Title: Maddest Kind Of Love
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word Count: 1451
Pairing: None (in this chapter)
Topic: none
Type: OPU (before time skip)
Genre: General, some slight humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM:Mainly a 'what if' kind of story. What if Ace was saved? What if he was forced to go into hiding? What if he had to take a whole new identity in order to do this? No pairings in this chapter, but this will eventually have some Ace x Luffy (sorry folks, favorite pairing, deal with it), Marco x Ace, and more in this story. But those aspects will be in later chapters, and for those who know my style, you can be sure shenanigans will ensue. I will give a fair warnings beforehand though. Quick thank you the Stini and Clare for all their help. Now with all of that out of the show.


Law was standing out on the deck of his ship, he was leaning against the rail as he smoked a cigarette. He couldn't really smell the fresh ocean air or the smoke. Instead all he could smell was the blood that stained his hands and clothes from the surgeries he had been performing. It wasn't an unfamiliar scent, it was one he was rather used to given his two professions. However, this was one of those times that he was rather sick of it. That Strawhat kid was proving to be more trouble than he was worth.

One of the Heart Pirates was running over to the resting doctor. "Captain!"

"What do you want?" Law asked with a sigh. "Did one of the patients do something stupid and had their wounds open again?" Just why did he volunteer to do this again? Oh yeah, because he must have been high off of his ass without realizing it.

"Sir, there's a strange ship that has been following us." The crewman began to explain.

Law canted his head to the side. "And you didn't blow it to hell because...?"

The crewman looked a little flustered. "W-well, we didn't know if it was really following us until it got closer."

"And again, you didn't blow it to hell because...?" Law's voice was laced with sarcasm. Though, part of him was growing a little curious on the subject of who would be following them.

Suddenly there was another voice calling out to Law. "Captain! There's a small ship with Redhair's flag!"

At this point Law was a wee bit annoyed. "Cannons! Doesn't anyone know how to fucking use them!"

"Sir, what do you want to do?" the crewman asked.

Law gave an annoyed sigh. "Oh I don't know, how about we invite them up for tea and cookies?"

"But you ate all the cookies..."

"It was a joke!" Law clapped a hand to his face and shook his head. He then made his way to the other side of the ship as he muttered a rather colorful assortment of words. When he reached the rail he looked down at a small sailing ship that bared the flag of the Red Haired Pirates. "What the hell do you want?"

Standing on the deck of the small ship was Shank's first mate, Benn Beckman and Lucky Roux. Law noticed that the bigger of the two was carrying something wrapped in a bloody white sheet over his shoulder. He was starting to grow a little interested. "And just what warrants this 'friendly visit'?"

"Captain has a little 'favor' to 'ask' of you." Benn called out as he looked up at the man on the yellow submarine.

Right then a spot on the sheet suddenly caught fire.

"Uh oh!" Lucky Roux quickly patted at the fire trying to put it out. "Damn it!"

Law quirked an eyebrow. That was something you don't see every day. Part of him wanted to turn them away, but now his curiosity was starting to eat at him. "Okay, I'm probably going to regret asking this...but what the hell is that thing?"

"Let us aboard and we'll tell you." Benn said as he crossed his arms, he watched Law expectantly.

Law's eyes narrowed suspiciously, he had a feeling that this could lead to more trouble. "It's not worth it, just go away." he then turned around and headed off.

Roux looked at been, he seemed to be getting worried. "We might not have that long Benn..." He said as motioned to the sheet covered cargo hanging over his shoulder.

Benn sighed and looked back up to the yellow submarine, he was about to call out to Law but then something caught his eye. A bear-a big, white bear that was dressed in a orange jumpsuit. "Hey, you!"

"Huh?" The bear stopped and looked down at them. "What do you guys want?"

"We're guests of your captain, he forgot to let down a latter." Benn explained, he had a feeling that this bear was not the sharpest tack in the drawer.

The bear gave a blink and canted his head to the side. "I'm not supposed to let strangers on board."

At that point Benn got an idea, he then mustered up a more friendly tone. "Hi there, I'm Benn Beckman and this is Lucky Roux. What's your name?"

"My name's Bepo!"

"Well then Bepo..." Benn said with a small smirk. "I guess that means we're not strangers anymore, does it? Mind letting us on board?"

"Sure!" Bepo said excitedly, he then let down a rope latter.

It didn't take long for Law to notice what the bear was doing. "No! Bepo! No!"

Soon Benn, Roux, Law, and his crew stood on the deck of the submarine.

"You have a lot of nerve" Law began as he glared at the two. "I don't care if you are one of the four emperor's crew or not, I don't take kindly to uninvited guests on my ship."

"Not like I care." Benn then got right to the point. "We have something that you might be interested in."

Law quirked an eyebrow. "You trick my men-"

"Sorry..." Bepo said as he sulked in the background.

Law gave a sigh. "It's okay, Bepo, I'm not mad at you, just the old fart and the Blubbery Wonder over there."

Right then Lucky Roux reached for his gun, but Benn suddenly stopped him.

"No, Lucky, we need him alive." The first mate then turned his attention to Law. "Look kid, if you want us off your ship that badly, then just look at what we brought and hear us out."

Law's eyes narrowed as an un-amused look spread across his face. "We could just kill you."

Benn smirked he then nodded to his ever faithful rifle that he had slung over his shoulder. "I'd like to see you try."

Law was quiet for a moment as he thought his options over. He could fight with them, but then again did he really want to do that? Even if he did manage to kill them then he'd have a whole new world of troubles to worry about. "Might as well humor you, for now. Let's see what you have for me."

"Let's take this to somewhere a little more private first." Benn added.

"Fair enough." Law motioned his crew to go back to what they were doing. After the crowed started to break up he then led Benn and Roux bellow deck and into his now clean operating room. "So, just what is this all about?"

Lucky Roux set the bloody sheet covered object onto the table. "This." the fat man said bluntly.

Law moved over to the table and removed some of the sheet. "Wait, this is..."

On the table was none other than Portgas D. Ace, at first glance he was nothing more than a corpse, being deathly pale. However, Law then noticed something rather odd. "Embers?"

In some of the deeper cuts on Ace's body there seemed to be embers that were glowing ever so faintly. Law removed the sheet even more and saw even the gaping hole was trying to heal, there were even the slightest hints of shallow breathing. It was also obvious that there have been attempts to take care of the boy's wounds.

"Kind of shoddy work, don't you think?" Law said with a slight smirk. His interests were more than peaked at this point. "Who did this? An amateur?"

Benn sighed, he was getting a little tired of this guy's attitude. "Well it's not like we have an actual surgeon, smartass."

"I see, so Red Hair sent you to me? Why?" Law asked. He was a little amused at this point. He could feel his ego get a minor boost from the thought.

"For one, you're currently taking care of his 'little brother', right?" Benn asked. "Captain wants both Luffy and Ace to be in good hands, and if you were capable enough to handle Luffy's wounds, perhaps you can do something for Ace."

"That's a pretty tall order."

"Honestly, I don't know what the captain is thinking." Benn said with a slight shrug. "Personally I was thinking that he was drunk."

Law gave a frown. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing..." Benn said as he looked away from Law. It was an unspoken challenge, one that the doctor would find hard to say 'no' to, hopefully.

"Get off my ship." Law said in a near blunt tone. "Get off and never come back."

Lucky Roux then moved to pick Ace up off the operating table.

"Hands off."

"Wha?" Roux said as he canted his head to the side.

"You go, he stays."

-End of Prologue-

VTM: Okay, so this chapter had a couple of firsts for me, one being writing Law. I'm not used to the guy, I had to do a bit of research to get some of the details and such. One of the things that really seems to surprise me is that he has a freaking yellow submarine! Queue the Beatle's music! (I seriously had to listen to that song two or three times after writing this.) And this basically cemented that Law is probably a drug addict in my head cannon. (For those who don't get that joke, it's a Beatles thing.) This is going to be the first chapter fic that I've done in quite a while, so I hope you guys enjoy. Comments are greatly appreciated, I look forward to bringing you more.