Chapter 1

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This will be a massive crossover story that I've had stuck in my head for awhile now. I was inspired by Vexmaster's "Stargate: Galactic Imperium" Story. It's one of the best stories I've read every.

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What is the feeling that you get when your riding in the car with the convertible top down and the wind blowing through your hair?... I'm not quite sure anymore.. For you see.. I've been a prisoner for nearly four years... I know strange right? You haven't even heard the strangest part... I'm about to make my escape and when I do I'll kill every last one of the things that took me... that took me and my family.. that killed my family... Oh so you want to know what happened?.. well let's begin at the beginning of this story that I'm about to tell you.

Arrington, Georgia.. Date.. 2014.. Time 7:45pm July 16th.

My name is David Thomas.. I've just finished my four years of College I wanted to be a graphic design artist.. I had the most vivid imagination out of anyone I knew.. My friends all told me I was stuck in my head too much.. Maybe they were right when I think about it now..

So my family decided to celebrate my graduating by taking me on a trip to the Bahamas as a way of saying thanks for not throwing away their hard earned money.. And mom was also getting desperate.. I'm 26 years old.. I know a little old for most College students but hey I had to pay for a lot of supplies that my parents didn't cover after all the student loans only covered so much. So I worked for a few years before I went. A lot of people do that after all ya know.

As far as what I mean by my mom getting desperate she wanted grandchildren. Strange I know for me to be even mentioning that really but she was pushing her early sixties so she was believing she was going to hit the pearly gates before she heard the pitter patter of little feet in their house. She of course forgot about my sister but than again she is still young at 18 and getting ready to graduate. And thanks for a few connections I had in the head office she was able to get a good spot on the waiting list to the College. Now she just had to come up with a fair amount of cash.

I remember riding in the back of dad's convertible with my sister to my side that night and my mom in the front passenger seat. I still remember...


"Hey Alice. Can I ask you something?" I said turning towards her. My sister rolled her eyes "Sure butthead what is it?" She asked yawning.

I looked at her "Why didn't you tell me got accepted into Monroe West?" I asked her.

Her cheerful mood vanished and she turned her head to the side staring out into the woods along the road.

Silence hung over us and I was starting to believe that she wasn't going to answer and as I turned back to messing with my cell phone I heard her answer.

"It's because you did so much to help me out bro.. I didn't want to let you down" She said. I turned and looked at her but she was staring out at the trees again.

I was about to speak when I heard my mom's voice.

"Honey! What's that?" She said pointing up at the sky in front of us.

I looked hard to see what she was pointing at and my eyes widened with shock. It was a large glowing object.

"What the hell" My dad said slamming on the breaks.

The car skidded to a halt throwing my sister and I against the seat belts hard.

"Daddy what is that?" Alice yelled.

"I don't know baby but were not going to find out" He said as she shifted the car in reverse and floored the pedal.

As the car started to move it suddenly stopped.

"What the hell.." He cursed.

"Honey it's moving towards us" My mom said.

"Carrol. I want you and the kids to go. Run away as fast as you can" He said getting out of the car.

As the four of us started to move there was a blinding flash of light.


Day 1...

"Where the hell am I" I yelled.

My whole body was shaking and my vision was blurry. What the hell was going on. Where am I.

"Alice.. Mom, DAD!" I yelled.

It felt like the whole world around me was spinning.

Suddenly it stopped and two blurred shapes appeared over my head.

I screamed as they appeared to not be Human. They were gray with large heads and frail bodies. They muttered something indistinguishable in their language as one handed the other some sort of tool.

As the one alien with the tool raised it up in the air the other held my head still. I screamed as I felt the red hot metal touch my forehead. The pain was so intense that the last thing I saw as the light faded from my vision was the two aliens smiling down at me.

Day 34...

So I've been in this place for 34 days now if I'm counting everything right.. though to be honest I really can't be sure anymore.. the days were starting to blur together.

Every day it was the same thing.. I would wake in my cell in the morning and throughout the day I would be given two meals of some strange kind of slop I called it..

After a time they would gas me and some time later I would wake up in my cell but I knew they were doing experiments on me.. For what I had no clue.

Day 42...

Today was different for some reason. When I awoke from the gassing I was strapped to some kind of chair. In front of me was a table with different fragments of metal and circuitry.

I looked around and noticed one of the aliens standing off to the side.

"Create" I said in English.. though it was broken as if hearing it underwater.

"Create what?" I asked.

The alien growled at me and hit a button on a device that was holding. I instantly felt surges of electricity flowing through me. I screamed in pain.

It continued like that for hours as it only said one world over and over... "Create"

Day 46...

As I opened my eyes I instantly knew that something was different. From the shadows of my cell I peeked out and that's when I saw her.

"A blue haired woman?" I said more to myself than her.

She lay about five feet away with her back towards me. She had on a yellow sweater with a black skirt that stopped just above her knees.

I looked around figuring this was some kind of trick.

After waiting for what felt like hours I slowly crawled out from under my cot that they provided me for sleeping on.

I'm not sure why but a few days after I was thrown in here I began sleeping under the cot. I guess I felt safe in a way doing that.

I slowly approached her with my eyes darting to the left and right while also watching the door.

I was sure this was some kind of new twisted game that my captors had thought of.

I stopped just inches from her. I watched the rise and fall of her side as she breathed in and out.

I moved closer.

She rolled over nearly making me climb the walls as I jumped back slightly.

She let out a moan while shifting in her sleep.

~My god.. she's beautiful~ I thought as I watched her sleep.

Suddenly her eyes flickered open and she looked around wildly before she spotted me.

She quickly scurried towards a corned and pulled her knees up to her chin staring at me.

"Who are you?" She asked..

I stared at her for a moment. Her face seemed so familiar to me yet I couldn't quite place it. Her accent was a bit strange but I answered her non the less.

"My name is David Thomas. And I'm a prisoner her just like you." I said.

I watched her face studying me trying to determine whether I was telling the truth or not. Finally after some time her legs stretched out in front of her and she crawled out of the corner.

"How long have you been here?" She asked as she sat back on her knees while looking around.

"Depending on when they threw me in here... about 46 day give or take." I said.

Her eyes widened slightly. "You?" I asked.

She looked down for a moment her brow furrowing. "I'm not really sure. It's been like a nightmare for awhile now. I'll wake up and find those disgusting things doing stuff to me." She said letting out a small whimper.

"I understand.." I said drifting off into my thoughts. Suddenly I wanted to ask something I turned towards her "Say you haven't had another girl in your cell have you? A dark haired girl with green eyes?" I asked hopefully.

~Maybe Alice was still alive~

She shook her head and I felt my spirits drop a little.

"Why do you ask?" She asks.

"She's my sister. We were traveling together with our parents on vacation when we were taken." I said feeling a bitter taste in my mouth.

She looks down again "I'm sorry"

"It's ok. What about you?" I ask looking towards her.

She stares at me hesitant to answer. "Don't worry I won't judge you if that's what your wondering" I tell her.

She nods "I was going to get ready to go shopping for my mom. She wanted to celebrate my 19th birthday for some reason. I think she just wanted me to get closer to Tsukune and get him away from that pink haired bitch." She said with a slight growl in her throat.

"So you were at home?" I asked. She shook her head "No, I had snuck out the back door and decided I would go it alone because having my mom around just causes problems." She said.

I wasn't really paying attention by this point as I didn't realize that she was sitting right next to me by now. That little voice in the back of my head kept telling me that something was very wrong and to get the hell away but I felt like I couldn't move.

Suddenly everything clicked in my head. ~No! It can't be her... how is it possible"

"What's your name?" I asked as she placed her right hand on my leg.

"Kurumu" She said whispering it in my ear.

"How?" I struggled to say. My body was locking up on me and by now I could barely manage to speak let alone move.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked

She smiled but at the same time she looked a little sad. "I'm sorry for doing this to you. But they want you punished. And if I don't do as they say they will punish me as well." She said straddling my waist.

She stared deep into my eyes and before I knew it she placed her mouth against mine.

The kiss wasn't that bad. I felt my body beginning to respond to her automatically when suddenly I felt intense pain.

I screamed into her mouth but she had a iron grip on me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a purple tail swaying back and forth.

~WTF... how could this be true~

I felt my energy being drained. It felt as if my life force was being pulled away from me. I started feeling so weak that my arms gave out on me and I fell back onto my back with her keeping her iron grip.

Suddenly I heard a voice telling her to stop but she didn't budge. After a moment she let go and started to scream in agony.

I collapsed to the ground breathing heavily. I could barely open my eyes as the door opened and one of the gray skinned aliens came in. It smiled down at me. "Now you will learn to obey us" It said before grabbing the unconscious succubus from the room. That's right.. how the hell did a character from an Anime end up here?. I had no clue and this was just so strange.

As the alien was about to shut the door it stopped and stepped back into the room. I was puzzled at this. What the hell did it want now.

It walked over and squatted down next to me. "You should really learn to listen to us and obey us. After all you wouldn't want what happen to your parents happen to your right?" He said with a sinister smile

I coughed as I tried to reach a hand out at him "What the fuck did you do to them you sick son of a bitch" I yelled.

He smiled at me "Here's something to remember them" He said removing something from his pocket and tossing it at me. I tried to move out of the way but the object hit me in the chest and fell to the floor. I looked down and instantly I felt burning rage and nausea take over me. It was my mothers finger with her wedding ring still attached.

"YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" I yelled trying to crawl my way towards him. He smiled and than kicked me hard in the stomach.

I cried out in agony as he kicked me hard several times. I curled up into a fetal position. He stopped and kneeled down next to my head.

"Now don't forget this lesson ok?" He said laughing. He got up and left the room.

I manged to crawl back under my cot and curl up against the wall.

It was this moment... yes it was this moment that everything changed. The rage in me was so great but at the same time for some reason I was thinking about Alice and my favorite Scifi show back home. I was thinking of Stargate: SG1.. suddenly my mind focused on thing. The Replicators..

I nearly screamed as a few springs and part of the metal bar holding my bed up dissolved in front of me. The now liquid metal formed a pool and from that pool a "Replicator?" appeared.

~Holy Shit!~

I would've tried to scramble away but I was in so much pain that that was impossible. I waited for it to attack me but nothing happened.

It sat there watching me. "Go away" I said. It crawled backwards a few paces and continued to watch me.

I stared at it puzzled "Can you understand me?" I asked. ~Oh boy look at me I'm talking to a machine~

It seemed to nod its head. WTF? Did it seriously just do that.

Ok... hmm. How bout this "How can you respond to me?" I asked while thinking myself crazy at the same time.

That's when I felt a tingling in the back of my head. Suddenly a robotic kind of voice spoke inside my head.

"You created me.. you are my master. I am yours to obey" It spoke.

Woah! What the hell?

My mind started to think of the Stargate replicators and it quickly assured me that while similar it was very different in those regards to the Stargate replicators.

That's when an idea struck me.. I may have found a way to escape. I held out my hand and the miniature sized replicator crawled into my hand. "I have a plan little one.." I began. "Yes my master" It said.

Day 54...

A tad over a week has passed since that event that changed my life.. The gray aliens had took me one more time to the special chamber they had and once again asked the same question. I decided to play it stupid and for that I was given a serious beating by two of my alien captors.

Though to be honest I had learned to tone the pain out. My new focus was purely trained on my new pet replicator.

After that initial night I was fearful that my captors would discover it so I had it burrow into the walls. I than instructed it to begin replicating. If I was going to escape I wanted an Army to kill every last one of these things.

After waking up in my room from the session as I had started calling it. I slowly crawled under my bunk while trying not to look to eager since I knew they were watching me. I crawled up near the small hole that was in the wall. I had managed to have the replicator patch it with some steel that it had forged so that my captors wouldn't suspect anything.

I had also discovered that I could communicate to it as well through my thoughts.

"How is everything going?" I asked in my head.

"Everything is going as planned Master.." It said.

I smiled for the first time in god knows how long.

"Very good. How many replicators now?" I asked.

"34 and counting my master. Do you wish us to stop replicating?" It asked.

"Not at all my friend. But I do want you to send a few of your drones to find out how many other prisoners there are on the ship and what they look like. I'm looking for my sister." I said sending it a mental image of her.

That was another new thing I had discovered in the last few days. We could send and receive images to each other.

"As you command my master" It said before issuing orders to the other drones.

I sighed as I lay my head down on the pillow and closed my eyes.

My plan was going according to plan. I wanted to replicators to replicate slowly at first so they could infiltrate vital systems without being detected. When then the time was right we would strike. I smiled evilly at the thought of getting revenge on my captors.

Soon.. Very soon I will kill you all.

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