Title: Maddest Kind Of Love: Chapter 2
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2810
Pairing: Possibly hints of Ace/Marco, if you squint. You be the judge.
Topic: none
Type: OPU (before time skip)
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece. One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda.
VTM: Here is chapter 2! Enjoy the show!


"Wh-what the hell was that...?" Ace covered his mouth. His voice had gone up a few octaves. His eyes darted around, part of him hoping no one noticed the sudden change in pitch. He noticed that he was being stared at as if he were some alien being that fell from the sky.

Ace's hands nervously started to travel across his body; softer skin, smaller frame, wider hips, a more rounded face, and somewhat lacking mounds on his chest. Ace's hands paused on the small lumps of flesh he fondled them for a moment while his brain tried to process just what the hell happened.

Marco was the first to speak up. "Ace...You're...a chick!."

Indeed, Portgas D. Ace, famed second commander of the Whitebeard pirates was now a woman...And she was not happy about it.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" Ace shouted and she grabbed Ivankov and roughly shook the Okama queen back and forth. "What the hell did you do to me!" Ace then shook Ivankov even more roughly, though some of the newkamas wanted to help their leader, it looked like trying to get the now female D. off of him would be like trying to take on a rabid bear. She then let go of Ivankov and suddenly shoved her hand down her own pants. "What the hell! It's gone! Why is there a crater! And why does it feel good when I touch it?"

Ivankov suddenly shot up and gave Ace a smack to the back of the head, sending his victim face down into the wooden deck of the ship. "YOU DO THAT IN PRIVATE, YOU IDIOT!"

The surrounding pirates could only watch in awe at the spectacle that played out before them. "Turn me back now!" Ace shouted as she started to get back up, once back on her feet she then tried to throw a punch at Ivankov.

"DEATH WINK!" with a wink from her eye, Ivankov sent Ace violently flying across the deck of the ship.

"Hey! Are you trying to kill him?" Marco shouted. He glared at the okama in a near vicious nature. "Just change him back, when the heat from the war dies down we can take Ace and his brother with us. We can keep them safe."

"Oh? Are you so sure about that?" Ivankov said as he turned to face the first commander, there was an ominous look on his face. "Your dear captain is dead, Phoenix-boy, the world itself is now in chaos. The marines may have let you and your crew go this time, but now they will more than likely crack down more heavily than ever on pirates now." As Ivankov spoke she slowly advanced upon Marco, poking the man in the chest. "The death of Whitebeard and the son of the pirate king has given those who believe in the 'great justice' more confidence than ever in their mission. If they find Ace alive, they will do anything to make sure he and most likely any witnesses are dead."

Ace was propped against the railing, she cursed the seastone cuff attached to her wrist. She groaned, she could feel her wounds straining when she tried to move. Ace look up and saw Ivankov heading towards her.

Ivankov stopped just before the D. and looked down at her sternly. "You have two choices Ace-girl, you can go around as you were and put everyone around you at risk. Or you can man up and accept what you are now and have a better chance at staying hidden."

"Go to hell!" Ace shouted defiance. "Turn me back right now!"

"I refuse!" Ivankov said stubbornly. "So rude and selfish! Is this how you want to repay all the effort everyone went through to break out of the Hell that was Impel Down? Do you want all the suffering Luffy-boy went through to go to waste?"

"N-no! Of course not!" Ivankov managed to hit a nerve, Ace knew just what kind of things happened in that place. From the way that Ivankov made it sound, Luffy probably went through terrible things to try to save him. "I just don't want to be a girl! I'm a man!"

"Ah! Yes, you're right, you are a dead man. As in 'Portgas D. Ace' is no longer of this world...and more importantly, no longer an interest to the marines." Ivankov explained. "You get what I am trying to tell you, right?"

Ace nibbled on her lip as she tried to put two and two together. She then gave the okama queen a blank look. "No, not really."

"Honey, you're an idiot." Ivankov said with a sigh, she rubbed her temples as she felt the pains of an oncoming headache. "Either way, I'm not turning you back, so just deal with it. Besides, you look quite good as a woman. Though...you seem to be lacking certain 'assets'." The okama added that last part with a small giggle.

"...'Assets'?" Ace gave a confused blink and canted her head to the side. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm afraid that you're part of the 'itty bitty titty committee', Ace-girl." Ivankov explained with a laugh.

"The 'itty bitty titty committee'?" Ace then looked down at her own lacking chest. At first they seemed just fine to her. She then suddenly heard snickers and looked around, she noticed that some of the 'newkamas' were rather 'well endowed' it was then that Ace felt a small pang of irritation. Was chest size really all that important? Ace then thought back on the times she and her crewmates would compare the sizes of their 'manhood'. "So wait...Small breasts are like..." Ace's eyes widened slightly as it finally donned on her. "Are you serious!"


When things finally calmed down, Ace had gone below deck to rest, her injuries still took a lot out of her. She was now wearing Marco's shirt, with two of the buttons buttoned up, with her now loose fitting black shorts. She wasn't sure why Ivankov and Marco refused to let her walk around without the damned shirt, the bandages covered up everything that needed to be anyway. But she ended up being a little grateful afterwards.

Ace's hand went to her shoulder as she thought about the mark on her back. What was once a mark of pride is now a new source of shame. A permanent reminder of the horrors that occurred in Impel Down, and tragedies that happened on the battlefield at Marineford. All because she had to be the one to bring that bastard, Blackbeard, down for his crimes. Ace bit her lip and tried to push those thoughts in the back of her head for now. Right now she had to try to focus on other things.

It was then that her stomach gurgled loudly. Ace groaned, she then flopped back onto the cot and stared up at the ceiling above her, thinking back on all the hell that broke loose today. She was brought back from the brink of death, was turned into a woman, found out that for now, she has to stay a woman to keep her loved ones safe, and now to top it off, she was hungry. Yeah, this day couldn't possibly get better.

"Yo..." came a voice from the doorway of the room.

Ace sat up and looked, it was Marco. "Hey, Pineapple-Head..."

Marco frowned a little as he made his way over, he stood at the foot of the cot. "Just wanted to make sure everything was okay before I leave."

The D. gave a pout when she heard the word 'leave', it was official, this day royally sucked. Marco was the only thing that brought a sense of peace of mind to her. Given the bizarre chain of events, he was the only thing that seemed sort of 'normal' right now, despite him being a flaming blue chicken. "Can't you just take me with you?"

Marco shook his head. "I told you already that I can't do that. Besides, should you clear up some things with your 'little brother' before you go anywhere? " He pointed out. "Last time I checked, you died in his arms the last time he saw you."

"Don't remind me..." Ace grumbled. An image of Luffy's distraught face appeared in her mind. She then bit her lip, feeling slightly queasy.

Marco gave a sigh. "Sorry, but it is one of those little facts that you can't run away from." He then added thoughtfully. "It seems like you've been running from a lot of things your whole life, huh?"

Ace was quiet for a while, she now had her knees tucked up to her chest and had her arms wrapped around them. "I'm not 'running', dumbass." she said stubbornly.

"You're not fooling anyone." Marco reached out and ruffled Ace's hair. He decided to change the subject so things did not get too uncomfortable. "I'll come back for you, alright? If you want, Luffy's allowed to come too. You two fight really well together."

Ace gave a short, small laugh. She had to admit, it felt good fighting alongside Luffy like that. It reminded her of the good old days back at Carbo Mountain. "We trust each other, we know that if in battle, we have each other's backs."

"I could see that, he'd make a fine addition to Pop's crew." Marco smiled, but it soon faded when things became silent. "We'll talk more about that some other time though, I'm going to head out now..." He turned and took a step towards the door.

"Marco..." Ace said suddenly, making the phoenix man stop in his tracks. "What's the crew going to do now without Pops? Are we going to stay together?" She had been sharing the phoenix man's fears of an uncertain future.

"What kind of question is that?" Marco said with his back facing her. "We're the Whitebeard pirates." It wasn't a real answer, but it was what would have to do for now. In all honesty, Marco wasn't sure what was going to happen either, he was struggling trying to keep them together as it was. "You focus on getting better, okay? I'll come back for you, I promise."

"...Alright." Ace said with a small nod. "I'll get stronger too, you can count on that."

"I know you will, you're a stubborn little bastard." Marco said as he walked out of the room.

And with that Ace was left alone again. She then got off her cot and followed after the first commander. "Marco, wait!" But by the time that she reached the deck of the ship she only caught a glimpse of the phoenix as he flew away.


When the Heart Pirates' ship finally reached the island of Amazon Lily they found themselves in a whole new world of problems. Apparently Luffy had finally woken up not too long after the ship came to a stop and was now going on a rampage in the forests.

Jimbei was standing on the beach of the island, he had been unconscious the whole trip, missing the fiasco that Ivankov had caused before, and was woken up by the sounds of the forest being torn apart. He made his way over to Law, who was seated on a log, he noticed that the doctor seemed to be in his own thoughts. "Law-san, what is happening?"

"The brat woke up." Law said in a blunt tone. "Just stormed out and start going berserk."

Jimbei was quiet for a moment. "I see, I will try to talk to him." He then started to head for the forest.

Law shrugged. "Good idea, tell him he needs to watch those wounds..."

"Uh, Captain?" Bepo said suddenly. "Do either of them know that Strawhat's brother is alive?"

Ah yes, leave it to Bepo to point out the obvious.

The doctor's eyes widened at that little revelation. "...Damn it." Law looked back, he was about to call out to the fishman, but he was already long gone. He got up from his seat on the log and hurried back to the ship , and then immediately headed for the recovery rooms below deck.

"Oi, Jackass!" He called out as he made his way towards Ace's cot. "Wake up!" But all he got was a mumbled response from the D. Law shook his head and rolled his eyes, he then reached out and gave Ace a good hard pinch to the leg.

Ace woke with a start, swinging her leg out and kicking Law in the side. "What the hell?" She looked around the room before her eyes rested on the doctor who was now nursing his side. "What do you want?"

"Damn..." Law said as he gave Ace a half glare. " You're dumbass brother is throwing a damn temper tantrum. He doesn't know your alive yet because he rushed off before anyone could tell him."

"What?" Ace sat up and got off the cot. It was then that she noticed the faint echoes of the forest being smashed up.

"Yeah, it's that bad." Law said with an irritated tone. "If he keeps that up he's going to reopen his damned wounds and bleed to death. Get your ass in gear!"

Law didn't have to say it twice, Ace quickly rushed past the doctor and left the room.


It didn't take too long to find the younger D., Luffy was covered in bandages from head to toe. It was a little surprising, Ace didn't realize the kid's injuries were that extensive. Luffy simply charged through everything back on the battlefield, not giving a damn who or what stood in his way. Now here he was, sobbing, broken, yelling at the world itself.

Ace watched as Luffy continued to tear apart the forest, the kid was in an almost animalistic rage. She had a sickly feeling in her stomach, this reminded her of how she felt when they lost Sabo. Ace never really thought of what Luffy's feelings were when that happened. With his stupid smiles or that big goofy grin normally plastered to his face, it was easy to forget that Luffy was capable of these kinds of emotions and despair.

Ace continued to follow the younger D. at a distance, staying out of the away of any flying trees or debris. She wanted to call out to Luffy, to tell him she was alright, but at this point it didn't seem like he would hear her let alone listen. She would have to wait for the kid to calm down a little first.

Luffy seemed to be starting to run out of steam at this point, his movements were becoming more sluggish. He soon fell to his knees and doubled over, his forehead to the earth, his fists giving weak strikes against the ground. He was tired, just so damned tired.

Ace was about to approach him, but it was then that she noticed that Jimbei had been following Luffy too. She watched as the fishman approached the distraught D. She couldn't quite hear what he was saying to Luffy, but it was soon clear that it didn't seem to help when the boy looked at him with a look of fury.

"You stupid sushi!" Luffy shouted as he found an extra burst of energy, got up, and rushed towards the fishman. He was about to try to hit Jimbei.

Now seemed to be a good of time as any for Ace make her presence known. She quickly scooped up a nearby rock and threw it at the younger D.'s head with as much strength as she could muster.

The rock flew and bounced off Luffy's rubber forehead. The younger D. stopped in his tracks and looked around for the offender.

"Yo!" Ace called, trying her best to disguise her voice. When the younger D. looked up and spotted her she gave her usual cocky smirk.

"A-Ace...? " Luffy stared in awe with wide, teary eyes. Luffy then forced himself up and broke out into a run towards his older brother. But instead of the warm and joyous hug one would expect from a situation like this, Ace was greeted by a punch right to the face. She went down hard, like a sack of potatoes.

"A-Ace-Kun...!" Jimbei said in shock, he hadn't been awake for the fiasco that took place earlier that day. Right now he wasn't so sure just what surprised him more, that face that Ace was there and alive or the fact that Luffy just demolished his own 'brother' with one hit.

Ace was now lying face down in the ground in a crumpled heap, Luffy standing over her. He was panting raggedly at this point, he put all the energy he had into that one punch. "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN, YOU DUMBASS!"

-End of Chapter-

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