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Youkai Misconceptions

Chapter One

Kazemaru stared at the silky threads running on their own through his hand, his right human eye catching the light as his left youkai one picked out each individual strand. A wonderful noise was assaulting his ears from Shohounmaru chest; a sort of contented purr. He didn't like it. Didn't like the way it made the his hairs stand on edge.

"Are you growing tired?" That sinful voice asked.

"No." Kaze, realizing he had been idle, began to claw through the pool of ebony locks again. "You realize this is a job for a maid, don't you?" Kaze stared at the naked shoulders and back that moved slightly with the effort of breathing.

"Yes, but you do it so well."

That husky whisper had Kaze's breath hitching. His claws curled and yanked, a little harsher than necessary, at a tangle but Shohoun made no sound. "I see." Was all that he said; all he could afford to say. He was attracted to his cousin, no not attracted, entranced.

Shohoun sat up suddenly, some of his hair being thrown over his shoulder at the sudden movement; but it was long enough that the ends remained unmoved, curled about Kaze's claws. "I'm bored, I'm tired and I'm hot." He sighed dramatically to emphasize.

"I can see that." Kaze's eye was drawn to a rivulet of sweat running down the defined plane of his ribs to where the abdomen started. But Shohoun didn't notice, too busy gazing out past the open shoji doors to the veranda and the view. "Perhaps if you move your room lower, the heat will bother you less."

"This floor is not the problem, it most likely this season all together. Why does it even need to exist?" He fell, exasperated, back on the pallet. Like his father, Shohoun detested the summer months and all that was past lukewarm and into hot.

Kazemaru, much like his father, didn't mind too much. "Stop your whining. Ojisama would reprimand you if he heard you. You are going to rule this country one day, so appreciate every part of it."

"Honestly," Shohounmaru started, turning on his side to face Kaze. "I don't think I'll rule for quite a while. I mean really, father had us so young, he isn't even five hundred yet, he has at least another millennium to rule. Do you see me taking the throne anytime soon?"

Kazemaru had only to contemplate a second. "No. But that is beside the point. Strong, Ojisama is, but he is not invincible. He wasn't as soon as he mated Obasan."

"Humph." Shohoun snorted and turned the other way, not liking at all the reply Kazemaru had made. His shifting made his hakama pants ride low and the very small of his back was exposed. Kaze had an overwhelming urge to violently snatch the hair at the nape of that neck and run his claws down that smooth and taut back, grinding into the swell of that pert little ass until Shohoun-

Kaze gasped and recoiled at the same time. The smell was not there yet, but the tightening in his lower stomach was. He stood suddenly and spun around, forgetting his hand was caught in the tangles of Shohoun's hair. The elder demon let out a hiss as it was snatched out. "My apologies." Kaze squeezed out, sounding a bit strangled before he bolted from the room leaving a very confused Shohounmaru sitting up and staring after him.

The morning was an ordeal for young Kazemaru. It seemed as of late it was getting harder and harder to look or be anywhere near his cousin and ward. His grip tightened around Heibi, his sword, as Shohounmaru spoke familiarly with a young snake female, the wife of Ambassador Deido. She giggled her hand tapping Sho's forearm in a mock hit. Kaze wished he could be anyplace than where he had sworn on his life he would remain. It was dangerous here; by Shohounmaru's side.

His hair was the blackest thing Kazemaru had ever seen. I shined so much in the light it looked the color of sun in random bursts. His slender golden eyes always had a relaxed almost lazed look about them. So much so that few actually could see the natural born intelligence rooted in the fearless stare. He had fine features that rivaled even his mother and a voice rich in timbre, like his father. Often, when standing together, Shohoun looked like his father's daughter, a fact that annoyed him whenever expressed. One that his sister, Seirin, used quite often to antagonize him. Kaze sighed and looked away as the he felt the gaze of his ward find him. He knew he was being odd, but what else could he do when he found his body betraying him as of late? He very nearly snatched Sho's lips that morning when there was a grain of rice there. He looked to the sky for guidance but there was nothing there to help him.

"Kaze," The wicked voice assaulted him. "You've been broodish lately." Sho

"Hmm." He answered and folded his arms in a manner that would make his father proud.

A sigh came. "Can you explain why you've been acting this way?" Kaze could hear the annoyance in his cousin's voice. It was too bad, because he couldn't very well say. 'You.'

So he lied. "Nothing really, just a bit antsy. I'm ready to get home." He looked the other in the eye to stress the honesty behind the false words.

Shohoun nodded in appreciation. "I as well." The wind blew his braid across his calves. "May Kami smite this heat ridden swamp." He cursed before smiling and waving at another Southern Land official. "Anyway, I think you're lying."

Kaze's head snapped toward Shohoun. He had thought he did very well with his lie. A small smile sat on his lips, he supposed it did please him that Shohounmaru was a bit more perceptive of him. "I suppose." He answered vaguely.


Shohounmaru slipped into the steaming water. It felt better than he had expected and a sigh escaped him. Recent events made him grimace. Kaze was avoiding him…again. How a personal, twenty-four hour guard and companion could do that, was something only Kaze could accomplish. Sure he was there, all the time, but silent and broody; answering only when spoken to and speaking little if not at all. Sho couldn't tell what was on his mind. Lately Kaze had decided that instead of bathing with him he would wait outside and check in regularly. Instead of sleeping with him, he would stay up through the night and nap at the other side of the room, or not in the room at all. Sho always loved eating with him, or just walking with him, back when he was less of a body guard and more of a companion. There was a reason why it was Kazemaru doing this job instead of some random youkai his father had employed. He trusted him implicitly, was comfortable to let down all his walls with him, actually enjoyed his company and now, for the last few months it was damn near horrible even being around him.

Something in his heart was changing, this much Sho could tell, but fuck if Kaze would just let him know! What pissed him off the most was the fact that Kaze was treating him like some stranger, like someone who never shared even their deepest, darkest secrets with him, like someone he couldn't trust. It hurt, and the more it hurt the more it pissed Sho off. He would be damned if this continued without some answers. Father always chastised him for being too soft hearted and unaggressive but something was going to have to give.

He mused a bit longer and then hopped out the bath intent on finding Kaze and getting some answers. He didn't have to search hard of course, Kazemaru stood outside the door; eyes closed with his hand resting on both swords at his side. He opened his eyes slowly but other than that did nothing. It was rare when Sho pulled his authoritive card but now was certainly cause for the occasion.

"Come with me. " He said straight leaving no room for argument. Stuck in the Middlelands during the winter was definitely better than being stuck during the summer. Still Shohounmaru made his room in the sublevels to assure no audaciously warm days would annoy him. As soon as Kaze was through the chamber doors he slammed the shoji together and froze there, arms braced against the sturdy doors trying to collect his thoughts. He knew what he wanted to say, just not how.

Kaze seemed to sense his anxiety. "Shohounmaru." He said by way of asking what was wrong.

"What the hell has been your problem?"

Kazemaru winced and tried his best to look away from Sho's prone figure but it was hard. He hadn't bothered to dry off was Kaze's suspicion because he was still wet, soaking, and the thin white robe sticking to his body was a very big distraction. The rise of his ass was making Kaze's palms itch: the way his hips flared subtly against his insanely long midnight hair made him seem all too effeminate from behind. Kaze took deep breaths to steady himself and with pure will power he tore his eyes off his fantasy and stalked to the high window near the ceiling that led to ground level. If he didn't leave now, things might get ugly.

"Oh no you don't." A hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to meet smoldering golden eyes plastered by the deepest black Kaze had ever seen. He took an even deeper breath and kept his eyes above Sho's neck. "I asked you a question! What the hell has been your problem?"

"As far as I know, I don't have a problem." The younger answered in as much of a monotone as he could manage.

"The hell you don't Kaze, why have you been avoiding me?" The voice was crisp, clear, one that clearly wanted an answer.

"I haven't been avoiding you. I'm with you all day every day."

"You know what I mean." There was an actual growl behind that. "What the hell is your problem? What could be so bad that you can't talk to me, huh? You kill someone? Rape and pillage a village? Betray me in some way?"

Kaze sighed and side stepped his charge. "Nothing like that is going on." He said backing toward the door.

Sho nodded and swept his dripping hair to one side, his body unconsciously exposed in the moonlight. He looked out the window and steadied his voice. "Is it something to do with me?" The other stopped, his hands on the shoji panels, ready to escape. "Remember when we were younger and I would feel insecure, like when Father would want me to do something and I didn't think I could do it? You remember what you used to do for me?"

Kaze smiled at the shoji doors. "I would hold you and sing one of those ridiculous little melodies my father would bring back from the future."

Sho nodded, a smile forming. "Can you do that for me now?"

All traces of happiness left Kazemaru. Of course he would love to wrap his arms around Shohounmaru's slender being and comfort him; but right now that would only end up in his instincts taking over. He couldn't bear the thought of him pushing himself on Sho, being rejected, humiliated or worse, hurting Sho in any way, mentally too. No, it was best if he kept his distance.

When he didn't move Sho pressed his lips in a thin line and tried as hard as he could to keep his eyes from welling up. "Just like I thought; it does have something to do with me."

"It's not what you think." Kazemaru said hurriedly.

"What do I think?" Sho threw up his hands. "Please tell me so I can know it's not that. I'll tell you what I think, that you're being a selfish, traitorous, ass and treating me like some random charge you're being paid to bodyguard!"

The smell of tears was what kept Kaze from fleeing. He turned to face it; a face full of hurt that he never ever wanted to be the cause of. "I don't mean to be that way." He sighed. "Look it's just something I have to work out on my own."

"Liar. There isn't anything in the world that you ever have to work out alone." Sho was closer now and it seemed he was through being sad, if the slight red bleeding into his eyes was anything.

"It has nothing to do with you." Kaze said edging around the perimeter with a very angry Shohounmaru stalking him.

"Bullshit. You don't bathe with me, you don't sleep with me, you don't eat with me, you don't talk to me! What the hell kind of problem could there be where you don't even interact with ME?"

Kaze opened his mouth to respond, hopefully diffuse the situation but his attention was grabbed by the way Sho's pale chest reflected the moonlight and how the robe was slipping open and the belt was precariously close to failing to keep the fabric closed at all. This was turning from a bad situation to worse. He closed his mouth and turned his head. There was nothing he could say without saying the wrong things.

Sho wasn't satisfied. "Answer me!" He grabbed Kaze's shoulders and shook his taller hanyou.

Instinctively Kaze locked his hands around Sho's arms; it was easy to disable him, Sho had never been stronger than him. But the damage was done. The elevated breathing, their lips too close, Sho pushed up against him and whether he was shivering from his bath and the weather or just his adrenaline and hormones didn't matter. The next thing Kazemaru was aware of his lips were bruising his older cousin's and Sho's shaking had become much worse.

Shohounmaru's world stopped when he was kissed. His eyes widened with an epiphany and the sudden feeling that he didn't care. So this was what Kaze was hiding? He didn't care. It was so far less that his worst nightmares, that Kaze was disgusted by his lack of power or thought him annoying and couldn't stand him. He wanted him; Kaze wanted Sho and that was why he was restraining himself so much around him. As the elder processed this he became aware of the stillness of the body pressed against him. Kaze's forehead rested against his own and his eyes were screwed shut as if in pain. Slowly he sank to his knees ready to beg for forgiveness and swear that it would never happen again, but Sho turned his back on him.

Shohounmaru no Inutaisho didn't know what he was doing. It was easy to hook a delicate claw against his collar and detach the soaking robe from his body. He walked along to his bed, sunken even lower into the floor he walked down into the padding, running his claws through his matting hair. He didn't speak but then he didn't have to. He tilted his head to the side and there were lips there, teeth, fangs. There was a scent he had known for as long as he could remember, familiar, strong and heady. He didn't know what he was doing but logic told him that if he should give himself to anyone it would be the one whom he loved the most, the one who protected him valiantly, the very stone of his foundation and the reason he found courage to live up to his station in life. Kaze did for him not even what his nurturing mother and impenetrable father could. How was he so blatantly present yet subtly ever encouraging?

Sho couldn't keep his thoughts for very much longer, hands were ravishing him most literally. He could feel several places where his skin was broken and then with a hardy push he could see why. On his back Shohounmaru could see his protectors demon eye slightly ringed with red around his iris. He was losing himself and he wouldn't be very gentle; that much Sho was okay with. Kaze was always disciplined and sacrificing, especially when it came to him, and if there was someone he could lose himself in, shouldn't it be Sho? And it was.

Kazemaru tore his own clothes off bruising his lover's neck and shoulders all the while. It was easy for Sho to allow his legs to part and Kaze to slide between them. The younger moved instinctually grinding his hardness into Sho's rapidly growing erection. Deep, base growls erupted as Sho obeyed every command no matter how subtle or direct. He moved his neck wherever Kaze seemed to want it, he rolled his hips against Kaze's but never too forcefully, he moaned breathlessly, caressed his lover without using his claws, and called his name whenever he could feel the prick of pain as Kaze's claws would poke through his thin skin. Kaze praised him with muffled groans and licks down his chest and pelvis until he came upon the healthy sized erection pressed against his cheek. He raised his one youkai eye to meet quivering and watery gold ones, a smirk lit his face as his tongue lapped slowly up the turgid skin. Sho let his back arch off the bed and his voice carry with passion. His wrists were locked at his sides, confined in the steely grip of his lover and his most sensitive pieces were being sucked, licked and ever so slightly bitten.

The youkai was genuinely surprised when Kaze suddenly pushed his knees to his chest, his feet sliding across broad tanned shoulders as a tongue stroked the tight little hole further back. The sensations were astonishingly electrifying. Hot and wet it slipped inside him and Sho exhaled, he had known somewhere in the back of his mind that that was what was going to happen but the alien feeling, he didn't know if he should like it or not. It was pushing and pulsing inside of him and Sho could feel himself throbbing in time with it; his swollen flesh bobbing up as Kaze's tongue pushed in. The hanyou was amused by it and ran his claws done the backs of Sho's thighs to prove it.

Blood, Kaze's nose was too close to it, running down his charge's legs, it pushed him over the edge. With little force Sho found himself on his stomach his wrists slammed together behind him in one fist and the other full of his hair. He cried out, surprised by how rough Kaze was treating him, how much he liked it and even his own voice. Knees nudged his apart and he obeyed, rearing up because he knew that was what his lover wanted. A hot exhale brushed over the tip of his pointed ear as he felt a scorching hot and hard arousal grind into his already sensitive hole. He knees shook and his stomach clench with fear.

"K-Kaze…" He tried to voice his concern but it was too late. Fangs sunk into his neck and Kaze pushed passed the tight ring of muscles until he was sheathed in Sho. A croaked and somewhat strangled cry left the elder but Kaze didn't stop. The taste of Sho's blood was fanning the flames of his inner beast and when Sho recovered, his breathy moans and submissive whimpers did nothing to help his hanyou's sanity. The grip on Sho's hands tightened until Kaze's claws slipped into the skin on the wrist and palms but Sho wasn't concerned with that.

Kazemaru was thrusting upward and something was making the body under him shake. Sho spazzed a little as a strong tingling sensation ran up and down every fiber of his being. Instincts told him to chase this feeling. His lover thrust a little deeper into him and Sho keened losing all abandon and pushing himself back into his hanyou. There was tingling up his back, down his arms to his wrists, up his neck to his scalp where Kaze used a fistful of his hair to ride him. He didn't know what he was supposed to be doing; he followed blindly what his body told him to. Suddenly his wrists were free, he splayed his arms above him fisting and tearing at his sheets when the unoccupied hand reached around his hips and grabbed his throbbing and weeping flesh. A few turgid jerks pushed his senses over the edge and it seemed as if everything became white and soundless except for Kaze's breathing and the way his fangs tightened and loosened their hold on his neck.

Sho felt his body shake, weakness flooded him and his legs gave out. A menacing growl told him his early completion was not appreciated. He was twirled on his back with Kaze still deep inside him and giggled at the sensation. He felt high, he had never experienced something so pleasurable before and already his dominator was grinding into him. He wrapped his legs around the waist above him earning praise in the form of long licks from his collar bone to his chin and bass like groan. He could tell by the long and hard strokes Kaze was using he was going to be a bit sore in the morning but he relished in the moment. The feeling of being filled, of being controlled rather than having to control everything. That slight voice in the back of his mind that whispered he was helpless against Kaze, it electrified him. He knew then at that moment he wanted this always, he wondered briefly why they had never done this before.

And then Kaze was humping him harder and faster; guttural moans complimenting Shohoun's abandoned whimpers. Claws tightened around the back of Sho's neck, the other tight around a hip. Kaze's teeth sank into him again as his own hips jerked and Sho could feel a hot liquid filling him. The long licks were back with a contented purr as Kaze pulled out of Sho slowly, his head still nestled in the crook of the youkai's neck, and like that they fell asleep.

Kaze's eyes flew open. He saw nothing, then he realized he saw only dark sheets. Something told him not to move too suddenly and he took a moment to assess himself; something was certainly wrong. Shohounmaru. His scent was everywhere, not just his scent, but his blood, sweat and orgasm; Kaze then became aware of his body and hair tangled with Sho's. He moved his head slowly removing his fangs from the neck they had remained in all night, and turned to face the tiny ray of sun beaming from the upper window. His brain was still taking too long to believe what it was processing though all the evidence was there. He could barely remember what had happened, but even worse, he didn't want to remember.

There was bruising, dark and clearly visible bruising, and bite marks. He looked farther down the prone youkai's body to see more wounds like the ones decorating his neck. What the fuck had happened? Had he taken advantage of Shohoun? The thought had him flinging himself far from Sho and scrambling as silently as he could out of the room. His stomach was trying to expel whatever had been the last thing it had digested.

No, he told himself. He would never hurt Shohoun, never ever on his life. But he had seen it, wounds that Sho had never had before in his life, even during his training years he never had a wound that didn't close in less than five minutes and here it was hours later and his body was still recovering. He made it to his room before he threw up next to his door. He closed the shoji and dressed quickly, he didn't know what to do with himself. He paced, pulling out his hair and dragging his claws down his arms and face. He couldn't face Sho again. Knowing him he would just forgive him and try to act like nothing happened but the damage would be done.

He had to go; he had to leave. He didn't know what happened, what had happened to cause this? He had been restraining himself so well or so he thought. And then he remembered, Sho's angry face, the youkai shaking him and asking for answers, a kiss then…a flash of Sho's face, mouth open wide and a sound coming but-Kaze slams his hands over his ears. He didn't want to remember, he didn't want to know. A flip of his wrist and his window was open. He was running the most direct route to his Uncle. He would confess and take their punishment whatever it be, it would be a small price for hurting Sho even if it were to cost him his life.

It was just after dawn, early in the day.

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