. He sat down in one of the chairs. "Oh yeah. Caught, cuffed, and stuffed into the squad car. He's on his way to the precinct as we speak."

Megan sighed with relief. "I am so glad that's taken care of." She looked over at Penelope Fabersham, wondering what the next court date would bring. Megan quickly tried to shake the feeling of impending doom.

Cecilia poured the coffee, passing it around. "Well, with my boys, it was bound to get solved." She beamed.

Rick shifted uneasily in his chair, slightly embarrassed by their mother's proclamation. "Yeah, well."

Penelope took a sip of coffee. "Is it always this exciting around here?"

Conflicting responses came forth from the men. When the answers subsided, Cecilia had her say. "Not always, but sometimes it does get interesting. I have even gotten involved in a few of their cases."

"Really?" Mrs. Fabersham seemed impressed.

Megan had her hands wrapped around her cup. "Mrs. Fabersham..."

"Penelope." The older woman interjected, her eyes were twinkling with anticipation. Both Rick and A.J. sat back in their chairs carefully watching the matriarch.

She began again. "Penelope, about Danny."

"My daughter was very special to me. We were close." She smiled looking at Cecilia. "So close that I knew more things about her than your brother, her husband did."

Her jaw dropped a little. "You knew they couldn't have a baby?" Megan was stunned.

Cecilia's head cocked as she watched Penelope took a sip of her coffee. "Better than that, you knew Megan was Danny's biological mother."

Penelope nodded. "But I didn't know Megan." She looked around the table. "Megan lived out of State until recently. With all that insurance money, I didn't know if she was here for my grandson, or for the money."

"He's her son." A.J. corrected quietly.

Mrs. Fabersham pondered his comment for a moment, choosing her words carefully. "She legally gave up her rights to Danny years ago. But I fully understood her connection with her brother, and my daughter, I just didn't know what was driving her when it came to Danny. That is, until court." The woman chuckled. "I thought my lawyer was going to have a heart attack when you turned down the money."

Rick furrowed his brow. "From what Megan said, your business is not doing well and that you were after Danny for the money."

Penelope smiled. "The business is sound. When my daughter died, " Her voice faltered. "when Beth died, and George, I did lose interest in my affairs."

Cecilia nodded. "Understandably." She reached out to both her boys, clasping their hands.

Dabbing her eyes with a kerchief, Mrs. Fabersham cleared her throat. "Then, then I realized I had to pull it together for Danny."

Megan sank further in her seat. Seeing the young woman's shoulders droop, Mrs. Fabersham collected herself quickly. "I was counting on George to help with the business, and possibly take the lead in a few years, but with such an energetic boy, I don't know how I am going to hold it all together."

Downtown had a slight grin on his face, seeing that the door was open and the proverbial white flag was being waved. He looked at Ms. Pierce. "Megan, what kind of studies did you take in college?"

"Uh, a major in business management and a minor in English." The moment she spoke, her face lightened up. She looked at the older woman. "But you knew that, didn't you?"

Penelope didn't respond to the question. "The demands will be great. Active boy, learning about a large business, dotting grandmother, large house. Do you think you can handle it?"

Dumbfounded, Megan opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again. Finally able to choke out only one word, "Yes!".

The End

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